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8 thoughts on “Have You Voted For Petra!?

  1. You know, with all that hype and the rigorous campaign the government has launched that made voting for Petra a national duty and seem more important than voting for the elections, I wonder what would happen if Petra didn’t make it? that would be some what amusing wouldn’t it? 🙂

  2. Thanks Nas for the reminder.

    I was lucky to be involved in this campaign since its early beginnings due to my work. It was also great to see how the campaign picked up and people started to get in board and pitching ideas on how each one could assist as an individual or through his organization/company.

    I hope that we can build upon the results if we win, it shouldn’t be only a “one month hype “ and it shouldent lose its momentum.

    An Insider Tip: Get ready for an amazing fireworks show all around the skies of Jordan on 7/7.

  3. I found this information in wikipedia…just want to double check on something because I never been to Petra

    “The Nabataeans worshipped the Arab gods and goddesses of the pre-Islamic times as well as few of their deified kings. The most famous of these was Obodas I, who was deified after his death. Dushara was the main male God accompanied by his feminine trinity; Uzza, Allat and Manah. Many statues carved in the rock depict these gods & goddesses.”

    My question : Is it true that those faces that are carved in the roc depicts those idols that mentioned above????

    if this is true …no way I would vote for this…

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