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13 thoughts on “Ruminations On A Friday Afternoon

  1. Wow, for someone who “can’t spare the brain cells required to go into a well (enough) thought out post for your amusement”, you haven’t done a bad job at all!!!!
    However, there is a trend that can be depicted throughout the whole post, which is negativity!!!
    It is a strong vein embedded in us Jordanians, called 3ire2 el nakad! lol

  2. Regarding item # 9- I don’t think that the prices have so much gone up it is the wages that didn’t increase at a parallel level to match the price increases. This sentiment was echoed by Khalf and by Fahed Fanek.Call me crazy but I think that the minimum wage should go up to JD 600 per month.

  3. 5obez? I’m guessing the word is خبز , but I don’t understand how the Ø® became a 5. The 3 = ع I get, the 7 = Ø­ is logical, and even the 2 = Ø¡ makes sense. But 5 = Ø®?

    Sorry – this is just an ignorant “Romanized Arabi” question from a curious learner, why not just use a kh or an x to represent this sound?

  4. Sana: I’m sorry, I’m fasting.

    Hatem: while I agree that real wages have not increased to match price increases of foodstuffs, there has nevertheless been a general rise in foodstuffs, and I would argue it’s been dramatic in the past few years.

    Toasterhead: i didn’t invent the whole arabish phenomenon despite being an occasional user of it. your beef is with someone else.

    moey: you never know :-O

  5. So first you say there’s a secret and then you totally IGNORE my comment , double meanie :-p

    Ok I seriously need to go occupy my self with something productive

    Oh oh another thing, About number 3 and problems with parking, tomorrow (Sept 22nd) is world car free day said you love the environment … right?

  6. I hate Abdoun’s circle. I like Broadway, but the area itself makes it impossible for me to even think about going there, especially during weekends and whenever schools are closed.

    Service in Amman’s restaurants generally suck, it’s one thing I don’t seem to get used to, gets to me everytime.

    Good luck with everything.

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