That Other Three Percent

The BBC Reported: “The interior ministry said he (Syrian President Bashar al-Assad) won the backing of more than 97% of Syria’s 12 million voters in Sunday’s referendum.”

Question: If Bashar Al-Assad was running unopposed, who were the other 3% voting for?


  • The choice was “yes” or “no” on Bashar al-Assad being the President again. So 3% voted “NO”. Or … well … at least that’s what the election commission says.


  • Before we talk about neighbor’s house, lets talk about our house
    In my opinion ,all Arab governments are on the same bandwagon. ولشاطر يفهم

  • well the our vote paper say:

    Do you agree for the parliament(majles al sha3b) candidate Dr.Bashar al-Assad to be the President of Syria Arabic Republic

    VOTE :

    YES (Green Circle )


    NO (Gray Circle)

    So 3% of the 12 million say NO

    do u know ,Syria Population ? 😉

    well i think so far Al-Assad the best we can get in this MESS in the middle east

  • maybe me?
    I agree with: “that 3% is the prove that there is no Manipulation of the votes !!”

  • Wow, you really should get your facts straight.

    The real number: 99.999999% Seriously

    The announced: 97%


    So in the next TV rundown when someone accuse Syria of not having democracy, they’ll shove that 97% number up …….

    Eh Laaaaakan! It’s not like Syrians in Jordan are being brought in one by one by their embassy to make them “vote”, they even got buses to take them to the embassy to vote. Like anyone dares to vote No!

  • @Firas

    i hear kind of that , but am not sure its true guess why?

    i didn’t know about the whole thing , i just know there’s a vote

    met my friends Monday they ask
    hey dude did u vote?
    am like ha , when ? i thought its in Jan ,

    so Syrian out of Syria if they didn’t watch the news , they will never know when and where to vote …

  • Qabbani: That’s why the embassy has been asking Syrians to spread the word by mouth….so my suggestion would be : Hang out more with your Syrian friends 😀

    Anyways, if you ever got questioned, just tell them you were high or something….

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