The Economics Of Weather

Who says God doesn’t work in mysterious ways? When I came back to Jordan in December I remember it hadn’t rained for months, inciting fears of a drought. This forced the country to have a ‘national’ prayer (supplication) asking God for rain.

God delivered.

It actually poured for the next few days right after.

The rain however ushered in a cold winter. High demand and low supply for gas tanks resulted in overwhelming prices. This of course had the people begging that winter end as soon as possible. And to make things worse, prices of fruits and vegetables skyrocketed in the past 2-3 months.

In the past few weeks alone, with the Ministry of Agriculture telling the everyday Jordanian to effectively dream on when it comes to even thinking foodstuff prices will ever decrease; a lot of hearts and wallets were broken.

So I’m guessing a lot of people have been praying in Jordan, which has lead to this recent unusual heat wave in early May, which technically started in April with unusually high temperatures recorded a few weeks back as well.

No one has been buying gas tanks for their heaters, that’s for sure. But rising temperatures have also lowered the prices of vegetables by 30%

Hot selling items like electric fans, a/c’s and ice cream aside…a shortage of water can only be expected to come much earlier this year.


Finally…an economist with a sense of humor (and divine powers).


  • “God.

    Finally…an economist with a sense of humour (and divine powers). ”

    That made me smile.

    The weather here in Toronto was 31 yesterday. I like :). But it’s crazy in Amman, wow, my mom said it was super hot. What was it? 36 or something like that?…tab are the pools open? I would die for a swim.

    Nas Nas, May 24 is coming up and we are going to a cottage on Erie lake…woohoo can’t wait, hope the weather is HOT on that weekend though. Ra7 anjilet if it rains

    Khalas bekiafy 7aki Fadi. Is it a post ya3ni or a comment

  • I’m smiling too. There are times when God gives us our whiny way just to remind us Who’s will is perfect. I better stop whining about the heart…we may get snow!

  • I want to keep my name anonymous so that I would not be butchered :). But didn’t the prayers for rain come after there was already a weather forecast stating that rain is expected in the next week??

  • hahahaha, good one anonymous!!
    I wouldn’t keep m anonymity thouth, it’s the internet for God’s sake!

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