• happy 24, but bro the commenting on 7iber is not wroking I just get a blank page when I submit anything..And one more thing gray is not really going well with the blue, If you can make the colors simple just like the black iris it would be awsome..
    Good luck man!

  • Happy Birthday Nas… I didn’t know you were this young. People like you and tololy who are young and driven make me feel real good.Enjoy your youth and Enthusiasm.

  • HAPPY B-DAY BABES! all the best for the next year!
    so how does it feel to have a 50 year old brain in a 24 year old body? does the mid life crisis happen only in your mind? do you get a new sports car and a ditzy blond girlfriend only in your imagination? anywho, just wanted to state for the record how proud i am of all you have accomplished and the man you have become…i cant believe that it wasn’t yesterday that i was dragging your sorry ass to KG, getting you dressed for Halloween, putting the fear of God into the neighborhood kids who dared to throw a punch at you, talking to you about the latest Ninja Turtles episode, and watching amazed as my 7 year old brother read novels i was assigned at university (this last point amazed and pissed me off royally!)…all this being said, here is the question of the day…WHAT DO YOU HAVE PLANNED FOR THE NEXT 24 YEARS?

  • Nas, happy happy birthday! I loved your sis’s comment “50 year old brain in a 24 year old body!”. May God crown your year with goodness, and may you see your heart’s desires fulfilled (well, at least some of them!)

  • I know I’m late to the party but it’s better late than never! Just wanted to wish you a belated happy birthday, hope you enjoyed it 🙂

  • Happy Birthday Naseem, Inshalah all of your coming days are filled of happiness and great success.

    Nas, you should’ve posted your shipping address instead of John Mayers poem!! Furthermore, the Shipping address will be linked magically to your wish list!!

    Not only I did not understand anything from il7aj Mayers (Yes, bad English + Low IQ); Now I have to come up with a way to send you the gift(s) 🙂

    Happy Birthday Nas.

  • Thanks To You All! 🙂

    Deeb: it’s only just beginning 😉

    Tololy: on the contrary, you were right on time, thanks!

    Bashar: thanks man but this was a gift-free birthday 😀

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