An Elegy For Falwell And The Moral Majority

Christian evangelist and “Moral Majority” leader Jerry Falwell died yesterday. Falwell, treatment was part of the popular anti-Islam band alongside buddies Robertson and Graham who rose to fame in the post 9/11 era with hits such as “Prophet Mohammad Was A Terrorist” and the radio-friendly “Islam is E.V.I.L.”. The music these three made together helped bring many people in America together: mostly the far-right with the very-far-right. His death signifies the passing of an era and the end of a genre of music that included the Spice Girls and the Backstreet Boys.

Rock on.


  • Did you mean “Eulogy’?

    Just out of curiosity Nas (Who-sane too)what Evangelical leaders would you recommend? No sarcasm or hidden agenda, just wondering.

  • kinzi: no i meant elegy…it was poetic

    i have no recommendations but perhaps one that follows in the footsteps of jesus pbuh and his teachings of love.

  • I’m sorry Nas, but I find today’s post terribly offensive.

    Look, I’m no Backstreet Boys fan, nor did I even remotely enjoy the “music” (and I use the term very loosely) of the Spice Girls. But lumping them together in the same paragraph with an evil, divisive bigot like Jerry Falwell is simply cruel. What did Posh and Nick Carter do to deserve such treatment?

  • eh recommending an evangelical leader ….. Ted Haggard V2.0 ?
    or is that bad PR ?
    He is “cured” after all.
    Richard Cizik ? the bail-out proponent of “creation care”… oh wait they asked from him to resign

    Rick Warren ? maybe not too many soft porn ties ….

    Jack Van Impe ? he seems level headed at first (atleast he criticizes his fellow evi’s), but then he would be pushing for war with the EU since its the “restored version of the roman empire”… YIKES

    hmm am running out of names here, help me out please ….

  • Kinzi: Perhaps an Evangelical leader who can tell the difference between Islam and terror, and not one who provokes anger and hatred. Someone who doesn’t insult other prophets by calling Prohpet Mohammed “an absolute wild-eyed fanatic … a robber and a brigand” and definitely someone who doesn’t label Islam as “demonic” or “satanic”. It’s people like him who are responsible for widening the gap and instilling hatred.

  • I’m appalled by the amount of hatred you are showing towards these fine men and their teachings. But whatever, God talks to his holiness St.Bush, does he talk to you and tell you what country to invade next? Of course not…..

    PS: Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys? (dude this is so gay)

  • toaster: sorry to offend. carter and posh are just the casualties of war here.

    firas: well for your information God has spoken to me once or twice. maybe i was on drugs at the time and maybe i wasnt; what’s it to you? p.s. google haggard. 😉

    bambam: i, and my humble wordpress, have been conspiring to censor your comments on this blog since day one. just kidding. the word ‘porn’ triggered comment moderation 😉

  • Thanks, guys.

    Bambam, I mentioned I was not being sarcastic to avoid the dirty laundry name list. 🙂 Cizik was new to me, guess I’ll have to dare to Google him. :S

    How about John Piper, John Stott, Phillip Yancey, Dallas Willard or Albert Mohler? Most likely you haven’t heard of them as they haven’t blown it publicly. It’s the ones who shun the spotlight who make the best leaders, in my opinion. The snare of power and pride is one most men cannot escape.

    I doubt any of them would say words about Islam like WHo-sane mentioned above. But, they may stand against some of what has been done in the name of Islam. Would that be ‘hate’, or would you be ok with that?

  • Hope pat is leaving soon, but don’t worry they are like bacteria, they multiply in numbers before they die, BTW all republican leaders paid “tribute” before his blood became cold.
    Did any of you watch the republican presedential debate? Sad, right?

  • Kinzi,
    You would expect from them to look for the truth, not wait until someone teachs you about islam..Suddenly after 9/11 they all became “terrorism experts”!

  • Mohanned, it is hard to find the truth you want them to believe. I live in a Muslim country, have Muslim friends, regularly read about Islam from bloggers. To tell you the truth, I am scared to death of what people would do in the name of your faith. Is it any small wonder Christian leaders spout off like they do? It’s not like the Christian church in America doesn’t have enough problems keeping it’s own doctrine much less becoming experts on Islam. No excuse for them, but I don’t see Muslims leaders becoming experts on Christian either.

  • kinzi: i have to agree with you, as i too am scared of what some have chosen to do in the name of my faith.

    but these days…

    i’m more scared of what some have chosen to do in the name of ideology.

    and america leads the pack there.

  • Hey Kinzi, I used sarcasm because in view every church/sect in Christianity got a gorilla or elephant, or maybe too.
    Evangelical got a whole zoo of them, you said it your self “dirty laundry name list”… doesn’t that alarm you ?
    the names you mentioned, although true am not familiar with most of them I definitely know who Mohler is !! and am disgressed whenever he opens his mouth about an issue, he is the typical type that strips their parish out of personal choice and critical thinking.

    As for all that islamophobia and hate spewed by this man its really a side note to his hate for alot of other things, hell he has a university to teach his beliefs and ideologies… now that is more dangerous than anything since it will produce a couple of dozen copies of him eventually !

    I am baffled how a level headed person like you is defending a bigot like Falwell, this man has done so much harm in the 80’s. the tone of your last post makes it sound like christians and evangelicals in specific are not “doing” (thats present tense) some scary stuff in the name of faith ! simply warriors for christ is a purely evangelical idea!
    if the case was that the picture is rosey for evangelicals with a few blemishes, akin the mormons perhaps, then it will be all good. In this case its a few rosey pathes in a poison ivy field 😀

    can you tell me who else can still be supporting bush (those 24% odd populous of the states) ? and why are they supporting him ?

  • Nas, true.

    Bambam, yyii, I’m sorry for giving the impression I am defending the Falwell,Buchanan,Robertson crowd. I’ve commented many times elsewhere (but haven’t posted) that although they are my brothers in Christ, none have done a good job representing my political views – nor of the crowd I worship with. We, much like Muslims, are a quiet, moderate group who cringe when our ‘leaders’get press. In fact, I cringe every time I see a headline, wondering what ‘they’ are saying for ‘us’, in the name of Jesus Christ. Like any ‘family’, the noisiest ones are usually the most embarassing trouble makers.

    Yes, of course I am alarmed…to the point I drop to my knees, fast and pray for change in fellow-followers to return to what Jesus told us to do: Love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul and strength, and love our neighbor as ourselves. He never told us to start a political movement, it was what people wanted him to do, and if he chose not to, why are we trying?

  • BamBam, there are many points to address here, and I don’t want to use up Nas’ space, so I will do some more reading and email you. thanks at least for thinking I was level-headed!

  • hey kinzi thanks, and although i don’t know you personally but from what i read of ur writing i would describe as level-headed (so its the least i can do)
    now that i know that ur not supporting that lot i apologize for my “slightly” harsh tone. i just hope that you have my real email (not the one from here). I’ll be looking forward to your e-mail.
    and sorry nas if i cluttered your blog 😉

    btw what does yyii mean ?

  • Kinzi,
    We all know that islam has been hijacked, but for christian leaders who are supposed to be spiritual and teach people tolerance to become hate mongers I find it realy disturbing, they live in america, they have all the tools and the capabilities to learn about islam, but yet you see them relating islam to bin laden and terror, why not link islam to whats good? What frightens me is that america now is becoming less tolerant and they are doing what “exactly” they hate about the extremists, They are now talking about torture becoming legal!!

    After 9/11 all the world stood up by america, but look around now, it is the most hated nation in the world even by americans themselves, you american also have alot of work to do to get back your old image!

    BTW more than 70% of americans who met muslims, changed their view abotu islam 180 degrees, so I hope at least that some of us muslims are doing what they can to fix what others broke.

  • Mohanned, there are several elements that make it difficult for American Christians to hear positive things about Islam, all outside of MSM portrayals and Falwell rheotoric. Maybe someday I’ll have to write a post about it, golly, I’m already shivering at the comments I’ll get from Malaysian Muslims. 🙂 Tell ya, you guys need to send some ‘re-missionaries’ to Malaysian Muslims, they are getting out of hand. :S

    Yes, we Americans are a piece of work and boy, do we have some work to do. Pride goeth before a fall. I’m laughing a bit, as I have sort of enjoyed telling Jordanians I am an Evangelical…people have actually said “But you are such a nice person, how can you be one of those?” We will ALL have a job to do of fixing what others broke.

  • Bambam, goodness, no apologies needed! 🙂 I have to go and see what Albert Mohler said about Muslims, yiii-iii-iii, thought I had another one I could relate to! Yii…the sound you make before you bite your index finger sideways indicating discomfort at what you are hearing or saying, it’s a Karak gesture, mish? 🙂

  • I’m pretty offended at your including the Backstreet Boys in your diatribe against the hateful fundamentalist Christian Jerry. Whereas their music is on the whole rather “wholesome” I must tell you that they are one of the most popular music groups today in middle eastern countries and other Muslim communities! Their music bridges different religions and cultures which is a good thing-to equate them to Falwell is just not right simply because they are not your musical taste.

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