7iber’s New Look

We’ve been working hard to reshape the way our little digital project, 7iber, looks and functions. There are still tweaks to be made here and there but the gist of it is up and running. I’d appreciate any feedback I can get on both style and content of the site. A survey is in the works but won’t be activated for another few weeks. Consider my desire for feedback as a preliminary survey.

I’d also prefer constructive criticism as opposed to just subjective standards of “I hate” or “I love”. Solutions would be nice as well.

Speaking for myself, I wish I had a whole lot more time to dedicate to 7iber.

That being said, it would be great to have more volunteers step up and help push 7iber forward. You can be a blogger, a writer or just someone who’s interested in the whole concept. Every person counts.

If you want to help, drop us an email: editor [at] 7iber.com


Your Two Piasters: