Clarification On Time

I have received several inquires these past few days from various people/friends who wonder when I have time to blog. Most of these inquires are a way of people saying they’re pissed at me for not calling them, or getting together with them, or chatting with them, or responding to their emails.

Yes, it’s true, I am super-busy these days especially and I can’t really apologize for that. Between work, family, short Ramadan days, three personal projects I am involved with, and the various other insignificant idiosyncrasies of the day such as consumption of food, showering and 5 hours of sleep, there is about 30-40 minutes of free time every day. So, in other words, if I’m as busy these days, as everyone who knows me knows I am, then where am I finding the time to blog?

Good question.

Hence, this public clarification:

1) At this point in my blogging “career”, writing up a post comes second nature to me. Like brushing my teeth. Technically I have cut down to about 1 post a day from the 3 posts a day average of this time last year. (But I do brush more than once a day)

2) I am a quick writer. Even my longest posts do not take more than 10 minutes to write. My overall daily blogging experience does not exceed 15-20 minutes, but my recent average has been closer to 10. (This explains the incoherent thoughts and the typos that are fixed days later)

3) Some of these posts have already been written a few days before they’re scheduled to be published, in a way that makes sure that readers of the Black Iris will get something new everyday.

So an apology to everyone who I have not called, emailed, chatted with, gotten together with or was generally misled to think that my constant blogging is any sort of indication of me brushing them off. I am genuinely not that kind of creep.

Lastly, and on a similar yet semi-different note: I do NOT moderate comments. I appreciate the emails that ask me what happened to their comments, but there’s no need to go into a 5 page rant about censorship. In all likelihood, my anti-spam plugin has identified your comment as spam (based on common keywords and not your general opinion) and put it in a moderating queue. I approve the messages when I eventually log in to see them.


  • Nas, I’ve always wondered when you have time to blog– not just blog, but “BLOG”(aka high standard posts)–, especially with the tigh schedule you seem to have. Now, knowing that blogging is second nature to you in addition to it not taking more than 10 mins to write your longest post, explains it 😀

    Unlike your friends who complian about your absence, I enjoy your posts and what matters to me is that I get my daily dose of black-iris, hehehe. So, way to go and keep your posts running ;))

    btw. Jad Nas???? only 10 mins? As always man, you are one of a kind 😀

  • I agree with secratea, Unlike your friends who complain about your absence, I enjoy my daily dosage of black-iris.

    am making some mint tea and peanut butter cookies right now. for some reason I like dipping my Peanut butter cookies in tea. I know you guys are fasting now, but its still 11:30 pm my time! 😉

    cookies anyone? (just teasing 😀 )

  • You can also spare yourself the time, effort and any further inquiries by just going ahead and admitting that you’re a superhero, You don’t sleep, you just “recharge” for half an hour aday, you don’t have to type, you just think about it and it goes on your blog. The time you could spend seeing friends or responding to emails is invested in saving the world. That should please your friends and make other people feel less guilty about the pretext of having “too little time with many things to do”

  • Secratea: thanks!

    Bilal: Ship some over. 😀

    Ola: thanks for outing me! now i have to add “superhero” to all my business cards 😀

  • Nas, never met you, but for more than one year, since I got to Jordan, I use your blog as my gateway to understanding the country I call my second home!

    Secretly dream of meeting you and getting to know the online person whose extensive energy (as mentioned by his friends) does its part in saving the world 🙂 – Do expect an email soon inviting you for a coffee!

    Best luck and continue the awesome job!


    Ukrainian, residing in Jordan

  • “I am a quick writer. Even my longest posts do not take more than 10 minutes to write. My overall daily blogging experience does not exceed 15-20 minutes, but my recent average has been closer to 10.”

    i hate you.

    You may be wondering why i’ve been commenting on old posts. i’m just browsing through your archives!

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