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7 thoughts on “ATV Ends Before It Begins

  1. they forgot to submit the paperwork?!

    Lets assume so, but they’ve been babbling about their Wednesday launch for a while. It would be hard to believe, that no one from the media committee gave them a ring, only 2 days before their launch.

    ألو، مهند الخطيب؟
    أنا فلان بحكي معاك من هيئة المسموع، إحنا الحكومة، إحنا تبعين الستلايتات وهل القصص
    أول إشي مبروك القناة، بس شو قصة انكو الأربعاء راح تطلعو؟ والله يا سيدي ما ظنيتلك لانو في وراق ناقصة في معاملتكو بدها كم توقيع و طوابع، فالله يرضى عليك و قفولي البث و تعالو زبطو

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  2. the audiovisual commission spin is hotair. the channel is simply not ready and may need a few more days. to avert an investor rebellion because of the endless delays, the ATV management instigated the licensing problem with the audiovisual commission. the poor Kuwaiti investor is getting fleeced.

  3. I think I read somewhere that the head of the comittee was called by some agency and he said :I just came from and overseas trip tp america and I have no Idea what you are talking about!

    sometimes, you feel the urge to kick someone in the nuts, but then you say they are the only things that keep him going, a bat on the head maybe will make some of them wake up!

  4. وحاولت “عمون” معرفة الحقيقة فاتصلت برئيس الهيئة حسين بني هاني الذي ابلغها انه وصل للتو من الولايات المتحدة الاميركية ØŒ ولا علم له بالامر .

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