For Political Reasons

“Naseem, what do you want from Starbucks?”

“No, that’s ok. I don’t drink Starbucks”

“Why? For Political reasons?”

“I guess you could say that”

“Yeah, me too but…”

I’ve had this exact exchange of words with 3 different people in the past 5 months. What follows the ‘but’ is almost always amusing and includes everything from “…there’s no alternative” to “they make a killer frappuccino”

Frappuccinos work great on blood stains.

Deliver me from clever art.


  • and i thought i was the only one who refuses to drink from starbucks , it’s good to see that am not alone .

    and @ the ppl who say that there’s no alternative , you clearly haven’t tried costa coffee , it tastes so much better anyways

  • Hahahhaa finally someone who understands…people look at me like I just turned polka-dot green when i say that I am morally opposed to really doesn’t even taste that great either,really..

    Oh, and I have had endless arguments with Kuwaitis who claim that Starbucks franchise in the region is owned by a Kuwaiti..they can be so Starbuck-triotic…

    Caribou is fantastic!

  • i don’t think they don’t buy it because it’s “killer” (though they try to convince themselves that that’s the real reason) .. i think they buy it because it’s starbucks .. oh i drink starbucks that makes me so hip and cool o_O

    ba3dain let’s just play along and say starbucks makes the best damn coffee in the world .. ya3ni ma3lish you can live without it!!

  • Do what you “think” is right..

    I can not be active in supporting our national commerce because I’m in the US.. If I were home, I’d go to a local coffee shop and get some turkish coffee..

    We should really take it seriously..

  • Nas, I can’t thank you enough for being smart and to know what Starbucks is really about. It really isn’t that special taste. Overpriced and many alternatives and far better places.
    The same as Marks and Spencer.

  • ” Al-Arabiya TV slipped. A few days ago, I watched a documentary on Al-Arabiya TV which was followed by a discussion hosted by Maysun `Azzam. I was quite surprised. IT was not something that you expect from Al-Arabiya: several Jordanian experts appeared and documented the extent to which Jordanian government signed off Jordanian water rights (to Israel) when they signed the peace treaty. Jordanian expert, Sufyan Tall was the star of the program: he gave in numbers the extent to which Jordanian government gave an advantage to Israeli government. Here, there is a report that Jordan is now pissed at Al-Arabiya TV. In typical act of courage–that you expect from Sauid media, Al-Arabiya TV nixed the program altogether.”The post is from Angry Arab

  • Really?? Prove IT.

    That should be the first answer to anything you hear in Jordan.

    I really don’t understand how rumors spread like wildfire in Jordan without being validated or checked..

    Starbucks is for a black dude. His name is Magic Johnson. For all of you that are not sport literate. Magic Johnson was a great basketball player.

    What does a black basketball player have to do with Israel?

    Prove IT.

  • Dr. WHO …Starbucks owned by magic johnson? Are you nuts? dont desecrate the great magic man this way.

    I cant believe that you dont know who Howard Schultz is. He is the chairman of Starbucks. PROVE OTHERWISE…a simple google search should satisfy your requirments.

  • Markus, a chairman is not the same as being an owner. A majority vote of the owners can fire a chairman. Check out Johnson Development Corporation.

    I just wish one of us came up with this concept instead of waiting for Starbucks to use the famous ARABICA BEAN coffee.

    Eitherway, their coffee is fantastic. They have a great hangout place. See Ya all at Starbucks Abdoun.

  • Dr Who, its really nice when you want to act intelligent, isnt it? well johnson Dev. is a partner not an owner , if you wana get smart then try to do your research wikipedia is not enough. Starbucks is a publicly traded company it has many owners, and no clear majority. Now since your a wikipedea fan let me give you this piece of info ro edumakate u:

    “Starbucks was founded in Seattle, Washington, in 1971 as a local coffee bean roaster and retailer called Starbucks Coffee, Tea and Spices.[3] Howard Schultz joined the company in 1982 and was inspired on a trip to Italy to develop a similar espresso bar and coffeehouse culture in the United States. To advance the concept, he founded the company Il Giornale three years later. In 1987, Schultz purchased Starbucks, merged it with Il Giornale, and renamed the company Starbucks Corporation”

    so now that the facts are set straight do u still like sarbucks? and if u still dont care then why bother play the black man card in the first place? do u have a moral ground to stand on? if so then boycott starbucks , if not then enjoy the ripoff fake coffee they have, its low quality.

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