One Tower Falls But The Eye Of Zain Remains

With regards to this post, I’d like to declare a small victory as one tower has fallen, leaving one tower behind. We managed to finally get some police action going and an order was issued to have those two towers come down. Orange peacefully surrendered but Zain now refuses. Zain is pretty much insisting on holding the neighbourhood hostage until it has its way. Either one of the local buildings agrees to play host to its tower, or it will stay parked on the curbside, screwing up everyone’s transmission. Obviously since I’m an Orange subscriber, my transmission has become worse. I pretty much cannot make a phone call anymore, and anyone calling me won’t be able to speak for more than 10 seconds. The whole tilting-my-head to a certain angle is just not working anymore.

Before & After

When a local corporate giant like Zain simply decides to brush off the law, what options do they leave for the victims? It’s a failure in adhering to a system designed to protect us. Imagine a policeman stopping you for driving too fast and you simply tell him that you won’t pay the fine and you’ll continue to drive the way you want. How big does your wasta (connections) have to be to give the middle finger to ‘the man’ and to ‘the people’ at the very same time?

So this saga has become a reincarnation of Lord of the Rings. The first tower has fallen, but one remains.

And the eye of Zain is watching every movement across its lands.


  • Here is a suggestion : vandalize the truck. Shill amalao.
    Break the wind shield, slash the tires, get spray paint and write “7illo 3anna” on the stupid truck.

    Actually i like the idea so much, just let me know where you live and i will be more than happy to do it.

  • This situation is rather baffling. For a company who has a whole social responsibility program and uses working with the community in it’s positioning, quite shocking that they behave this way! hmmmmm

  • Naseem,
    Jeeblak 2 taraneh mn el karak o hommeh be77elo el mawdoo3!
    One question: Is there someone in the truck?A driver, technichian or something? If not then that’s what you do:

    Break the driver’s side window, 7ell el gear o nazzel el hand brake o gool ya allah..


  • Try calling the morning complaints shows, Bsara7a ma3 il-wakeel, and the other two. Corporations don’t have a conscience, but they understand bad publicity well enough.

  • well this is along the line of the previous suggestions ..

    how about some hate graffiti .. spray paint messages on the neighborhood walls .. like get out zain .. or زين انقلعي من هون .. u get the idea 😀

  • yeah….guys…i was kidding with the vandalism…now this thread reads like a threatening letter from my readers to zain 😀

    but glad to know you are all anarchists at heart.

    ArabianMonkey: nope, no word. but thanks for the forwarding!

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