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AMMAN – The Criminal Court has sentenced a 22-year-old man to 6 years and 8 months in prison after convicting him of engaging in consensual sex with a minor in November 2006 in an Amman neighbourhood.

The tribunal declared Khalid I., a Zarqa resident, guilty of engaging in sexual activities with his 17-year-old female relative 83 times in a tent he erected on a main road.

Court transcripts said the defendant wanted to marry the minor but her family refused so he decided to engage in sexual activities with the girl to force her family to accept the marriage.

“The defendant and the minor fled together from their homes in Zarqa on November 26 and headed to Amman where they erected a tent and lived together for 7 months before the matter was exposed,” the court said.

The defendant had entered a guilty plea in previous court sessions, informing the judges that he committed these acts to force her family to let their daughter marry him. [source]

You would think that more people would’ve noticed a young couple who’ve pitched a tent on the side of a main road in Amman for 7 months, whilst having that much sex.

Come to think of it, why were they even keeping count?


I don’t wanna know.


    that was my only question too, why did they keep track, nd why do we have to know the exact number too:D

  • The couples would not keep a count, but for some weired reasons in any case involving sexual intercourse, numbers are very important.

    So how did they come up with that number?

    They’ve asked him/her how many time a week? Their answer must have been three times.
    7 months * 4 weeks = 28 weeks
    28 weeks * 3 happy time on the roadside = 84

    So some may say it’s 84 not 83….well break up sex doesn’t count in Jordanian courts!

    Anyways, I don’t see this funny! Anyways, I thought in Jordan the age of consent was 16?
    7 months and the girl has been missing?

    Ok I’m seriously baffled by our system. So this guy got punished, but if he or her brother decided to kill her to cleanse their family “honor” he would be back on the street?

  • well break up sex doesn’t count in Jordanian courts

    Just in case you got the same IQ of these couple, this is a joke! Now you laugh.

    Are they gypsies btw?

  • So that’s about 1 months for every time they had sex. I think this is fair, but I wonder in our society what would have happened if she wasn’t a minor, where would they stand legally ?

  • The total number of months the man will live in prison is 80 months and that is only 3 times less than the number of occassions documented by a way I do not want to know about.
    However, this story is not funny but disgusting. Both the man and the girl must pay for their mistake.

  • This is hilarious! where did you find this story? I doubt that it was published in this format in one of the Jordanian newspapers???

  • Firas: You reminded me of a story that was written some weeks ago in the Jordan times about Honor killings.

    A woman was going out with this guy without her parents knowing, and then they got married. Apparently her uncles knew about her going out PRIOR marriage and convinces her father to kill her, punishing her for her “sin”. So her father calls her to meet up and when she walks into the alley the two uncles shoot her.

    Sounds like a “FOX news story” doesn’t it?

    We are a male society at the end, we cant deny the male dominance even when it comes to rules:)

  • Ohoud: aah but perhaps it’s not as simple as it being a patriarchal society. maybe there is something at the root of this culture. in other words, whose to say that had this been a matriarchal society, that men would not be the victims of honor crimes.

  • Salaam ‘Alaikum

    I worry what will happen to the young woman in this story. Will the feelings of humiliation and anger fester in her family until someone is driven to take drastic action? I hope not.

  • Ohoud
    What’s more confusing is that their relation was considered as adultery. The Jordanian law is pretty much confusing.At some point it says that any consensual sex relation between two adults (18+) (male-female) is not punishable by law. On the other hand you’ll find such cases as the Jabal Amman baby where they have been charged of adultery and not attempted murder!

    The age of consent in Jordan according to the UN is 16! Which is still another astonishing piece of information! I’m not sure if an adult-minor relation out of wedlock is punishable, meanwhile adult-adult is not, but then the Jabal Amman story was treated as adultery.

    ٍSo why is it a male dominant society? I think women play an equal part in encouraging this.Is it the real understanding or misunderstanding (frankly I don’t know which is the case) of Islamic teachings?But the Macho culture has been deeply rooted well before Islam.

    How come no one care to publish the names of these judges? What are their affiliations or backgrounds?

  • If her cousin kills her he’d get six mnths in jail and be regarded as a hero while the boyfriend will get six years in jail for having consual sex with her.

    If the minimum age of mariage is 15 for a woman why i she considered a minor when she’s 17 ? doesn’t make sense

  • slam alikm
    I cant believe the Jordanian law, so a rapist get way with less than 3 years,Honor killer go with less than 3 months with hero title but some one disparate and in love get 6 years.

    According to Islam to prove adultery you need 4 men testimony, how did the court provide that for both cases – tent lover & jabal Amman stupid- ?

    So I can have a baby throw it in the garbage, walk tall after what 5 years?!
    I think the jabal Amman stupid must stay in jail for at least 15 years both of them. Simply because the baby could be found dead. Dad saw her he side she’s so adorable and most the men were there teard, I know dad he must had cry for her.

    We live in macho culture, but some women are naïve and beyond stupid, they are in charge of raising children which mean if my son gonna kill his sister just because she was doing the laundry on the roof and it happened to the neighbor’s boy to be on the other roof, its my fault I didn’t raise him right.

    We must educate women about their rights, and I don’t mean the kind we see in American movies.
    Hope that I made my point clear : )

  • Come to think of it, why were they even keeping count?

    ha ha ha!! yeah, am baffled as well!! 😉

    but I think that the idea was brilliant, just hope that it doesn’t become an inspiration for others!! 😉

  • Nas: lol! That would be on another planet I assure you

    Firas: That was a horrifying story wasn’t it? we were discussing it today as well. Maybe the laws need to be re-looked at or revisited. Since there has been vagueness about this issue,they should realize that the laws aren’t clear enough!

    Whats even weirder is that prostitutes aren’t stopped.(though in this case whats to be done is a clear cut issue). Once on Al-wakeels morning show a man called complaining about them standing infront of his house, apparently he called the cops who asked him : are they making any noise or bothering you?

    With “no” as an answer no action took place:)

    and its a beautiful woooooooooooooorld. just to shed some optimism in:p

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