PSA: Voting In The Municipal Elections!

Just a friendly Black Iris Public Service Announcement: Don’t forget to go out and vote tomorrow! Temperatures are expected to cool and it’s also a declared national holiday, so no valid excuses.

Voting starts at 7:00am on July 31 until 5pm. If the voter turnout is less than 51%, they will remain open for another 4 hours.

To find out where to vote you can access this website:

If you see anything fishy going on while voting, please call the Ministry of Municipal Affairs: (06) 464-1393

You MUST already be registered in order to go vote, which if you ask me is one of the most retarded things I have ever heard in my entire life.

Other facts:

– There is a record of 1.9 million registered voters
– 50% of registered voters are women
– Voting age is 18
– 2,706 candidates have registered to run for positions of mayor and council member in 94 municipalities, including 360 women.


Your Two Piasters: