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5 thoughts on “Verbatim | Support For Suicide Bombings Declining

  1. Yes, that sort of thing does get coverage in the U.S. But car and suicide bombings are outright mass murder and in addition result in multiple injured casualties. Militant vs. civilians is asymetrical unconventional and often undeclared warfare. One suicide bomber is too many.

  2. Mohanned,

    But hey, did this get any coverage in the US media?

    Yes. Similar studies come out every year. Every year, I quote from them on blogs. And, every year, I am told by multiple Muslim blog commenters that the studies are worthless. So I know they do get coverage in the US, because how else would I hear about them? This study came out last spring if I’m not mistaken… about May. It’s the end of July. Why is the BBC running the story now?

    But in areas of conflict, the results are different – 70% of Palestinians said that suicide bombings against civilians were sometimes justifiable.

    That’s because Palestinians haven’t been the victims of suicide bombings, yet, but only the perpetrators. How do Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan feel about the issue? Not too supportive, I’m guessing.

    So when are people going to admit that the war on terror is not creating more terrorists, like everyone predicted? Sometime never?

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