Haifa Wehbe Can’t Wait

I have to admit. I’m kind of semi-addicted to Al-Bawaba’s terrible writing. Also, I’m convinced that an old religious man with a long beard is in charge of the “Entertainment” section of this website. There’s no other explanation.

Boldly the camera of director Yahia Sa’ada followed Lebanese signer Haifa Wahbi in the swimming pool taking poses of ever part of the singer’s body while she was swimming and wearing a skimpy gold bikini. The poses taken are part of the new music video for the song “Mosh Adra Astana” (I Can’t Wait). The clip shows scenes that have never before been witnessed in an Arab music video and could be compared more to a sexually enticing film that focuses on indecent moves of seduction.

According to the London based Elaph, the singer had apparently gone overboard with the new clip, which all the scenes in it signify one thing only, and that is revealing the hidden mysteries of the human body in a very indecent manner.

To top all this, it seems that the singer filmed the ludicrous clip in an old monastery and the background features numerous crosses. It is said that the scene with the crosses will surely give rise to chaos and opposition from religious figures considering that the singer is disrespecting Christianity and used religious symbols in such a clip that is considered to be pornographic.

A number of models took part in the clip also practically nude as is the case with Haifa.

It is not known how Haifa dared to film such a clip with so many sexual connotations especially since she is in the process of releasing a new album especially for children and had apparently wanted to portray a different image than what most people had of her. In addition it is not understood how Haifa filmed a semi-pornographic clip when she is trying to defend herself in court for the accusations of taking part in a pornographic film.

Haifa will surely be attacked by much criticism once the clip is released. [source]


  • albawaba..i dont want to say what i found there once.

    no i wont say

    haifa again and again

    each new clip she is revealing more,let alone the sexual connotations that she uses in each scene

    the compettion is rising and the other so called singers are willing to SHOW more skin in order to win more viewrs

    i said viewers not listeners

    no one listens to haifa and her likes

    she sounds like a cat run over by a tricycle

    and no i dont hate her coz i am jealouse..:D

  • “”The clip shows scenes that have never before been witnessed in an Arab music video and could be compared more to a sexually enticing film that focuses on indecent moves of seduction.””

    Never before witnessed ? I think there’d have to have been nudity for that phrase to apply, I mean what else is left ? If they’re offended by sexual content, they shouldn’t watch music video clips, period. Besides that’s what people wanna watch, otherwise we’d be seeing a guy in a dishdasha singing nashid.

  • هذا الانتاج الموسيقي الهابط والرخيص والسطحي هوا أحدى السياسات التي تبنتها القوه السياسيه لي أبعاد الشعوب العربيه عن التحدث والتعامل في القضايه المصيريه والجوهريه التي تواجه الشعوب العربيه أهلآ وسهلآ في العولمه

  • Why is it whenever a show like Star Academy , superstar, or a videoclip is in discussion it becomes a tool to divert the arab people from the main issues ?

    why can’t we do both, watch superstar, and care about the issues ?

  • meh, there’s nothing in the clip that hasn’t been exposed before of HaifEh’s body.
    I really don’t like her at all, I don’t even thing she’s pretty. and she honestly does nothing for me no matter how much she reveals. Elissa on the other hand… 😉

    Now seriously, I see people talk about how these kinds of trashy video clips are a means of distracting the Arab people from the “true causes and issues that are facing us”. Yeah right. I’m not an advocate of this trash nor do i encourage it in any way, but Please… this is really the least of our concerns, we Arabs have much more to worry about when it comes to serious issues such as poverty and globalization and terror and war and all that.

    I doubt that the people who are being slaying in Iraq will be distracted by the everyday massacres that happens in their very own neighborhoods by haifas body, I doubt it that the man who works hard day in and day out and strives to just to be able to put bread on his table is going to be distracted from his misery by haifas body, I doubt it that we as a nation are going to be turned away from the real issues that face us as a whole just by the mere provocations of haifas body.

    lets get serious here, Haifa’s provocative videos may downgrade the quality of music and the visual arts in general but thats just about the only impact it has and will ever have on our lives and the challenges that we face as a nation.

    now back to Elissa.. mmmmm now there’s a babe eh? 😉

  • ” Why is it whenever a show like Star Academy , superstar, or a videoclip is in discussion it becomes a tool to divert the Arab people from the main issues ?”
    Hani Obaid,,because these programs are designed to make people forget and keep you away from talking about the real issues,we or rather they the”political Elites” have decided and designed systems such as those sleazy Arab Channels ie Future LBC and Rotana are nothing but a tools to keep the Arab population drugged and lost.
    show me a TV station in the Arab world maybe exception of Aljazeera that is trying to tackle some of these problem, millions are spent on sleazy programs and advertisement while the most important issues such as poverty ,corruption and transparency are kept on the back burner on the agenda of those sleazy Channels.

  • Aaaaaaah ya Nas … what can I say? these gals keep proving that sex sells no matter where you are on this planet … I did not like the clip although I think that she is beautiful … but let’s face it; she has no singing talent at all … she uses the talents that she does have to sell the talents that she does not have …

    kinda funny … but it is working for her and many others like her … just to name a few: Rula, Dominicque, Nana, Rozy, Janine, Nisreena … etc. etc.

  • I honestly think this videoclip was worthless and has nothing 2 do with her singing…her point was to show off her ugly fat skin as much as she cud so ppl wud like her again after that accident she did (maybe faked)…anyways…this woman thinks she is hot and that she is on top of the world..honey you are pretty (if you think) becz you are fake…your beauty isn’t real..it is fakee..why dun ppl get over the fact she is fake..this is not real..this is not haifa the old person..this is haifa, A person who wants attention..she just thinks that she owns ppl and that she is popular…she is popular becz MEN are idiots and fall for WOMEN like her..ew plzz..wn i saw the clip i was like “ew..can you plz hide that fat underneath your arms..”..seriously..she is gaining weigh and hard 4 her 2 lose it..deal w it bitch..if i see that whore on the street i wud spit on her..she is worth my shoes ..ew..bitch plzzz!!!…
    wtever..this clip shud b banned ( seriously)..britney spears had gone wild but not that far!!!…and just a reminder BRITNEY IS 25..HAIFA IS 40..plzz haifa act your age and look after your innocent daughter who is probably getting humilated and cussed by ppl becz of your whoreness…..

  • As long as there is Bin Laden and Thawaheri there should be Haifa. I know the editor of Al bawaba and he always tells me such stories receive the highest hits. Try to add some sensual post in your blog Nas and you will find unbelievable traffic. This is the demand and suply formula again.

  • Haifa is a feminine goddess! Look at the way she looks and behaves. She really has no match among other singers. She really re-defines femininity that is opressed in the Arab world where women really forgot how to enjoy theirs!

    I also find her voice nice. She doesn’t have a really strong one, but she can sing. She doesn’t have to shout and sing opera, but she can entertain us with the type of songs that she does. They are not pornographic or sexual like the writer suggests although this latset clip of her contains a lot of sexual gestures like most of the clips we see these days.

    She also doesn’t claim to be a top singer, on the contrary she always says that she is a good performer, and yes indeed she is. She does entertain, she is beautiful and knows how to dance and make good shows.

    So Nas, you didnt tell us your own opinion about Haifa and her new clip?

  • I think in a few months i’ll be saying “it’s a good song” …annoying songs that i initially hate like “washoofak ma3aya o to6lob redaya” or the ludicrous “ba2a wareeny” for jad shweiri ..they grow on me…like fungus

  • i am not arab but i am from Afghanistan and i hve profound love and admiration for hayfa she is very beauty very lovely and brown skin attractive that i adore alot she is true inspiration for all muslims women i mean thoses backward muslim women always covering themselves in veil coz they are under pressure from abscurantist societies speicially AFGHANISTAN is too conservative and religious i hate it i love turkish and lebanese people they are also muslims but they are modern and liberal so i wish a liberal revolution will come in afghanistan we are tired of religious and dogmatic politics and ignorance in which AFGHANISTAN is enslaved so i wish every women can be like her she is the goddess the most beautifull women in the world which teaches hope and modernity for all backward pressurized women under religious obscurantism and male dominated society although i am man but i love women rights coz every thing we see in this world is the product of women so indeed Turkey and Lebanon is a model for all other muslim societies they are modern and extremely beautifull and practice secularism.

  • Haifa is ugly and looks like a tranny.Seriously was she a man before? This is your idea of beauty? Ew! She is disgusting and her songs make no sense when translated to english,she says stuff like my eyes love you.Wtf!

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