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9 thoughts on “So Lets Talk Infrastructure

  1. The Sandra Kawar film project is a scam. I checked it. Indiana Jone’s film did not cost 100 million dollars. I am amazed at how so many people keep repeating bogus story without checking it. Sandar Kawar made false statements about her credentials as an Emmey Awards winner. No one could verify it. This reminds me of another scam 4 years ago when Jordanian/Egyptian production team announced the making of a multi-million $$ action film starring Silvester Stallone (of all people) to be shot in Jordan. There was media buzz that lasted for over a year, before Stallone’s office got tired of the constant inquiries and issued a statement distancing the actor from the bogus film project. Amazing how naive some people are.

  2. Fareed: cool your jets. this was reported in the jordan times and i post it here as an example of something we might not be prepared as of yet to handle infrastructure wise. if you feel the story is bogus and you have the proof, then write a letter to Jordan Times and tell them to retract it.

    it’s better than calling people you dont know “naive”

  3. والله شعبنا ألاردني ضايع ما بين الخزعبلات والمهاتارات,ليس هناك شئ أسمه أولاويات لهدا الشعب المغيب عن الواقع المؤلم والكارثي,الشعب الاردني من أكثر الشعوب المتخدره،،هناك المجازر والقتل علي جنب وطرف من الشرق والغرب ونحن نترقوص ونتخلوع علي شئ لن ليقدم أو يؤخر في حياتنه ،،،أستيقظ أيها الشعب المغيب والمخدر قبل فوات ألاوان

  4. The Sandra Kawar film project is no scam, it is the genuine article and the result of zealous and informed international collaboration with Unizarre(UK) its CEO David Bowles, Assoc. Producer Rebecca Tranter and myself, Vice President Tim Francis. If you look at the industry’s top personnel involved with us and this project – please see web-site: Buy Canadian Generic Viagra Online – you will hopefully, share the sincere belief and excitement in realising its potential.
    As a Screenwriter, it is also my/Unizarre’s fervent intention to create with Sandra Kawar, an inspiring and engaging screenplay and epic movie that steers well clear of the amorphasised stew of mixed myths and cultures that many ill-informed Hollywood ‘historical’ movies portray. Petra and its 3000 year old heritage is a metaphor of human endeavour, hope and mystery and represents possibly the ultimate legend that needs no embellishment from other cultures and histories. The result we will strive for and aim to achieve, will be truly inspirational. I hope this enlightens any ‘naive’ comments that have arisen. Further details will be announced at the press conference in Amman on the 24th.


    Tim Francis

    Vice President
    Unizarre International

  5. i think your way of expressing people who did not vote for petra is really rude and unprofissional, you should respect other’s opinion even if against your’s..i hope you will success in ur career life although i think you will note due to your street way of writing

    p.s. i tried to complete the whole article but i couldnt, you may ask youre self why..


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