Pulp Magazine & The Most Popular Jordanian Bloggers

Last month Pulp Magazine ran a one-pager listing the top blogs in Jordan. This was met with some eager responses from the blogosphere, specifically those people whose names were mentioned in the first place. Our dear friend Bakkouz posted a summary of the “Real” top bloggers according to Technorati ranking, which is more or less the most “reliable” ranking for blogs despite constantly changing by the hour. The latest August issue of Pulp magazine has run another one-pager using Bakkouz’s reporting, opening with: “We knew that blogs were big in Jordan, but we didn’t know just how big”, which is kind of disappointing for a youth magazine made by tech-savvy 20-something year-olds.

What’s even more disappointing is that this is the second time I’m mentioned without anyone in Pulp realizing that the guy who runs The Black Iris, actually works 2 floors above them and sees them on a semi-daily basis.

Nah, I’m just kidding. It’s kind of interesting that they haven’t made the connection yet but more importantly I actually think Pulp is a pretty good magazine. Shocking, I know. There are magazines which I consider serious, forcing me to sit and read for a good hour, and then there are magazines that are like junk food for the brain. Pulp is the latter and that’s actually a compliment because try as we might, none of us can truly resist the temptation of junk food. It’s not meant to be healthy, it’s meant to be enjoyable and entertaining. That being said, I do wish on the other hand that there was a serious youth magazine out there for Jordanians, that tackled their issues. This one basically caters to west Ammani types. Sadly however, there isn’t a publisher in town that is willing to take that leap.

They’ve only had 4 issues out and they’ve tackled some pretty decent youthful taboo subjects like dating, drugs, etc. It does get a bit old and redundant but I guess that’s inevitable. They manage to balance the male/female divide of their readership and they look at things from a Jordanian angle. Not to mention that its design is pretty wicked. There’s a piece in this month’s issue about the “Greatest Jordanian Documentaries” that’s worth checking out. Our own Lina Ejailat is mentioned with her “El-Balad” documentary, which I would love to see some day.

Also, they have a sense of humor, which I think is important when you’re looking for a magazine that can numb your mind pretty well. Read their “exclusive (kind of) interview” with Lindsey Lohan this month…

Pulp: Lindsey, it’s so amazing to have you here in Amman. There are so many things that we are excited to find out about directly from you, you know? We want to get down to the facts.

LL: Oh my God, am I in Amman? My publicist totally told me I was flying to Jordan. Either way, I’m really happy to be here. I love your magazine by the way. I read the whole thing to Paris (Hilton) a couple of nights ago – she really appreciates it when I read to her because she can’t read.


  • thanks for post and share it 🙂 i guess its nice to read a magazine write about blogging

    LOOOL they take it COPY PAST even with out read it well

    Look at Moey they forget the authority number ,
    and 7360 should be

    more over this whole numbers changed its been 3 weeks 🙂

    next time they should do it as homework and get the number by them self , or ask your help , ya Jarhom

  • they didnt even do it well!
    coz my blog is Rank on technorati is : 540,306 , Authority: 12 and I 237 linkouts…

    which means the wrote it just to make Bukah shut up! coz there is a big gap between jameed and bukah, and i bet there are 10s of jordanian blogs in this gap

  • lol walak bakkouz you spelled it wrong too in your original list!

    spelling the country’s national flower wrong is a federal offense.

    i’d watch your back dude!

  • And not to mention:

    – “Give is your ideas”

    – I’m almost sure the email is wrong: grumpygormat? gol3at!

    We’re picking on them a lot, but they’re writing an article to rectify something, at least do it right and proof read for God’s sake, no?

  • what no hyperlinks?

    haha – seriously what’s with all the spelling mistakes. Meh, I only buy or get this magazine just to flip through Faridon’s fashion sessions! haha

  • Gosh, according to using Technorati then I should be right near the top of the list. But I don’t know that I qualify as a “Jordan blog” per se, even though I live in Jordan, am a Jordanian citizen, am listed on Jordan Blogs, and sometimes write about Jordan. Hm.

  • Honestly …the only reason i remember to read these top jordanian blogs is because they are included in the links page on black-iris.com

  • Wow, here we are again, causing a stir in the blogosphere. We have so many comments to make too, but we just don’t have the time, you know, putting out a magazine with all those spelling mistakes, now that’s hard work. So in the name of good sportmanship, we’d like to offer you guys the opportunity to humilate us, and, make JD50! To the first person that finds a single spelling mistake in our September issue, we will award JD50, and our heads on a plate. pulpmag@grumpygourmet.com
    see, we’re already off to a great start, we spelled our email correctly!

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