Kafka In The Night

I awake to the sound of a single stomp in the early hours of dawn. And then another, and then another. And in between the cacophony was a loud crunching familiar to Jordanian ears. My mother, preparing for the morning prayers, encounters a rare intruder. And so with smooth precision her sandal comes crashing down on a golden cockroach who was, I kid you not, the size of my palm. The reason I know this is because my mother left the remains for me to encounter hours later when I discovered the body and its scattered parts only inches from the opening beneath my bedroom door.

And so tonight I lie awake, trying to bear the fumes of the empty can of Pif-Paf that now rests beside my door. Tonight I lie awake, waiting, for more Kafkaesque misadventures in the night.

“A Cockroach’s Final Moments”


  • Um Nas deserves a big hug, taking on such monsters to protect her boy. Wise was she, to leave the remains of the prey so all would believe it’s enormity.

  • i second Kinzi, ya3teeeha el3afyeh your mom for protecting you from that gigantic cockroach :D… believe me Nas, crushing sounds and pif paf fumes are waaaaaaay better than a cockroach sharing you the bed in the middle of the night 😀

  • With summer come those uninvited guests to invade our homes with their ugly existence … I hate them I hate them I hate them

    Raid or Pygone are much better than Pif Paf … trust me when I say so

    Have a nice sleep tonight my friend and may I say a night that is cockroach-less


  • ew ew ew ew.

    I thought I missed Amman but after this I definitely don’t miss Amman in the summer . ewwwwwwwwwwwwww.

    They scare me by the way … like a lot…

  • Frantz Kafka is an early 20th Century German-speaking Jewish existantialist writer ( the most famous of his writings is ‘The Metamorphosis’).. Basic themes in his writings are alienation and disoriented anxiety… does that give you an idea?

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