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21 thoughts on “Moments Of Ecstasy | Petra New World Wonder!


  2. Every Jordanian should be proud of this moment, something that is untouched and untainted, and genuinly magnificent and historical does deserve to be recoginzed as a world wonder, regardless of what UNESCO thinks. Now we must expect that this will bring more light on Petra and Jordan as a whole, its time for our tourism industry to take it to the next level. Lets celebrate today and enjoy the moment but tomorrow we have a bigger responsibility to preserve this treasure and capitalize on this “fact”.

  3. First of all ,,before we start congratulate our selves ,we must recognize the original people who built this,and as far as I know,we , Jordanians or Jordan did not build this ,it is after all,the Nabateans ad more accurately the poor Nabateans that built this magnificent City ,so before , we dance and scream, I urge all of to thank the poor people of Nabetea,

  4. Loooooooooooool @ alurduinalhurr… what is your deal man??? Can’t you just swallow it for once??? minshan allah, if you don’t want to celebrate, dont! ma 7ada jabrak! But allow us, the rest who are and consider themselves Jordanians to celebrate. efttttt sho fe nas nikdeen!
    And sa7eee7, do you have a phone number for a Nabatean? If you do, I’d be more than delighted to give them the best news ever! I am sure, if they hear this news they will start a dankeh ring, right infront of the treasure :D.. imagine how cool that would be, a mixed Nabatean Jordanian dabkeh? cooool sa7 😀

  5. secratea ولماذا هذه العربده والرقص ?? أنا طرحت موضوع في غاية الائهميه,كل ما قلته ،قبل العربده والرقص يجب علينا أن نشكر الانباط علي هذا الثرات العضيم،وأين الكيد في ذالك؟؟
    أليس من الاجدر مناكشعب أن نشكر الانباط الكادحين الفقراء علي هدا الحدث

  6. Congratulations to us all. What a beautiful day. I wish I was in Jordan celebrating with the rest of the Jordanians. Petra deserves this. This recognition has been long overdue. It has finally happened. Thansk to all who voted for our Petra!

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