Quoting Robert McKee On Finding Something To Write About

Robert McKee: Nothing happens in the world? Are you out of your fucking mind? People are murdered every day. There’s genocide, war, corruption. Every fucking day, somewhere in the world, somebody sacrifices his life to save someone else. Every fucking day, someone, somewhere makes a conscious decision to destroy someone else. People find love, people lose it. For Christ’s sake, a child watches her mother beaten to death on the steps of a church. Someone goes hungry. Somebody else betrays his best friend for a woman. If you can’t find that stuff in life, then you, my friend, don’t know crap about life. And why the FUCK are you wasting my two precious hours with your movie? I don’t have any use for it. I don’t have any bloody use for it.


  • Ya zalameh, shou biddak bil 7aki? (That is code name for “everything is frustrating”). Last night I was watching the first installment of God’s Warriors on CNN (which is about God’s Jewish Warriors), today, the second installment will be on God’s Muslim Warriors aired at 4PM Amman time.

    Of course, it was emotionally charging. Seeing how those clever Jews get their donations from American Jews, how they get the support of the Congress. How did some heartless lunatics commit massacres in Qana, Chatila, The Haram el Ibrahimi, the Intifadas. Everything.

    Anyway, so I was wondering, why us humans actually bother with it all? I mean, why do we go out, why do we work, why do we actually bother? I might get killed today if I go out, I might get blown up. I might even receive a stray bullet just playing with my cat on the porch. Hey, I might even just completely lose my brain right now just by being a silent bystander and watching the insanity that we endure every single day.

    So, why is it that we bother? Why don’t we all just play Lost, travel to deserted islands, and just reside there for the rest of our lives? What makes us go out there, everyday, hustle and bustle to get a decent education, a decent job, a decent car, decent friends. Why do we bother? I mean, haven’t we lost hope already? There’s never going to be peace in the Middle East (at least we’ll never live to see that day). There’s never going to be true justice in the world. So why risk being treated unjust? Why?

    I think, that the most precious gift whoever made us, gave us, is the power of forgetting and neglecting what’s around us. The very moment you wake up. You do not remember what’s happening in Palestine. You do not remember what’s happening in Africa. All you remember is that you need to get up, and get to work in around 30 minutes. While you’re commuting to work. You don’t think of the Palestinians, you don’t think of inflation, and you certainly do not think of global warming. You just want to get to work. You think of what you want to accomplish that day. And that’s just how every day passes in the life of your average human being. We are reminded by the horrors in the world, normally, by somebody else. Either by a reporter, a writer, a news anchor, a president, a leader, a scientist. Somebody, somewhere, triggers the memories of the brutalities committed everyday in the world. And that is why we are going crazy. There is a huge load of information that we receive everyday, and that information mainly consists of bad news. Bad news in Palestine, bad news in Iraq. Bad news in Jordan. Our news has become bad news. Blogs are bad news (because we all want to vent out, no?), CNN is bad news. Jazira is bad news. The radio is bad news. I’m tired of bad news. I’m sick of hearing myself actually talk about the horrors in the world. In fact, I’ve become so sick of the world, that I want to the world to be replaced with a better world. I’m so sick of it all, that I’m actually willing to play Faust, sell my soul to the devil, in order to see a perfect world.

    There’s no point in whatever I wrote, I guess I just wanted to vent out. How’s that for finding something to write about? LOL

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