Review | Linkin Park’s Minutes To Midnight

Wow. Simply wow. Just a great album. Talk about changing gears. Talk about sounding more pure and more raw than ever before. Talk about finding a new take on old sound. Talk about making both simultaneously successful. Talk about not skipping a single heart beat.

I think this is one of the best rock albums I’ve ever heard. It’s not fake. There’s no trying to imitate another band just to make the transition smoother into the more hard rock world. It’s unique to say the least. It’s Linkin Park. And for what may be the first time, you can actually hear and feel the electric guitar and drum in their natural form. As God intended them to be. With Minutes To Midnight, Linkin Park break out of the nu metal genre with minimal withdrawal symptoms for their hardcore fans who have come to expect anything less from the band. This album is the rock anthem for summer 2007.

The songs vary. It has the hard rockish tunes with Chester screaming as well as the melodic tracks and a more mellowed out hip hop element by way of Shinoda who produced the album alongside the music giant Rick Rubin. Chester and Shinoda rarely mix together anymore. Instead, the band lets each one take the lead separately on separate tracks. And it works. Shinoda even writes himself a political song with “Hands Held High”. On top of a marching band snare drum and a chorus of ‘amens’, he rhymes of Iraq: “At times like this you pray, But a bomb blew the mosque up yesterday. There’s bombs in the buses, bikes, roads, inside your markets,your shops, your coves.” and of Bush: “a leader so nervous in unobvious ways. Stuttering and mumbling for nightly news to replay.” But Shinoda trades rhymes for singing it out on “In Between”.

Other rarities include Brad Delson leading his guitar through hard rock tracks like “Given Up”, “No More Sorrow”, and the U2 sounding track “Shadow of the Day” as well as a solo in tracks like “In Pieces” and the initially acoustic based “The Little Things Give You Away”; an ode to New Orleans where Chester sings: “But now there will be no mistaking. The levees are breaking. All you’ve ever wanted was someone to truly look up to you. And six feet under water, I do.”

All in all, a very impressive album and the current love of my life.


  • LP simply from the best band in this time, at least they talk about something real,
    I downloaded an album like a months ago, but i think that it’s not the official…coz i didn’t like it,
    nice post !

  • Im in love Linkin Park arem y Gods… Their music in this album is less heavy but the lyrics are amazing.. chesters voice makes me feel so complete. Less rap woop! This is a truly amazing accomplishment of LP i wish one day i could meet them and thank them for their words, they’ve saved me countless times.

  • I think this cd is not that good.I liked it when it was heavier.The lyrics are good though.I have to give it that.i think Linkin Parks first cd Hybrid Theory is the best.Also not much rap if any.I hate rap but they mixed it well with shinoda and shester.

  • I know it’s off topic, and it doesn’t relate in any way to Linking Park or their album. Just wanted to say: Good blog you have going there. keep up the good work. I stumbled across your blog through the Lebanese Blogsphere.

  • great review. i totally agree with you about everything except one thing…. i seriously doubt that that line was “an ode to new orleans” lol

  • I COMPLETELY agree with you. You can actually believe, with this record, there are more members to LP than Mike and Chester. The music is amazing. There are gonna be people who wish they were still angry as they ever were 7 years ago, but times change, and they’d be bad musicians if they couldn’t evolve.

  • hey guys!! nice goin with “bleed it out” and “leave out all the rest”, but i really liked LP when they were heavier.
    but anyways good to have them back. just wish they could have done sumthin again like Hybrid theory and Meteora!!

  • For me *BLEED IT OUT* is M2M’s *IN THE END*
    overall the album is nice. in between is bad though 🙁

  • Alright, that CD (I just downloaded a copy, and yes, I will buy a copy when it comes out on Tuesday) was pretty terrible. While I understand the argument that LP is moving forward and evolving as a band, the harmonies and music itself was lacking. I am not a fan of rap, but Shimoda’s take on political and social issues made the rap-ish aspects tolerable. I simply didn’t find the same level of awareness in this music as I did in Hybrid, Meteora, or the various remixes. I wouldn’t recommend most of these songs to people, but kudos for “What I’ve Done” that was a fabulous bit of work.

    Lord Demonico

  • ok #1 GARBAGE
    #2 GARBAGE
    #3 GARBAGE
    #4 G A R B A G E

    worst music they have EVER released…

    sad too they were really good on the last 2 albums..


    HOW IN GODS NAME COULD U SAY U LIKE TIHS ALBUM… IT IS A ABSOLUTE PIECE OF TRASH, i have READ, WRITTEN reviews and, LISTENED TO OVER 10,000 CD’s all metal/rock/altrock type and by far this is a HORRID cd..

    listen to it for 2 days aND TELL ME IF YOUR NOT BORED..PLEASE

  • oh and by the way linkin park had over 100 tracks recorded for this album… and they only used what 13? and all the light soft ones…

    the record company just chose to change thier style
    and its SICKENING

    good day mate

  • Excellent Album.
    While a departure from the numetal rap/rock combo, Linkin has crafted a great album. Some may say its less edgy, soft compared to previous 2 albums. I see this album as a mixing of great music, stripped away is the electronica & instead of screaming its a harmonic melodic album. The sound is remincent of other great bands, a mix of U2, a sprinkle of Pearl Jam (track#12) & even a bit of RATM (on the political tracks). Those who expect a band to music to churn out the same music as they did in the past simply are missing the point of life, people change, & their veiws & projects change with them. Linkin on this album to me solidified the fact that they are going to be one of the bands of this era, that perseveres (like a U2, or Pearl Jam). Variety is the spice of life, the music on this album is great. Grammy coming, Album of the Year Nomination….watch and see!!!

  • Four songs.. 5 tops, are good. I don’t need to name them as we all know which 5 I’m talking about.

    Nothing like SINGING about war to protest it… Which is, in actuality, simply commercializing the entire thing your protesting. Brilliant. *rolls eyes*

    100 songs to start with and 4 years and we get MTV meets LP in a handholding TRL love-fest.

    Let’s all just wait for Chester’s solo work. Hope springs eternal.

    The stench…

  • Hmm.. i guess im a little bit dissapointed.. i’ve hoped they would have returned to their old style like hybrid/meteora.. however i’ll give the album a chance, i think it’s cool they are trying to make something new instead of going for the obvios choice..

    With that said..

    If they let their future albums get any softer they will propably be compared to (take that or boyzone) Shit’ my girlfriend actually liked the album.. enough said.

    Best sing —-> Given Up!

  • i agree with BIGEATS this album is going down on the board with “nails on a chalk board” and “metal on metal”..

  • The Cd is actually very good. I agree with the post that the music does get boring after a while but by that same token this is supposed to be a better, well pushed out and thoguht over album reminicent of hybrid theory. The music is softer at places and it is a bit annoying for the old fans of linkin park but it is still a very good album. If your hungary for a heavy linkin park, go back to their roots, but if you woudl like to see how they have evolved from angry little boys hating life into adults trying to capture life into a web of words, check this album out with an open mind, or atleast keep saying “this is linkin park”whilst listening and youlll see what I’m talking about.

    The only cons are that it does get boring, ive listened to the cd about 13 or so times now. Also, Shinoda has lost that defining anger in his voice and the word Fuck doesnt seem to befit the personality linkin park once had. IDK it just sounds really wierd listing to Mike and Chester say fuck, even though I cuss like shit.

  • I seem to be in the minority here. I hate the new album and was extremely disappointed with it. I think they have lost the raw power they had and now sound more like a boy band than anything else. Oh well, a matter of opinion I guess.

  • i just thought i’d leave a comment to say what a brilliant post.
    i think i agree with nearly everything you say.
    i’ve been a linkin park fan from the start, and i am amazed with their new sound. i think a band who can evolve so many times deserves to be recognised.. and linkin park does.
    my first listen to the album, i was shocked how they’ve developed so many soft songs, but in learning the lyrics/messages behind the music, i see that it is Linkin Park’s most brilliant music (in my opinion ofcourse)..and they are definately at their best.
    like everyone else here, i understand they have disabled their nu-metal roots that we have all grown to love, but really.. we have had 3 albums of brilliant, but similar music, and if linkin park want to re-invent their sound, whilst still bringing the flair and power of their old selves, they should be able to. in my opinion M2M is the new linkin park, and we should embrace it.
    we all have our ‘old favourites’, but like LP has, we should move on and listen to ALL they have to offer (you might just like it)
    well thats my two cents haha 🙂

  • Minutes to Midnight is not the sound we expected from them, which exceeded our expectations. They did their best, raw music, less noise so we can hear their sensible lyrics better. I guess this is their transition album made to cause reactions.

  • I’m a huge Linkin Park fan and I love the new cd. I believe their new sound is great. It lets you appreciate their talents on every track. Now you can listen to their older CD’s if your in a energetic mood or if your in a relaxing mood you can listen to M2M. I love how they evolved without losing themselves like so many bands do. Great job by the whole band. I’m truely impressed.

  • like you all waited an age for this album and was disapointed by the “new” sound, lyrically probably the best collection of tracks by LP so far but the die hards were hoping for something a little harder and a little longer IMO i know thats why i listen to linkin park if i wanted ballads id buy bon jovi or something m sorry not liking the new sound will still play the album though just looking for my fix of anger and noise elsewhere lol

  • The most important thing about M2M is that it is not just another Meteora or Hybrid Theory. Instead, LP has completely changed their sound and approach. The softer sound brings out more musical talent both in voice and in the instrumentals; also the songs now have applicable meaning referencing relevant issues and events of today. In the end, all this album does is reaffirm my assertation that LP is the greatest, and I repeat, the Greatest band of all time.

  • I find it way to slow so i agree with a lot of you. I liked the old albums and how they could switch it up throughout the cd. Just like my december was super slow but they balanced it with harder stuff. I just dont find this to be the linkin park i fell in love with.

  • These album rules, I dont care if it isn’t very heavy, its a great mix of light and dark, some is pollitical and other bits of it are completely fresh. I believe this album’s greatness comes from its great quality lyrics, not because theres les rap. Older albums of linkin park were only origional bacause of mike shinoda’s rhymes and that little asain dude whos name slips my head. Here is a Question for everyone here:

    How many of you can truthfully say that hybrid theory was the first AND second album you ever bought?

    (My sister broke the first i bought so in a fit of rage I went and bought a new one)

  • I just got this album and its A really good album i like it. and for the fans that dont like the album either arnt real fans, wanted harder stuff or arnt used to it. For the people who wanted nu metal, ITS OVER since 1999-03. If they made a trilogy then that would show they cant evolve at all and it would seem thats the only kind of music that they could make. So this album is showing that there mature and evolving. and one of the best bands in this era. Im looking forward to their future albums to come.

  • I’m loving this blog, i never thought so many people would be having such diverse opinions bout the same record!
    Beowulf made a great comment that M2M is not ‘just another Hybrid Theory or Meteora’, and i truly believe that is why the change in styles has become so vast. I remember this whole ‘i dont like it’ when Meteora came out because fans believe they hadn’t changed ENOUGH, and it was a repeat of the first.
    Isn’t it slightly contradictory to be stating that LP, with their fans in mind no doubt, have succumbed to these wishes,and changed up their style to please not just us but themselves?
    They’ve changed.. so what? we still love them, and know now what the are capable of other then their previous heavy rifts, ongoing rapping, and screaming. we’ve heard all that before, and as much as im still in love with their old stuff, i still say we should be encouraging change to see what else they have up their sleeves.
    these softer songs show off chesters melodic vocals, rob/brad/joe/pheonix AND mike (yes he hasnt left the album like everyone is complaining bout) musical talents and especially mikes genius work with production!!
    to all of you who believe this is a chester bennington solo record, look behind the lyrics, every other band member has improved with what they do, the music is fantastic and deeper than ever!
    i know this is my second post, but i feel strongly about this album.. as i have with their previous ones, we aren’t acting like fans… i mean its ok to state your opinions bout the album, but atleast have some decency to have evidence to back it up!
    and like nazt, i agree.. you might have to look somewhere else for your angst music.. but perhaps like before this album came out only days ago, look no further than your old LP collection, as that was what we were listening to beforehand wasn’t it?

  • First take….the album was a disaster…but then I realized that I couldn’t stop listening to it. I think that the disappointment at my desire to hear a “typical” LP sound overshadowed my enjoyment in hearing a truly great album. Less scratching is always a good takes away from the musical prowess of the songs.

  • i think the album is good, when i first listenened to it i thought it was garbage, but as u listen to it more and listen to the meanings of the songs more u will like it more and more, so in the end i think its a good album not great. i still like the old lp better though

  • definitely not the old LP…but M2M is nice…nice variation of songs…from U2-style melodic rock to their usual nu-metal-style. Less alternative tho…which leaves a bittersweet feeling (4 me). All in all …i think dis album is nice…LP is back…hopefully, next time, they will be TRULY back!!!

  • This album shows how truly great of a rock band they really are. The reason many people are disappointed with the album is because it wasn’t what they expected. They expected another usual Meteora with Chester screaming and the guitars blaring. It shows all of their musical talents by being able to write meaningful lyrics along with many different styles. Linkin Park doesn’t care if you like the album. They want to show that it doesn’t take someone screaming in a microphone and a couple of guitarists playing heavily distorted guitars to make a good album. I’m not saying that I didn’t like the other albums at all. I absolutely loved them. It’s just awesome to see Linkin Park using a different style. This album blew me away because it was so unexpected. Just like every other Linkin Park fan, I thought it was going to continue where they left off with Meteora, but instead they took a completely different path. Keep it up! LP is the best band of the generation!!!

  • personally i thought this album is pretty awesome! i got a little shock when i first heard the album cause it sounded softer and quite unlike the old linkin park…but i anticipated that though, after reading several interviews done by LP on M2M…
    i think because i knew it’ll be softer i listened with a more open mind, and actually it has really awesome songs with awesome lyrics. i guess if some of you like to listen to their old sound there’s always the first 3 albums…it’s great that they are not sounding like they did before…or else it’ll be so predictable.

    anyway great post dude!

  • i miss how shandoa and chester wuld both be on the track, they plain and simple made it work. i like a couple of the songs but i am pretty pissed that i bought it, i feel like i just bought not only their worst album, but it seems like an EMO album! i hope their next album will be what it used to be and i hope chester releases a solo album soon. and also, has their always been 6 members in the band!?

  • thus cd of LP sucks people the normal pop or jazz fan would love it not for hardrockfans.i wish the hybrid theory and meteora type of albums comeback they realllllllck apart from what ibe done and shadow of the day come lp go back and bring the old headbanging songs this is not good.

  • I reckon this cd is fricking awesome, but it’s really missing out on the heavy stuff. All the so called “heavy stuff” on this album are not heavy at all. What they should’ve done is released a double cd, one with the heavy stuff and one without. I mean, just because it’s heavy, it doesn’t make it a cliche Linkin Park does it?

  • I admire the boys of LP much more for putting out this album. I might have liked a harder, Hybrid Theory/Meteora style CD, but as many people have already iterated, you can only go so far with one trick. It took a lot of guts for the band to ignore all the pre-release criticism and continue making the music they intended to create.

    I do think that the album can be a bit slow in places, but after extended listening I’m finding it easier to pick out the more subtle elements of each song. Each band member has a chance this time to show what they’re made of, and though not all of it is Grammy-worthy, this CD means that future releases from the band will showcase the talents they’re just now beginning to show on M2M.

    To all the fans who find themselves hating this album, I have this to say:

    Would a repeat of previous albums have enabled LP to continue making music? They might have put out CDs, but taking a risk is what makes every great band what it is. If you can’t stand this CD, that’s fine. But look to the future, and think about what they might be able to do by meshing everything they’ve accomplished.

  • I must say I really do love this album, it is just so good in every aspect!

    BUT, I can relate to all the people being put off by this album because they were expecting material like the previous albums.

    Wouldn’t it be sad if LP would sound just exactly like on the previous albums?

    LP has evolved!

  • I have to say this is the worst I have ever heard them sound. Real???? This is the most un-unique piece of garbage I have heard them produce. They used to rock, now they sound like spineless cry babies. OH well they have an anti war rap in it so I am sure it will win awards along side the Dixie Chicks… Can’t believe they went this way… Its like a 12 Track “My December” .. Fuck this band now..used to be my favorite

  • Oh and for those with an “evolved” music palate that admire the band no matter what they produce and justify it with..”the sound is new, and real”..pull your heads out of your asses.. the album sucks plain and simple. The mesh they had going was a nice balance, they were cutting edge in the past. Their first LP was a solid all track player, 2nd more evolved and still very good.. this album is garbage!

    It will make a nice addition to someones CD collection next to their Sarah Mclachlen albums and Jewel LPs.

    I understand growing as a band but that usually involves refining your initial sound and advancing it..not de-evolving and sounding like your singing a 16yr old girl love ballad on MTV, or trying to strike an emotional chord with your 15yr old teen angst.

    This is a great album if you want to soak in a bubble bath with some scented candles and look at pictures of your significant other while you paint your toenails…. WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS BAND??? BOOOO

  • what this guy said…

    It Saddens Me Deeply, But There Is Nothing Good About This Album., 7 May 2007
    Reviewer: Ricky Robertson Jr. (New Windsor, MD USA) – See all my reviews
    I just heard the new Linkin Park album, “Minutes to Midnight”. I was going to buy it because I’ve been a fan since “Hybrid Theory” and I love their last album “Meteora”. It really brought the band into their own and showed you that music doesn’t always have to be deep or complex to be great. It’s one of the best produced albums I’ve ever heard and one that, although it’s under 40 minutes long, I could listen to for hours and not get sick of. So you’d think I would be one of the first people to go out and buy the new album. After hearing the first single which is completely bland and contains no rapping, one of Linkin Park’s defining attributes, and seeing the terrible music video chock full of animal clips and stock footage of clouds and gas pumps, I decided to download it first. And it’s probably the smartest thing I’ve ever done.

    The album is weird, there have been several times that I’ve heard a follow up album from a band and just been completely confused. Every time this happens I really want to sit down with the band, talk to them, tell them all the stuff I love about them, and ask them what the hell they were thinking making an album like this one–I really wish someone could make me understand why a band would make a great album and follow it up with a really horrible one. It’s one of the most frustrating experiences in the world, but onto the review of the album.

    “Minutes to Midnight” tries really hard to not be loud, there are a couple parts where it’s just clapping and some ambient synth–it’s bad. There’s really no substance at all, which makes it very boring and bland. Mike Shinoda doesn’t appear until track 4–which makes the album feel completely unbalanced. When he does appear his rapping is too specific for a Linkin Park song and his flow is too mainstream instead of being this flat cool sounding generic few lines. Linking Park is one of the few bands that makes generic songs but makes them very well, so whenever they stray from that and it even slightly becomes self indulgent it sounds stupid. Shinoda appears again on track 7 and it’s not any better, it’s a mellow track and just as bland as the others, again his rapping sounds like it was written for a Dr. Dre beat, it just doesn’t work. The guitars don’t sound like anything from the other albums, they sound like standard metal guitars turned way down–which is very cheesy sounding. There’s barely any electronica, if you find any it will be in the background. The album has no flow to it, it will go from a screaming track to one of the many slow empowering Chester ballads, which all sound pretty much the same since they all use like three instruments and stay really mellow. Track 10, “In Between” is clearly something Mike Shinoda composed himself in garageband, and it’s his ballad song which comes right after another ballad. It’s one of the best produced songs on the album but Shinoda’s the rapper and it’s really dissappointing to hear him singing like the postal service with way dumber lyrics–“the only thing that’s worse than one is none”–that’s really bad. It’s hard to picture them performing this album alongside their other material, it’s so soft and soo boring. On every song if you’ve heard the first verse you’ve basically heard the entire thing, man I don’t even know if the whole band is even on this album. I heard two little scratches from Mr. Han. Track 11, “In Pieces” has a decent vibe to it, it sounds nothing like their other stuff but it’s the one track I don’t hate. There is no Mr. Han instrumental track, like on the previous albums, and they’re usually one of the best parts. The Mr. Han track was the one thing I was still looking forward to because even if the band changed Mr. Han could still cook up a sweet-ass beat for us. But he doesn’t, and that was a huge dissappointment. The album ends with a 6 minute long song which is just wrong for Linkin Park. I always loved that their songs stayed around the three minute mark, that way they never got old and you could loop the album for hours and it would stay fresh. But the song isn’t completely horrible, it’s the one instance on the album where they actually get their soft sounding sound to work, then Mike Shinoda starts singing for some reason and it makes the song worse instead of adding something cool, then the album ends and you’re forced to write a review of how bad it is.

    It’s hard for me to believe that my favorite producer Rick Rubin oversaw this horrible album. Linkin Park really could have taken some notes from Deftones and Nine Inch Nails if they wanted to make a softer album while maintaining their unique sound. Sorry guys but this is a horrible album. It’s an even worse follow-up than Limp Bizkit’s Chocolate Starfish, which pretty much destroyed them. I read that the band wrote over 100 songs for this album and was all excited that they used vintage guitars and Rick Rubin’s old 808. The formula for recording over 70 songs for Meteora worked out great, but here it just sounds like Linkin Park lost sight of their musical identity and got wrapped up in trying new things and having fun in the studio. They treated their recording experience like a field trip and figured if they tried a bunch of things a good album would happen. They clearly did not focus and the interviews with the band gushing about how advanced, deep, and significant Minutes to Midnight is, make me sick. After recording over 100 songs they just picked 12 that could work as an album. All I can hope for now is a Mr. Han solo album. I really don’t see Linkin Park recovering from this one, it’s very dissappointing.

  • This CD is a piece of SHIT. I was going to be at ticketmaster a 4:00 waiting for tickets but not if they’re gonna play this whining ass bullshit. If you were making millions happy with your music why change it and put out a piece of shit album like this. If I could return it to best buy I would…. I think I just might mail it to LP and tell them to pull their heads out of their asses

  • I have to say, the first time i heard it, i wasa bit dissapointed…but i had to give it a chance, the slower melodies had to be listened to a few times to get used to it.

    I dont think many of you HATE it…just that you are so dissapointed with it that it feels like hate. I know most of us in the beginning only like these five songs.

    1. No More Sorrow
    2. Given Up (wake)
    3. Bleed it out
    4. What ive done
    5. In peices

    These songs sound mostly like how linkin park sounded before, although in peices sounds most different but still has the rough vocals of chester so it links to the old stuff just a bit.

    But i have to say EVERYONE give this album a chance, listen to the lyrics, try to ignore hands held high, that song is going to drag the band down just as greenday got dragged down to the dirt. I beleive linkin park should have made the cd longer, made 2 sides, a soft side, and a more metal side (what we are used to) but beggers cant be choosers. Like i said, this isnt a bad cd, we just need to get used to it, listen to it a few times and unviel the potential in it.

    No offence, to BIGEAT, but who r u to say what Linkin Park fans should like? TRUE fans should support them through thick and thin, they may have taken a huge risk and bombed a little bit just in the beggining, but they did it for us!!…we have to respect that. We cant just think they will stay the same forever, but hopefully i think we would be all grateful if they made a second cd with more mixes or something, not like reanimation, but someting done themselves.

    One of Linkin Park’s Loyal Fans, Randy Zilinski

  • ok…here’s what i think: the album is decent but it’s just not Linkin Park, if you hard core LP fans know what i’m talking about. I loooooved the way they mixed in punk rock, little metal and a little rap to it too with shinoda and chester practically splitting the vocal parts. This album in a way seems too depressing because it’s really slow music and the music itself kinda shows how the last couple of years has gone as far as shinoda rumors of him leaving or the members the band were a little frustrated with each other for no reason. These songs just make me feel like this is the last album they’ll make, like every time i listen to the cd, it feels like this is the end of the group. I loved their old style of music from Hybrid Theory and Meteora and now they’ve completely changed, almost like they ran out of styles for their old songs. Overall, disappointing cd except for What I’ve Done.

  • This album was great you have to approach it with an open mind, Mike had his side with Fort Minor and Chester has his side Snow White Tan. Minutes to Midnight takes from both of their talents and works well. The fact is that they were looking to do something different, and they did. I guess it takes someone who is just willing to accept change to enjoy this album that runs from one end of the music spectrum to the other.

  • I’m a bit disappointed with this album. It’s definitely not what I was expecting. One of the things I don’t like from this album is the use of profanity (F words) in their lyrics. LP is not known for cursing, it just doesn’t sound right. If I’m not mistaken, I believe this is their first album that’s released with PARENTAL ADVISORY EXPLICIT CONTENT. Not even the Jay-Z Linkin Park Collision Course album was labeled with P.A.E.C.

    I guess this has to do with the band maturing and exploring new sounds! …man f*** that.

    Don’t get me wrong, is not that I don’t like lyrics with bad words or anything… take Fort Minor’s The Rising Tied album for example, is full of explicit content… and it kicks ass. The lyrics make sense and it just feels right. Basically what I’m trying to say is Linkin Park doesn’t need to use profanity in their lyrics to make great songs. We’ve all heard it before. I’m just not sure why they decided to go that rout with this album. They should leave the profanity for bands like Limp Bizkit… who of course are long gone!

    I’m sure some of you are thinking it’s a strategy to make more money or whatever… by releasing the explicit and the clean version. But in reality no matter how many versions they do release, thanks to the World Wide Web people will find ways to “share” these songs for free anyway.

    Overall this album lacks all the elements that made Linkin Park who they are, or should I say were! The mix between Metal Rock and Hip-Hop …LP was in a category of their own. Why? Because no other band was able to make it sound as good as they did! That’s the reason why everybody enjoyed their music.

    I do give them credit for trying new things and also for trying to please everyone …those who prefer Rock rather than Hip-Hop and vise versa.

    There is a saying that goes… If it’s not broken don’t fix it!

    In my opinion the band should stick to the sounds of Hybrid Theory. Which by the way it was difficult for the band to replicate… Meteora was a pretty good attempt and I’m sure it wasn’t easy for them but a lot of great songs came out of that album.
    I just thought they were going to take everything they’ve learned and nail it on this third album.

    “Minutes To Midnight” …I don’t know, it’s a new sound the band wanted to explore but I hope Mike Shinoda comes up with the Reanimation quick before is too late.

  • The first time listening to this album, I was very disappointed. On the other hand, I had the urge to listen to it a second time and I actually enjoyed it much more afterwards. The one thing that I noticed is that, although the sound of the band is much different than anything we’ve ever heard before, it still features the same unique lyrical style that linkin park is known for. I agree that the album could’ve done without the cursing, but it still is a great work of art.

    Chester’s voice has improved significantly since his last album, Mike’s rhymes are much more in-depth and poetic, the guitar-playing sounds much cleaner and original without the distortion. Heavy songs remain heavy, while the other songs are soothing. Overall, the album has a nice flow to it.

    On their next album, I would like to hear something a little bit heavier, mixed in with some softer songs as well, but as I said – nicely done.

  • so this album is a joke right? im waiting for linkin park to come out on live tv on the news tomorrow and say “hey lp fans, minutes to midnight was just a joke, the real cd comes out this weekend.” imo the overall effect of the cd is lacking to say the least. the lyrics on some of them are awesome. 4 good songs on it though and ive listened to the cd about 10 times now and i really cant listen to it again. and ive been listening to meteora/hybrid theory for what 7 years now??? what does that say about their new ‘style’ we want the old LP back. dont dissapoint us with your next album…

  • You know the first time I listened to this album I didn’t like it. The more I listen the more I like it. I think that they were able show people they were still able to rock out. They also showed their individual musical talents as well. I think the rap is awesome and it flows. I think it’s a great album.

  • I recently bought the album M2M, and as a hardcore LP fan I nearly threw it out the window 4 tracks in. But decided I’d ask the only person I know, (my gf), who is a bigger LP fan than me, to get her opinion on it. Together we listened to the whole cd and really gave it a chance. Never the less we had to crank both Hybrid Theory and Meteora afterwards to get the bad taste out of our mouths. Now don’t get me wrong, I respect LP’s musical talents, and I admire their bravery to come out with a new sound. However this CD just felt incomplete, it’s like in every slow song you’re always expecting that any second now it will suddenly pick up and draw you in to the music.
    Is this album a waste of time? I would have to say no. I have an open mind and I did find some songs on the new album refreshing and well written. But it’s true if I wanted to hear an album that inspired me to hold a lighter and sing along; I would have invested in say Bon Jovi or Pearl Jam. I can only hope this mellow new sound isn’t permanent, and LP brings back the sound that millions originally fell in love with.

  • yeah i totally agree with you “just me”. i thought that Hybrid Theory got them to be popular and Meteora mixed in other styles of music and kept it going even better for them. Then they come out with this album? i don’t want to say it sux because not all of the songs are bad, just a couple. it’s okay to change to this style for like 3 or maybe even 4 tracks, but like 8 or 9 of them is like that. Even tho i think this was an adequate cd, i’m at least happy that some people actually love this cd so that it fuels LP into making another cd cuz right now, it feels like they’re done. kinda like this was their last album and that would totally sux if they split up.

  • If you think that this album needs less rapping your not a true fan mike is apart of the band and hes here to stay linkin park made a unique sound with him and thats why we love them anyway because they were different and now there’s many trying to imitate but there is only one LP plus this album is great Its been awhile since i could hear a cd from start to finish and with this album you can simply just push play throw away the remote because every song is great good job LP keep up the good work and Mike dont listen to the haters do your thing man all of us true LP fans love you peace

  • O.K. I know you think what everyone else wrote may be relevant and qualify as a good thought, but no, this is the situation we are dealt with here: Linkin Park, good band, I almost made a typo by writing god band, but that wouldn’t be too far off. Anyway, this new CD had some of the old style mixed with a new style. I realize that they need to change, or else they will end up like AC/DC where every song sounds alike. But here is a thought. They had OVER 100 songs ready to go. Now here is a logical thought. Make not one but two CD’s. Release a double disk package much like System of a down did. Then you can sneak the new stuff in and keep your style. I would say that maybe half of the songs on this disk I will listen to and the other songs I will forget about and disown like a gay son. (joke) haha, sorry gays. This album is about 6 tracks long in my mind, which 6, doesn’t matter. the point is that I liked EVERY song on the two previous albums, the ones without the Gangsters yo. This album not dissapointing in a sense that it was another album I bought and expect to not like every song, but dissapointing in a sense that it is Linkin Park and liking every song is something to expect.
    There is the truth, and probably the best review so don’t bother reading anything else

  • When I first started listening to this CD, I though “where’s that rap guy?” I mean, every song used to have a method to its madness…. Mike rapped and whined and Chester followed with a screaming roar with rock and techno interwoven. It was beautiful and slightly annoying to some.

    M2M is pretty different. Trading in the rapping and the techno (I miss you Mr. Hahn) they take the formula made by Coldplay and this new generation of “sell out” boy bands out for a spin. For someone who has laughed, been depressed, and literally rocked out while listening to Linkin Park, this new album makes me go… Wtf?

    I’d be cool with the change but the thing is… Linkin Park takes SO MUCH TIME making their albums it is almost annoying when you are disappointed with albums like Collision Course and M2M that have wasted your time and the time of the creators.

  • Well, I guess they were telling the truth when they said they’d changed up their sound…. I loved the LP of old, the LP that had songs like “Breaking the Habit” and “Numb” but mixed it with songs like “Figure .09” and other hard stuff.
    I personally don’t feel ripped off for buying the CD or anything, I’m just hoping the next LP features more of the hard stuff. Oh, and the Rap/Rock mix is GONE.
    1.Wake—–Nice little instrumental to kick off the album. 2/5
    2.Given Up– Awesome song,maybe the best on the CD.This has to be their next single….5/5
    3.Leave Out All the Rest— A very mellow soft rock song that has great lyrics and vocals. 4/5
    4. Bleed It Out—The only song on the album that blends Shinoda’s rapping with Bennington’s singing.Not a bad song.4/5
    5.Shadow of the Day— This song is terrible….the only song on the CD that I skip. Very boring…..1/5
    6.What I’ve Done— The first single off of the CD is,again, soft but very melodic….cool song. 3/5
    7.Hands Held High—- This is Mike’s rap song of the album. Very cool lyrics,extremely poetic. I dont agree with the political message completely,but a great song…4/5
    8.No More Sorrow—-The hardest song on the album,by far. Very cool lyrics(again)……5/5
    9.Valetine’s Day—-Pretty cool song, doesn’t really get going until the end. 3/5
    10.In Between—-Mike sings in this song…’s not awful,but not anything special either….why they left this on the CD puzzles me……2/5
    11.In Pieces—-This song has great vocals and a great lead by Brad in the middle.4/5
    12.The Little Things Give You Away—-I’m speechless….this song is simply amazing…..powerful lyrics, amazing vocals…..There is no knock on this song. It’s awesome.5/5

    Overall, not their best, but not as bad as some are saying.I’ve been an LP fan since the beginning,and while I still want another album like the old stuff, this is great music too. Great job, LP

  • I am extremely dissapointed in the album. linkin park completely betrayed their metal followers. the lyrics are decent but they are accompanied by very weak melodies. If these 11 or 12 songs are what they choose out of their 100 choices, i am dumbfounded. linkin park has turned into another band that gives their political input but has no credibility. I won’t say if i agree or disagree with their message but i feel bands need to express their feelings not their opinions. I pray that the next album is better or i will never be buying one again.

  • I’d kinda like to add on another thing to my previous comment, i read the song names on the backs of their cds and M2M’s song titles just sounds wrong: Given Up, Leave Out All The Rest, Shadow of the Day, Bleed it out, Valentine’s Day…etc. those titles just makes the band seem like they have truly “Given Up”(just like their 2nd song). this cd isn’t that bad as some have said, but it doesn’t freaking rule like a lot of ppl have said too. i loved rocking out to Papercut, In the End, One Step Closer, Faint, Somewhere I Belong, and now we get songs that are, for me, a little too short and too…what do i wanna say exactly, um… they are trying to make sense out of their music and for me that’s not good cuz in their other songs from previous albums, they just pieced things together and really mixed it up well, but now they’re trying to make a Green Day/Cold Play/God Bless America type of album… idk about you guys, but i don’t want like 9 out of 12 songs to sound like they’re talking about something they care about lol, not LP style

  • Wow.. I can’t believe how terrible the new album is. Sounds like the new soundtrack for Grey’s Anatomy. The “AMEN! AMEN! AMEN!” ruined the one track I thought was pretty decent. They sound just like so many other bands, and lack what made LP a true favorite of mine in the past.

  • Man I haven’t been so ashamed of spending money on a cd since The Baha Men “Who let the dogs out.”

  • I agree…with everyone who hates the album!
    I am a HUGE LP fan and was really looking forward to the new album. I realise that to stay in the game artists have to change and evolve…but not DEVOLVE!!
    This soft-pop-rock that they came up with is really nausiating!
    And on the ‘topical’ issues of war and Bush and all that crap…that ship has sailed! There were hundreds of singles and albums protesting the war and stuff…LP is trying to cash in on the back end of a wave that has already passed!

  • Oh…and I have to agree with just me (May 17th).
    The use of profanities kinda disappointed me. Now, I’m also not too bothered by swearing but LP has never done it and never had to…their music kicked ass without having to resort to swearing every couple of lines…that is what set them apart form other bands (like Limp B)…

    Anyway…gonna try to listen to the album again…maybe it grows on me…slowly…

  • Great album! Not quite as great as Meteora or Hybrid Theory though, but still way up there! While I loved every single track on the first two studio albums, a few on Minutes to Midnight (like Valentines Day and In Between) are just failing to grow on me, while others (like In Pieces and Given Up) are absolute masterpieces.

    I have no regrets buying this album though. Keep up the good work, LP!

  • Sad day very Sad day. By the way there was a download floating around that was supposed to be the new tunes before this “Geico caveman” AHH WHAT came out. Those guys f@#king rock. Who were they and lets get that career going!!! As for LP can you say AHHH WHAT!!!!!!

  • Yeah, how odd!!! I’ve been a fan of Linkin Park for 4-5 years now and I absolutely adored all they did: the songs, the videos, the artwork but when they absented themselves from the stage for 2 and a half years or so i was so fuckin anxious to hear the new material they’ve been blathering bout on the radio for so long I even dreamed about the new songs!!! That’s how obsessed I was!!! But finally after all this waiting the new album is here, near us, in our hands… So I started to listen 2 the melodies and the more a listened the more I couldn’t help missing the old school LP I mean it’s not bad at all; everything that’s comes out of Mike’s hands and passes through Chaz’s voice it’s worth listening at least twice in ur life but this album in spite of my trying 2 convince myself that it’s as good (or better as they said in all interviews) as the last materials I cannot seem 2 listen 2 them without thinking they went 2 far with the whole change faze I really think whole rap-rock mix thing suited them better and that rapping Mike did was the note of distinction from other bands not 2 mention that my main purpose when I listened 2 a LP album was getting 2 hear Chaz scream for kinda an hour or so… That’s completely gone now this soft rock they assimilated now it’s difficult for all of us 2 take in not 2 mention that Mr Hahn scratches are(or were) the proof of artistry of the band that makes them worth being listened but as I said this change made them so different that a amateur listening 4 the first time 2 the album could not relate the band 2 this new style The only significant mark (in my opinion) that I still found the being the same on this album was Bennington’s voice which is unmistakable 2 me Even Mike’s rapping sounded more like the one he did in his solo project Fort Minor… I must say that I appreciate their courage 2 come out with smt so different from the work they did before Personally I think the CD is good in the sense that the lyrics are managing 2 maintain their expressivity with out the use of such strong feelings as hate or frustration. It captures the essence of what was in LP and they are yet 2 become. I do agree with the double CD release… it would have suited best all of our tastes and it would have made the transitivity from one genre 2 another more easier 4 us 2 accept. I mean it would stupid from us 2 expect that they would never change their style just because once they were unique because of it. The change is acceptable but 2 drastic… I hope Mike takes the whole thing as a lesson and tries 2 do better on their next album. That in case they don’t split up cause I have 2 say that 4 me it really sounds like they are saying a sort of good-bye 2 us with this album. As a humble idea, it seems 2 me that things aren’t working out between Chaz and Mike and it’s becoming difficult 2 share their parts in the band. But the way I see it not only both of them are important 2 us but all the members play a significant role. And that brings me 2 another point: Mr. Hahn really seems 2 be cut out of this project and Mike’s absence is pretty visible… and I’m sorry 2 it but he would have stocked 2 rapping ad leave the singing 2 Chester. Maybe in the future they will try 2 solve their problems and bring 2 the surface the LP we all love changed or not changed. I don’t care as a true and old fan of theirs I support them in absolutely everything and Ill try 2 keep myself open-minded. I just pray they will get themselves back 2gether cause it would be a damn shame 2 never hear from them again. In the end I think that this album will be the one that will separate once and for all true fans for pretended ones and this album being much more commercial than the anterior ones if ur not a fan(especially if ur not one) u might like it a lot Like all of their work this one is good and critics already say it can be the best album of 2007 so if ur into smt new go buy it but if ur a die-hard fan then be indulgent and listen 2 it a few times after giving ur verdict and try 2 detach urself from what u perceived linkin park before Personally I recommend their single “What I’ve done” the hip-hop beats in “Bleed it out” (it’s really the only reminiscence of the old days on this CD) and of course the ballads “Leave out all the rest” and “Valentine’s day”(it’s the song with most depth I heard Linkin Park perform) and if ur looking for some rock in the real sense of the word ull have 2 listen 2 “given up” or “no more sorrow” the 2 songs very much alike though All songs are good except 4 the “Shadow of tha day” cause I just figure out does that song has 2 do with the album it has no correlation with the other melodies. So take my advice though I may seem a lil sarcastic buy the album it’s worth it 4 the simple fact that it’s a LP record and they were surnamed the kings of nu-metal though they aren’t anymore they were an important page of rock history. In conclusion I like the album and I think it’s worth buying but I miss the old stuff and I would appreciate if sometime soon they could alternate a new style with was they used 2 be. That being said I wish u the best PS sorry 4 the lenght of my writing

  • I think it’s good. I like the music. It’d be nice to have more of the expected type music. Since there aren’t alot of the typical the radio will soon overplay them and the ballads will be all I’ve got left to listen to. All in All, it’s ok…from a general musical standpoint.

  • This was a huge disappointment i was going do buy the Cd then i started hearing it sucked so i went ahead and downloaded a few songs

    well…… my heart droped i frantically searched and made sure i downloaded the right band and album ect. to my dismay it was linkin park singing emo trash i cant believe they actually changed that much dude this is not what u all wanted if u liked the old stuff guys, u wanted classic tracks that even when your 60 years old u would still be rocking out to. no instead they have millions and millons of dollars and now they can make all the gay fan boys think there half ass album is cool because there name is on it dont buy this cd just download the shit dont give the money hungery faggots money they dont deserve.

    I think its all a joke and they are going to release a actual linkin park CD

    and yes if u like the new shit that is cool but its not the linkin park that u expected u where going to hear and its def not what u wanted. you will listen to these gay emo songs a couple of times and say ok im tired of this shit and never listen to them again

    and to all u fags that are like “it grows on you” WTF u talking about faggot either u like the shit or u dont u bought the fucking thing your not suppose to sit there and force yourself to listen to it because u think its “cool” if its fucking gay then its fucking gay there is no other way to explain it

  • I love this cd. i got it the day it came out and im still listening to it. what i’ve done, bleed it out, no more sorrow and leave out all the rest are my favorates. it has a good combination of slower songs and harder faster songs. who cares if its no like HT or meteora it would be dumb it it was cuz it would start to get old.i was kinda disapointed that there was no mr. hahn track but thats okay. the lyrics of this cd are great. i will be listening to this cd for a long time

  • jz wtf is wrong with u man??? why are u hating so much on them??? if they are popular now that doesn’t mean they mock us by making these CD’S for us i think u misjudge them a lot they don’t deserve this man they are still an important rock band in history i mean give the band some credit they tried 2 do smt else and they screwed up a lil we mustn’t cut their throats 4 that if i could blame someone 4 it would be record company they pushed the band 2 this fukin inadequate style(though i think it’s not bad at all the only prob is that they alienated 2 much from what they were once and seem 2 have lost their identity)and tried 2 make linkin park more commercial stop pickin on them guys if they made a mistake with this album then give them some fuckin confidence cause i’m sure that they can manage 2 give 2 us again some great songs 4 that we must be a lil understanding i mean dudes where’s the respect??? we name ourselves fans but we deny the band at it’s first inoffensive mistake they are caught in a trap cause either way they work they feel kinda under appreciated if they bring out a HT record wannabe they are boring if they come out with smt new they are 2 drastic and betrayed their fans i think the truth is somewhere in the middle try 2 see things clearer and stop this hatred now they don’t deserve this how can u say that they are lookin only 4 money??? as far as i now LP is a band that was always in close touch with their fans and their records always had a special fan edition not 2 mention the lpunderground CD’s they always seemed devoted 2 their listeners i don’t think that mike or chester or either one of the members in this band are tryin 2 pull us off with this CD reconsider dudes reevaluate ur attitude if u proclaimed once urselves as being their fans ps: jz no offense man just my humble opinion

  • I was disappointed with most of the songs. At one point I thought I was listening to a BOYBAND in stead of what used to be a good rock band.

  • i am very disappointed by this album, and here’s why:

    1. the reason i, and everybody i know who likes linkin park, liked lp in the first place is because of their ability to take something simple (like a riff ie points of authority or progression ie numb) and make it incredibly catchy. this was through wonderful mixing and the band meshing all at the same time brilliantly. on M2M there is NONE OF THIS. joe hahn is almost absent on the album. no offence to brad, but his riffs arent technical enough to be clean. distortion worked for him because it was solid, it was heavy, and it hit you. these fuzzish riffs and sounds dont work. you can use old strats but for gods sake get ur mix right.

    2. i used to get goosebumps listening to mike and chester trade off like in dont stay. what happened to that? that was one of the reasons i got into linkin park in the first place, was because the melody of the chorus contrasted beautifully to the rhythm of the verse.

    3. there was not enough thought put into song choices. given up works well as an opener, but after that it all goes downhill. bleed it out had some potential to be catchy, but that was lost through the uninventiveness of the drums and the attempt to add some depth through having a pretend crowd. now its ok to have a bunch of ballads on an album, but all these sound the same? doesnt work.

    a few more things im confused about:
    – the clapping on given up? doesnt work
    – lp said they were using natural drums. thats alright, but use them right! in previous albums, there was a good mix of electro drums and rock drums, perhaps one leading into the other. on M2M there is only one of each per song, and it doesnt work.
    – change for the sake of change? please. i can understand that if a band’s been around a while, maybe getting a bit tired of their old sound. linkin park have released two albums, and they’re looking to change. why?

    linkin park have changed their sound on this album, but it is most definitely for the worse. i just dont get it. theyve been ranting from the start (mike in particular) about how theyre different from the rest, and they were, and i loved it!! thats why i loved them. so i dont understand why they changed. maybe to reach out to a new audience, which contradicts the above point. the new album sounds EMO. i hate emo. i think theyve crossed the line here. hope it doesnt last. STICK TO WHAT YOU’RE GOOD AT.

  • meteora and project Revalutlan were better than m2m . its no old effects and turn table filters. i really love meteora but just like m2m 🙁 i hope their next album be amazing as meteora . :(( :(( :(( 🙁 =((

  • I dono, i like songs 2,4,6 and 8 and hands held high has a good message, but honestly I preffered the old…

  • Also where is the rap, i mean honestly only bleed out has good rap, the rest are completely devoid, and there is not much switch between rock and rap… i shed a tear for the old…

  • I love linkin park…I remember the first time I ever heard LP…it was IN THE END…and I was immediately hooked. I loved REANIMATION and METEORA but this new MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT album is not LP at all…its MIKE trying to bring FORT MINOR into LP and sorry but that’s not good. I admit I love “What I’ve Done” but one song out of 12 is not gonna cut it. It’s sad but I think LP lost who they are. Call me stupid but they have parental advisory sticker on there album. I know practically every band has one but LP since they first came out said they had morals and that that’s not them. I love LINKIN PARK. They are the only band that was 100% consistent all the time to me but till now. I’ll forever hold on to HYBRID THOERY and METEORA but I am disappointed in the NEW LP. But don’t get me wrong LP is still my #1 band.

  • Damm! this album is like an incredible piece of garbage mixed with some kind of unsense voices of chester b.I was amazed thinking that this was going to be 2007 album of the year. but man!Now! I really hate this people,now! I´m thinking suicide,their new name should be linkin crap,yes this is what defines this kind of album or whatever u want to determine it is,In definitive if you want a real embolia and waste 40 $ that you could use to buy a ticket to an avril laviigne show of ping pong XP you should buy it

  • Jullyane First and foremost i didnt condem them i just said dont buy the CD it is shit and there new style is gay.

    2nd I never said they needed money they just want more.

    3rd I like alot of rap and rock artists, and bands i know they have there bad albums….. but this…..its like nothing they have ever done before and in linkin parks case that is a bad thing. It’s just pathetic i mean how can you mix this garbage in with your old music (Which is just classic and i dont now anyone that cant appreciate it unless your old of course)….. o wait they can do it boyband style take a break change wardorbe and come out as emo tools mid way thourgh the show what a cool idea! (thats my reason for not going to there concert i was planning on going to)

    and lastly….. I really cant stress the fact enough that there style has changed drastically almost 180 and in my personal opinion it has a horrible thing.

    and thank you Jullyane for your thoughts internet can be pretty cool when mature people are on

  • thats exactly wht I had expected from them .. Ive been waiten 4 this album for 4 years …. u know ..becouse when u listen to the same songs for a years u will really be excited to listen to the new album… linkin park is a huge part of my life I may know thier songs more than they do……so if u r asken about the album I will answer in short ..these songs r the best things that Ive ever heared>>..

  • All of you are entitled to your opinions. I simply think some of you need to reconsider your wording on such an (originally) civil board.

    I personally have yet to come to terms with this CD. I loved Fort Minor, and I loved the old LP to the point where I sang it in my sleep. There are some moments that are similar to Fort Minor, but I believe Shinoda and Bennington are trying to find a balance between their two styles. The hard, angry sounds are certainly less prevailent, but I enjoy it.

    Also, to those of you who asked: zomg LP = 6 members?!??! LOLOLOL WTF?! Q_Q;; REROLL ALLIANCE?!

    Yes, they have always been there. Just asking that proves that Linkin Park has understood that a basic principle in all art, from the written to the visual to the musical, is simplicity.

    The very angry days of Linkin Park were unique, but drowning yourself in hardcore music just typifies the stupidity of a generation that cannot understand more complex emotions besides base anger supplied by heavily distorted guitars and lost drums and bass.

    Cheers to the new CD, it’s clearly not powerful, but there is Linkin Park in it. You just have to find its new form.


  • the best linkin park album.very different and very crazy becauese they’ve change their style.linkin park a real rock band

  • Best album of the band so far. Lyrics are extraordinary and the songs are very raw and back to basics. Favourite songs; ‘Hands Held High’, ‘Shadow Of The Day’ and ‘The Little Things Give You Away’. Likin Park is more pure than ever before.

  • Seems like there are a good mix of people who like and dislike this album. Personally, it disgusts me. I consider meteora and hybrid theory two of the best albums of the decade, but this album is just absolute trash. I put a good week into listening to the album through, and actually took the CD out of my car and put it in my closet, to remain there for quite some time. Changing your sound is one thing, but this new sound is absolutely horrible. Most disappointing album of the year..

  • Hey, give it a chance, i must admit the first time i listened to it, it was only the songs with the heavy guitars in i liked and i was like eh? what happened? but i listened to it over again and theres no denying theres some amazing `songs` on here, whether its the linkin park of old or not u cant say the songs arnt good!!

    wake – amazing
    given up – amazing
    leave out all the rest – amazing
    bleed it out – amazing, didnt like it at first, love it now
    shadow of the day – amazing
    what ive done – amazing
    hands held high – good (should of been on a fort minor cd tho)
    no more sorrow – bit weird lol but good
    valentines day – very good
    in between – ok (again maybe a fort minor song)
    in pieces – good
    little things give you away – couple of mins too long to me but ok, not my favourite but ok.

    So all in all, certainly more very good `songs` than bad ones.
    I keep using “`songs`” to try and explain that just cos it doesnt sound like the LP we all know and love you cant just come out and say its not a good song! try and look past what we`ve all heard in the past and take it for what it is, a new album with a new sound, ok so if you dont like it as much as the other albums thats fine, i do believe they will still be in ur cd rack for years to come, so just listen to them, they dont get old to me and i listen to them all the time, but i love some of the songs on this album, dont like some of the others as much but hey it doesnt make it a bad album does it!

    Overall, a very good album to me, it does have its negative points as does the majority of albums ever released, LP will grow from this and i think we can all look forward to the next album being the best they will have released so far!


  • well JZ what can i say i do agree that sometimes famous people come to a moment in their lives when the almighty dollar is all that shines in their eyes but personally i do not think that this applies on Lp i mean these guys this band seem too bound to what they do to let fans down only because money is a priority to them Lp looked to me like one of the strongest bands that always had principles like “fans are very important to us” or like “our fans opinion counts a lot to us” and the thing they’ve always respected their statements and valued the things they believed in i firmly believe that in this case it’s just a simple mistake they did out of will to find a new and credible personality for the band i think they have messed up a little bit cause i must say that unlike the previous albums this one doesn’t have that that catchy unique style conglomerated in all the songs Ht and meteora were my cup of tea but i cannot deny the bands efforts in trying to lead its path into a complete distinct direction and they might have succeeded with what they did if they would have done it in a graduate mode it was i slight error to do it all so sudden(the change)but also the fact that they decided to leave the record company to pick their new style and also their new songs on the cd(so i believe that the band didn’t have anything to do with this new approach than writing some new songs inspired by the multitude of events that happened to them and then leaving rick rubin deal with the choosing of the so called “new sound”) but in the end if they are clever as i think and i now that they capable of so much more i bet my all that their new album will put them back on trace until then i will keep close this album and listen to the few songs i like on it and start to listen to my old LP cds and wait to see what is their new move i believe in them and i know that although their new cd will sell as hell in spite the die hard fans disliking they will find a way to rise themselves to incredible heights again another thing i must add is that surely in spite others sayings the band has matured in its own way and so has the members just think of all things that happened to them chester alone went through a divorce then a battle for a joint custody for his son then a marriage then the birth of his other child etc… they simply cannot relate to the teenagers called hybrid theory and then LP they are men now not boys so i must conclude by saying that keeping the same recipe for another album is not quite inspired but returning to the HT theme isn’t good at all cause it will be a obvious discrepancy between their music and the way they perform it i just hope their next album(if there will be another soon) won’t contain the elements of HT nor those of M2M but a perfectly combined mash-up between the two that’s all i could say thanks for all u guys out there that listened PS JZ i quote:”internet can be pretty cool when mature people are on” it was a compliment? cya dudes rock on

  • The first time I ran through this album I was a little disappointed, not exactly what I was expecting. As I run it more though I begin to enjoy and appreciate it more and more, because its not about “sounding a certain way” but making good music. I believe LP would be a bad band if they DIDN’T try somthing different. In my opinion this album demonstrates a sort of maturity and a breaking out of a trend. When LP first came out when I was fourteen I enjoyed them because they where great musicians and brought a different sound. That sound is familiar now, and I think this album does a good job of broadening the bands horizons while still holding to that which makes them Linkin Park.

  • Linkin Park didnt evolve musically, they changed into a different band completely, which is disgusting and a really crap thing to do to your fans. I would go as far as to say this is the equivalent of Metallica releasing Load, Reload and St Anger. Even if you do like this new album you have to realize, a lot of people listened to Linkin Park because that was the type of music they liked, and this is not that kind of music and thats really disappointing for fans like me who hate the mainstream rock music that Linkin Park have started playing.

  • i really loved this album. wen i was younger i used to love their loud angry lyrics…but now i’ve matured and mellowed and i totally love the way LP has too. i think this album doesn’t disappoint but exceeds my expectations. good job LP.

  • Jullyane number one the quote: “internet can be pretty cool when mature people are on” is what ever u think but ill hint i prob wasnt going to put that if i wasnt thinking that in response to your statement.

    2nd There is no excuse its show biz if you suck you suck you went on and on about there personal crap who cares call me what you want they dont care either its the way the world works. For example when there is a plane crash and there is a celebrity on board you will hear a 20 min news report about them but not the other 20 people on the jet (example Aaliyah there where 20 other fathers daughters brothers sisters nephews ect. on that plane with her nobody knows who they are or cares) AND I DONT CARE ABOUT THE BANDS PERSONAL CRAP EITHER….. i do stone work and if do a slop job whatever and I tell the client im srry im going thourgh a divorce my girlfriend dumped me what ever they will laugh at me and point at the job and say fix it! Ill say it again NOBODY CARES!!!!!! if you do a slop job you wont get rewarded they didnt deliver nuff said ill provide some examples of what happened so the simple folks can relate


    Ok So JZ has been going to his local Micky D’s for 10 years he orders a number 1 (which is a big mac meal and he loves big macs) every week once a week at random times whatever…

    Ok so one day JZ orders a number 1 He certainly does love his big macs but anyway he receives his burger opens it up and guess what no sesame seed bun hmmmmm thats odd he thinks well it is mc donalds no big deal so anyway he takes a bite its not even a burger its a fish fillet OMG!!!! but oddly enough JZ likes it oddly enough he might just order another next time he goes to his micky D’s

    That was an example of the CD if u liked it

    Ok so one day JZ orders a number 1 big mac meal and there is no special sauce (JZ loves his special sauce) so he takes it to heart and thinks man they got some idiots in there now ….. he might not come back to the same micky D’s or he might at least specify next time that he wants the sauce. (which he shouldnt have to)

    That was an example if you didnt like the CD but u can coupe

    Ok so the next week or day or year whatever… JZ goes to his Micky D’s and orders a number one. Looks banging son! takes a big bite *CRUNCH* there is a huge cockroach

    That was an example of how i felt take your pick (good thing i heard it was bad and downloaded before i spent my money on the trash)

    Im going to leave it at that there is no more to be said about there syle and CD im my eyes it was a big mac with a cockroach in it and ill take my old memories of big macs and cherish them and hope they hire new managment my micky D’s

    now go get a big mac god damn im craving one now

  • Minutes to midnight is great… i’m a really big fan of LP and no doubt that they are the best band right now. People who gave those S””t critics have very bad sense of music..

  • The music was different, the sound was new…for the most part, and there was so much variety. I loved every single moment of it. When i went and bought the album and listened to it, i was expectin lots of their old stuff, cuz of What I’ve done…i mean i loved that song, but it was so much like their old Stuff. When i heard so much different…like “Hands Held High” and “In Between” (two of my favourites…wht the hell i love all of em) i was soooo surprised on the amazing change. Like most people said, it has the best of both world’s. If im feeling depressed and EMO…i’ll listen to given up and whatnot. When i want to hear soft, or meaningful, or rappy…I’ll listen to other songs. There’s so much to choose from, and I appreciate that. It was great. I really hope you guys will go get it, listen to it and hear their lyrics while listening to it, expecially hands held high. With everything going on in the world…especially DARFUR (450,000 dead…2.5 million ppl displaced cuz of genocide) this album is definatly an outreach to those people who are suffering everywhere. It can communicate to me, whether I’m feeling angry, or sad, or wondering about the world and all its imperfections. I’m really proud of them.

  • BTW you guys if theres anyone who just read my blog..the bit about DARFUR…theres a lot going on with that like Genocide..lots of people dying without a true cause but racism and land. If anyone is interrested in knowing more go to its always good to be informed

  • The new album is the best Lp could have done. Evolution instead of mechanism of standstill. The new work is refreshing and will lead Linkin Park onto the Rock history in middle future.

    This album is only the beginning.

    The old music was in times good, but nothing, which could stand for ever…Linkin Park will become one of the biggest rock acts in history. Spoken about the selling numbers they’re already.

    A fair amount of points for the new album are : 11(12) of /15

  • It didn’t have the same effect on me as the older albums, but i still liked it none the less.

  • i was just reading everyone’s comments and i can’t help but feel i have to say something…

    linkin park is not sounding emo. seriously, the genre is so overrated now and everyone just use the term so loosely. you want emo? it’s hawthorne heights and sunny day real estate for you.

    J Z, albums and songs DO grow on people. example, thrice’s vheissu. it was weird at first but the more you listen, the more it really grows on you. many great albums are actually quite difficult on the ears at first but after that, you’ll appreciate how much went into the music.

    true, the album is pretty dissapointing for hardcore linkin park fans who have been waiting for 3 years for the album to come out but still, i feel that we shouldn’t just chuck it away just because it’s sounding different. it isn’t even as bad as how some of you make it to be but if you listen with an open mind, give it a few chances, it’s not as bad as it seems. i am honestly dissapointed that there is so little screaming in it but i guess the band decided to move on with their music and so, i think the fans should as well.

  • After listening to the album for a while, just got the CD + bonus DVD.

    – Different for sure
    – You like it? : Good, me too, certainly different from before, and some surprisingly U2 sounding songs
    – You don’t like it? I care?, no, because I like it, but I agree I like the old heavy sounds.

    for CaptainAmerica above, the song “The Little Things Give You Away” is indeed inspired from New Orleans as it is specifically mentionned in the DVD booklet, and has apparently been of great inspiration.

    So yes, it is Linkin Park, but with a different unexpected sound….and I will be impatient to see what they do next..hope fully a bit heavier.

  • After listening to the album for a while, just got the CD + bonus DVD.

    – Different for sure
    – You like it? : Good, me too, certainly different from before, and some surprisingly U2 sounding songs
    – You don’t like it? I care?, no, because I like it, but I agree I like the old heavy sounds.

    for CaptainAmerica above, the song “The Little Things Give You Away” is indeed inspired from New Orleans as it is specifically mentionned in the DVD booklet, and has apparently been of great inspiration.

    So yes, it is Linkin Park, but with a different unexpected sound….and I will be impatient to see what they do next..hope a bit heavier.

  • Ok, as far as this album is concerned, I think the experiment was ok, not excellent. They could have done better but there was progression. In my oppinion their only hope for survival in the next album, which better come out in the next 2 years and not another 4, is to tie all the sounds together.
    Let me explain something to all of the drones who seem to be stuck on the “they’ve grown up” band waggon. You guys are tools, I know this because your all saying the same thing. Everyone around you said they’ve grown up and you agreed because you didnt want to be the odd person out.
    When incubus changed there style the general consensus was.”bands change/ evolve”. this album is the equivelent of morning view from incubus and white pony from the deftones. Both albums were praised, but everything that followed those albums remains in the evergrowing trash bin of obscurity.
    This may upset alot of you purists who invented/supported an entire genre of mediocrity (emo) to try to erase linkin park, but linkin park was NEVER nu metal like Nine inch nails is NOT industrial rock. Linkin park was at the right place at the right time and when the time came they were the reason why NUmetal died. No other act was able to compete with thier seemless melding/knowlege of the many (not just 2) genres they were combining. The difference between these two bands is that NIN didnt give a shit what the band wagon haters thought of HIS sound, he continued to do what he did to this very day and has maintained his integrity in full. Sadly, linkin park did the opposite.
    Linkin park did not have to make a transition this extreme, they could have added everything they came up with on this album to the sound they already had and would have probably created an album the equivelent to NINs the downward spiral, but they gave in and now all they have proven is that the worst album they have ever made is still enough to steel an entire genre away from the tallentless fucktards that the industry signs. Numetal was thier first victim and now emo is the second.

  • When Hybrid Theory first come out. I know this band is not an ordinary band. They’re great musician. Their music, their concept of mixing the hard rock (Chester’s Voice) and rap (Shinoda’s Rap) make the world forget the old ancient rock! Linkin Park is the pioneer of Nu Metal Music in earth!! so when Meteora comes out. I think their change their music into something more “soft”. But the LP’s Music still too good if u compare to another band (sorry for another band fans)!! So this May 2007 when “Minutes to Midnight” comes out! I really shock that my “all time fav band” change their music into “that form”!!! ahh Shit!!! why LP!! why u change the music!!! I really like the Hybrid Theory. Please on the next album…give us (LP fans) back our hard rockin’ Nu Metal again. Please…T_T

  • big question …..does LP’s album or evanescence album(The open door)sounds better?????….I would say EV…Lp lost its touch …expected somthing great like their prev albums.just 4-5 songs are good in this album.just GOOD………

  • i fcuking love this album the first time i heard it i was like its good but its really grown on me i fcuking love it, dare i say it….its better than hybrid theory and that album rules to but this is a breath of fresh air somehting different awesome truely awesome

  • linkin park is the best band in the world i’ve rembered 5 songs out of 12. i just love the whole group. i really love the lead singer. he sings sooooooooooo good. this group rox c ya


  • hey i love the songs leave out all the rest, given up, what i’e done. no more sorrow, and valentines day
    great job guys. i cant wait till u come out with a new cd.

    c ya rayla

  • i cant dislike the new album, and if you all could actually dislike LP or their music, because u expected too much, i pity you.

    LP are the only band that can put rock and rap together perfectly..

    minutes to midnight isnt the worst album at all.. ur all just dumb..

  • i have the greatest respect for LP and what they’ve achieved but i have to say i dont like their new albulm anywhere near as much as their previous two theres just no fire in their musice which was what they were about

  • My brother and I huge Linkin Park fans – we worship their stuff…. however, for us to admit that we are mildly aghast at their new sound is a severe understatement….. the new album is a dramatic departure from their original roots and one must question where this morphing came from? Whatever it is the raw sound is missing, the grit in Chester’s voice has lapsed, this is “new” Linkin Park and whilst they will make many new fans with this re-viewed sound, they will loose many loyal ones along the way….

    We are mixed with emotions as we love the group so much, but getting through this new sound requires one to have a mindshift from their old stuff…. if you can do that you will discover a great band who is able to diversify…. just how much this diversification is going to assist them, time will tell.

  • You’re all joking, right?

    You can’t seriously find any political insight in this? You can’t deem this band’s likely cynical political edge to hold any water? You can’t qualify this music as good? It’s the same thing they’ve been doing since ever. It sounds the same. Exactly. It’s the same beats, same rhythms, same adolescent angst. It’s puerile stuff. It’s a joke, at best. Chester Bennington in a Bono get-up? Playing exploitative news footage during a music video to make them look like they care beyond anything other than your money? Get real. They never had anything of substance to say when they were teenagers playing at deep-rooted depression, what makes you think they know the first thing about politics?

  • Oh yeah, they’re totally honest folk, them Linkin Park. When they’re not ripping off better people, they’re singing about American waste, while wearing leather suits and surrounded by thousands of dollars of equipment.

  • I have to disagree with basically everything you have written, Hands held high is just hilarious and dressing up and trying to sound like U2 is downright embarrasing. This album is the dissapointmnet of the year while ‘change is good’ and ‘growing up’ quotes get thrown about, the real Linkin Park fans will go back to listening to the limited amount of previous releases. I am writing this while listening to ‘Wth>You’from the remix album Reanimation’
    Maybe you should try listening to it as well and then amend your review.

  • An incredible album that almost moved me to tears. Yes, they are not the same sounding band as they were in the beginning but that is the beauty of a truly talented group. They have grown up and so has their music. They are no longer the young person’s angst band. But instead adults who see the world around them and express how they feel about it. They have hurt and heartache that is genuine. They pushed themselves to grow and explore who they are. If you do not see the full vision of this album and have a tremendous respect for what they’ve done here, you have my sympathies.

  • Minutes Till Midnight “WOW WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT” i guess im just gonna have to accept the fact that nothing will ever messure up to meteora and esspecially not hybrid theory. I cant cant believe im actually saying this cause im one of the biggest LP fans around but Linkin Park needs to get their act together and bring back their old sound before they lose their entire fan base

  • Sub par. The album is sonically boring, every song flat and empty feeling when compared to the precursor albums, esspecially their collaborative projects like Reanimation.

    I am bored by this album. And the political songs are just too clumsily handled to be as potent as they would have liked. A little subtlety goes a long way. I cringe at just how crass and childlike their pokes at the political situation are. Very few bands in my opinion pull off that kind of protest, anti establishment vibe, and LP are definitly no Rage Against the Machine

    In Between and Bleed it Out are the most interesting songs on the album, the rest just blend together in a bog of mediocrity. Sure they were always a bit teenage angsty in their lyrics, but their music was always interesting, multi-layered and emotive in itself. They have lost their sound, take away the vocals and this could have been produced by anyone.

  • To All of you who have listened to Linkin Parks new stuff and where expecting the same sound, and then finally listened to it and said: “Ah Fuck man, this shit SUCKS ASS!!” Y’all can kiss my white ass!! For anyone who knows music very well, they would know that a talented band would make new sounds for their music. Linkin Park made a reputation for themselves in their Nu-metal wave of music; Which was indeed pretty fucking awesome music. But you can’t always expect the same sound out of a Band. Want proof? Listen to Japanese Rock or even Rammstein. that is proof that bands experience with different sounds. Bands who Experience with new sounds, are the more talented of them all. Linkin Park will all ways and forever be LINKIN PARK, no matter what sound they have in this album or their upcoming albums. Best give them props for trying new stuff, eh?

    Anyways, I’m out. Comment me if you will, just don’t hate on Linkin Park.

  • the album is WAY diffrent to what they have ever done…People just can’t addapt to this new and improved LP
    LP has grown up…
    They are not angry little boys screaming into a microphone about how much they hate someone anymore, they have moved on!

    I think it is good that they have made an album with a diffrent sound because to have ANOTHER heavy album would be very boring 🙁

    anyway I liked pretty much all of the songs on the album apart from ‘In Between’ (I don’t really enjoy Mikes voice as much as chesters)
    I love given up and No more sorrow!

  • Since when did growing up involve completely removing ones own testicles and crying like an emo bitch? God damnit! Dont you tools ever get tired of bands choosing mediocrity over the very thing that brought them to the dance? How the hell could another heavy album be boring? Heavy music in its very nature is heavy to avoid being boring (de de de!!!!), it contains the very thing this album lacks (aesthetic…glorious aesthetic!!!!)
    I know its hard to admit the album sucks, I mean I went through that period too, but really, if you take a moment to free yourself and just think about what your saying a bit you might find somewhere inside of your compliant soul lives someone who is really pissed of about this travesty of a an emo drenched shallow, been there done that album.
    Then again maybee not, it sounds like you dont really know what linkin park was about let alone what it is about.
    They barely (and I mean barely) ever sang out of hate. If you examine the lyrics a little closer you might just see that almost every song dealt with everyday life issues, frustrations, relationships, states of confusion, addiction,art, the state of the industry etc. but never once do I remember linkin park ever saying they hated anything.
    The “shut up when Im talking to you” was the closest theyve ever come to that, and maybee just maybee a place for my head came close as well, but both songs were about frustrations within and desires to vent that frustration (NOT the execution) and despite how angry the songs sounded never was violence or hatred mentioned.
    On top of that I have to say that in between was terrible because rick rubin (the sudden ruiner of all things good) told mike to keep the track unaltered. If chester were to have unaltered tracks then every song from HT to M2M would sound like live in texas (about as bad as inbetween). In the song “no roads left” Mike is given the same enhancement chester has had since day one and Im telling you its one of the best LP tracks of all time! Sadly it didnt make the cut which is exactly what Im talking about. To make a song that good a B side just proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that this album was a joke. Try again LP and save your sound before we witch aride with a band with the fire you used to have.

  • Are you people serious? Do you people only listen & watch MTV??? Christ, this band is horrible~!!! Linkin Park sucks~!!! How the hell can you give them credit or even consider them authentic or real musicians? Look how long they took to write this album, they were contemplating whether the singer should grow “emo” bangs and they end up sounding like all these emo bands that are coming up(they are also awful by the way) Fans? Fans of the music? I’m sorry you people all must of grown up listening to real shitty music and I feel for you people~ There is so much better music out there than this band~ Honestly I don’t care if your hardcore fans, it’s the principle of writing good music and if any of you people really know music theory or composition you’d be really pissed. And everyone who is trying to defend them…don’t. This new album sounds just like their last two which were the same album~ All 3 of their albums sound exactly alike~ It’s so ridiculous when you actually play them all together at the same time~ It’s a joke. This band is a joke. Look at their new tour with My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, and Mindless Self Indulgence~! It makes no sense~! Everyone do yourselves a favor and actually go find better music and don’t even bother asking what I listen to or consider good music~ It’s not this crap~ Actually while I’m on the subject. All nu-metal bands or bands that fell in that genre or times sucked and always will suck~ Their bunch of talentless guitar players D tuning their guitars and trying to be “metal”

  • I am very disappointed in their new cd. I was excepting a heavier more rock cd, instead i got this soft rock Britney Spears cd. A large majority of the track’s blend in with each other and its hard to distinguish when one ends and another begins. I respect they’re decision for a new sound, but its not a sound the sound i was hoping they were going to change to.

  • I withdrawl my last statement. After listening to the cd a few more times, i realized that i didnt give the cd a fair chance. You cant judge a cd listening to it only one time. I found the lyrics to be powerful, and the rhythems to be strong. Even tho the sound is different than the previous two cds i find this cd to be as good as the rest.

  • Very… very… disappointing.. I tried listening to it for awhile to see if it would stick to me but it didn’t.. This is not LP… This is EP.. = Emo Park… If i had of known that it was going to be like this, i would of saved my money…

    I am truly blown away.. The only good songs are #1 What ive Done #2 Bleed it Out #3 Giving Up #4 No More Sorrow and Hands Held high is alright… but my god… I could listen to Hybrid theory without getting tired of it, AND I STILL am not tired of it! its PURE awesomeness!! But you listen to this album and you feel like you want to puke… Sorry this is just how i feel…

    Linkin Park… what happened to you?… I know its sometime good to change.. but.. this much?

    Its like when people say to you “Don’t change to make people like you more.. People like you for who you are” and you guys were all about Nu Metal!..

  • NEEKo you cant make the same music 3 times in a row thats alil over repeative. If Lp made the trilogy that would show that its the only music that they can make. people wouldnt be that surprised it would just be same old repeative music but diffrent lyrics. So Lp wanted to show that over the span of the 4 years and since meteora that they have grown up and mutured along with there music. If they were to make the trilogy No one would ever know that mike had another talent not to just rap but to sing also. So i look forward to there future albums

  • It’s incredible how many reviews I’ve read saying stuff like ‘Bring the old LP back’, ‘Oh I wish this was heavier’ and alikes.

    Listeners do not have to stick to a style of music. In fact, people who do stick to this or that limit themselves in their ability to understand and appreciate music. I’m not saying that everyone should love all kind of music, I’m just telling that self-imposed limitation is totally wrong and not just regarding music, but all aspects of life. Common sense says clearly that we should experiment a bit of all to complete ourselves.

    I listen to LP since the first days and I would be quite disturbed to realize that LP members don’t change overtime. Doesn’t everybody change? Isn’t it a personal success factor, to be able to change ourselves in order to adapt to new circunstances?

    If people like LP’s first albuns, well, listen to them everyday till death.
    If you enjoy seeing 6 kids with great musical abilities to progress, to grow, listen to the new songs. If you see it as sound bad music, well, wait for the next album or realize they are not that good after all. If you like it, then you’ll probably enjoy growing up with songs that resemble your life and your aging.

    Never stop growing up LP! Get stronger!

  • COOL NEW ALBUM ESPECIALLY given up, bleed it out and no more sorrow
    but there were not enough rap and fun and they kinda look old

  • The first few albums from Linkin Park were groundbreaking, they were genres in and of themselves. I have no objection to them changing their sound (it’s natural for a band’s sound to evolve over time), but this album has a common sound.

    This reminds me of when Jewel put out her first non-folk album and everyone cheered for her song “Intuition”, and then the world seemed to have forgotten her. What these artists had before was a unique voice but by creating albums that conformed so well to what people wanted to hear, they became forgettable.

    Don’t take this to mean that I am blatantly insulting these artists because I am not. I am simply saying that while they had unique voices of their own, they stood out as themselves, they sold many records and had a very large fan base. That’s not to say that they don’t still have many fans, but if they continue in this direction, I wouldn’t be surprised if they blended so well into the woodwork that they disappeared. Just like Jewel, who has become “Jewel who?”

  • heres a quote by chester himeself- “We kind of want to be a band that’s kind of ambiguous,” Bennington said. “That’s our goal. We want it to be difficult for people to try to pinhole us into something. I think that as our career develops and keeps growing we’ll hopefully be a band that’s known for writing good music

  • I really like the album, its different from the old songs but i think they cud hav dun much better. I am a great fan of them and i like da way chester moves his voice from a low pitch 2 a high pitch in “given up” an how he shouts.

  • It looks to me like a lot of people like the album and a lot of people didn’t, being one of the second, I think that Linkin Park went soft and it doesn’t work. true, they still sold a load of records, but now they appeal to fans of groups like my chemical romance, it’s pop-rock and it’s cheap, nothing like the band that used to tour with metallica limp bizkit slayer or deftones, and I’m not the biggest metal fan, I also like soft-rock like bloc party or billy talent, but they are original and good at doing it and linkin park aren’t.
    I never thought I would have to say anything like this about LP one of my favourite bands, but they’ve turned weak, and they need to fix it. Bring back the originality and the intensity that once burnt my cd player!!!!

  • i love linkin park, the music beats,the lyrics, the are great!!!! but…what happend to the old linkin park? why did they change their style that made them different? i remember an mtv interview awhile back where they said they would never change there style. i just have to say that i’m a bit disappointed in this album. the lyrics are still great but the style that was known as linkin park doesnt really feel there, except for on “what ive done”, on this album. i hope that they go back to the style that made them different and made to you really listen to the lyrics and feel the music. i think that is the linkin park that we really fell in love with. but they still rock!!!!!

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