• it was a lebanese restaurant i think it closed in 88, and we never had gardens there even when it was empty. Although as far back as i can remember there has been a circus, plus there was that cool amusement park till like 85 right across from the circus

  • Actually it is called Wasfi Tall Street. I think Mr Tall would have committed suicide if he saw the state of the street carrying his name and full of night clubs for Gulfies to have “Wanasah”.

  • What garden,what Parks,let me just say this.we are heading toward very long dark and bleak tunnel.
    With,the amount of pollution that we discharging without any real and responsible environmental planning ,random building , contaminating our limited water sources,non existence of environmental enforced laws ,cutting of whats left of our small area of forest to build Hotels as the case of Dibeen Forest and of creating massive Land fills that we have been creating for the last 30 years,I only can predict. that our future will be short cut and an ugly one.

  • Batir: Yeah I know it’s Wasfi Tal Street, but its locally called Gardens. And yeah I’m sure he would.

    Aludruni: your cynical worldview makes me want to kill myself most of the time. you should volunteer for the suicide phone line; they could use someone like you.

  • Nas,,,Can you agree with me that we have pollution ,can you agree that we don’t have laws to protect the environment ,can you agree we are contaminating our limited water supply,can you agree that we cutting our Dibeen Forst to Build stupid hotel?????????
    Nas if you agree to all the questions ,then Iam not cynical but whistleblower and realty checker…..

  • OK, it is called Gardens because there was an amusement park / pool / restaurant that was called the gardens and the name stuck

    I remember when I was a kid we went there and there was a monkey on display that was in a cage, and then I was feeding it popcorn but I was scared so I kept pulling my hand away every time the monkey was gonna take the popcorn and then it slapped me 😮 , right square on my face man … it hurt like a bitch ….LOL…this is why I never forgot the Gardens place.

    Did I share too much…hehehehe

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