But Isnt Mickey A Jew?

somewhere…in the corner of a very dark room…my childhood has curled itself into the fetal position while rapidly sucking its thumb.

Despite the sad realities of Israeli occupation, you would think Hamas would give its own country’s kids a chance at a childhood instead of a monochrome world view.


  • At least everyone on that show seems to realize that “martyrdom” involves *sacrifice* of the soul, rather than salvation for the soul. At least they understand that their souls are lost.

  • Last night the same clip was on CNNs glenn beck, he is a right wing conservative and he loved it, so hamas and al qaeda and hizballa keep up, we need more harm to islam and you seem to get the idea, first men suicide bombers, then no men left so women, then no women so kids!!It is just sad that not only islam was hijacked but also the beauty of our kids also…We all need to stand up agianst these acts, children are not tools or animals that are trained…This cycle of craziness will never stop until they stop breeding violent generations, I remeber when I was a first grader how they gave us plastic M-16s and we marched to liberate palastine!

  • This is outrageous, but equally outrageous is MEMRI’s translation of the phrase “بيطخّونا اليهود”, which means “the jews will shoot us”. MEMRI translated it as “we will annihilate the Jews”.

    That child did not say she wants to annihilate the Jews. She probably doesn’t even know that word in Arabic.

    The producers of this show are dumb, but then again, Gaza and the West Bank are not exactly the best places where one could get a decent education to see the futility of such thinking, are they?

  • Wow, a MEMRI spokesman was actually on CNN saying that his organization stands by the translation of that phrase, “word for word, according to the context, and the syntax”.

  • Time for major backlash, guys. Don’t let them do this to the Palestinian cause or your faith..Or an already fragile next generation of Palestinians. Please get all the major groups there to condemn this!

    My son was in KG here when the second Intifada started. They had a “Day of Remembering the Palestinian Child”. One of their activities was to draw picture of Israeli helicopters shooting Pali children, ‘making sure to show lots of blood and dead children’. My son started to cry, saying I would not allow those kind of pictures, and she forced him to to ‘understand their suffering’. It worked on him, he was deathly afraid of helicopters for some time.

    Needless to say, we complained loud and long. The teacher had done it all without the knowledge of the administration. The saddest thing, is that it wasn’t the Israelis our son was then angry at, it was his Palestinian teacher.

  • I really dont see anything wrong with this video .ABSOLUTELY nothing. There is nothing wrong about learning to die and sacrifice for the country and the homeland you love, since childhood.(even though that is not very obvious in the above clip)

    What kind of values does a population under siege (not only Palestinians but Arabs in general,and especially in Jordan) need to be teaching their children to please the CNN and the (…) internet commentators!?! To look forward to an office job (with a manager title of course)or to convince them that somewhere (in Qatar or Dubai or Canada (insert name of a country that 99% of Jordanian youth dream of living in)) there is a much better life that one day you can flee to ? Or should we just teach them to make “living” a priority over living like human beings ?

    To hell with CNN and to hell with those (especially your arab commentators) who think such modest simple production with a genuine message is pathetic or sad!!
    Please try to point out to me the part where it is pathetic :
    -is it the part where a kid wants to sacrifice her life for her country ?!!
    Or the part that alittle kid spontanously said (the jews will kill us) and by the way even if she said “I want to kill the jews” …there IS NOTHING wrong with that.The Zionist jews, under the current hopeless situation, are still the ENEMY, they still occupy land and they still terrorize entire generations. The kids living under these circumstances has the right to express their feelings and if what they feel does not please CNN and the “civilized” internet commentators, it becomes obvious which party is the dillusional pathetic group.

  • “I hope to BE good time *nervous laugh*”
    hahaha, sorry but this cracked me up

    No seriously, I do agree with Hamzah N
    she said “Be6okhoona El Yahood”…

  • Another example of mistranslation happens in MEMRI’s transcript translation of the clip too. You guys don’t notice it on the video, but it appears in the text here: http://www.memritv.org/Transcript.asp?P1=1442

    The transcript MEMRI produced has the girl “Sanabel” saying “I will shoot” in response to the question “What will you do for the sake of the Al-Aqsa Mosque?”

    Now go back and watch the clip, you’ll notice that it is the stupid clown in that ridiculous suit (Farfour) who says “I will shoot” and not the little girl on the phone. Listen carefully to what the girl says though, she says “bedi arsem soora”, or “I wanna draw a picture.”

    This is how twisted MEMRI’s reporting of this video has been. To me it is as sickening and disturbing, if not even more, than the fact that such a show exists.

  • Farfour, hahaha, hamzeh they are not innocent and never will be, but we always seem to succees in providing them with publishable quality material that can be used in their propaganda war, I don’t know if you heard about the pakistani kid that beheaded a man, their whole goal is to show the public here is that even muslim kids are evil so don’t feel sorry for them because they will grow up to come after you, this fear tactic worked in the last two elections here but now it is loosing its momentum, so be ready to hear about something new, or maybe a video tape by bin laden on the eve of the presidential elections…BTW el zawaheri support obama:D
    Good luck Bro!!

  • The Zionist propaganda machine wants us to believe the colors of the skies are green,
    I say, so what If Hammas is trying to instill in our children some kind of charisma to keep the struggle alive ,Idon’t see anything wrong with that,especially nowdays where our youth, became diluted and spoiled and have no sense of pride of who they are, and where they came from.
    If hammas TV was airing MacDonald commercials and some kind of sleazy commercials to exploit our youth,the Zionist will be praising Hammas and most likly,Hammas will be described as “moderates” and “partners” in peace

  • first of all I agree that children should not be exploited… but they should not be separated from their reality.
    as much as this clip is allegedly showing how the ppl behind the tv programing (i.e hamas) are “using” children. those behind the translation are also using them for their own agenda.
    I leave you with the following points:
    1)the clip is obvoisly edited to project a certain image specially near the end…
    2)am not the only one to detect mistranslations in this specific clip
    3)i also detected alot of other mistranslations done by MEMRI in other clips taken from tvs from around the arab world… am sorry to inform you that most of them were not so flattering.
    4)do you know enough about MEMRI’s background and its services?
    in this state of age one should know exactly who is providing him/her with his/her daily dose of news/propaganda.


  • First of all: Jerry is the Zionist agent. I think Mickey is cool.
    (According to the Iranian minister of culture or something)

    Now it’s not like Palestinian kids watch Hamas TV 24/7?
    Come on people! There are tens of private channels in the Palestinian territories. And besides that, the majority got satellite dishes, when means they watch other networks, usually Saudi owned, broadcasting those weird cartoons, movies, singing shows and any other gay show!

    Anyways, Hamas can go and …………….

    So Hamas got enough money to start a TV station? I think it’s all God’s “blessings” that keeps their pockets full ? Yeah sure….

  • Before I talk about the video I would like to re-iterate what others here have already mentioned, I am totally against the exploitation of children, but the palestinain child,just like the palestinian human being, is living in an exceptional world where all the rules, all the conventions all the regualtions that govern human being around the world do not apply to him, the palestinain human being has endured the longest occupation known to man today under brutal military rule. Lets put this into prespective before we discuss the matter at hand.
    What actually makes me cry is not the video, its that the people that all of a sudden(not quit sudden israel has worked at this for years but its finally bearing its fruit) considers teaching a child about patriotism and about their enemy and his enemy’s misdeeds a sin. We have been assimilated, successfully to fear being arabs, to fear fighting for our rights, everyone wants peace, “we are sick of the terrorists, we are sick of these backward people trying to bring us down” they now say, that’s fine and dandy, but have you forgotten your rights, your dignity, your freedom? Is all you care about today social freedoms and a bit of petty cash thrown ur way every once in a while? We don’t even relaize the hole we are in, we live under dictatorships who abuse their subjects at ever level and in every way imaginble, yet all we have to say about it is, we want peace, I say the hell with peace, in the words of the rioters in Los Angeles in 92 “NO JUSTICE …NO PEACE” When we dont even tell our kids who is the enemy and who hates us we have been annahilated indeed.If that’s the case then I say let these hopeless kids live their miserable lives in “peace”, with no hope and no freedom. It is sickening and disguisting to blame the victim, and this is worse than the effect of an israeli helicopter or sniper, at least we know his intentions upfront, but for people to victimise the victim that really makes me disheartened. These kids have been victimised and are going to be victimised regardless of what they are being told,they will be shot at and murdered wether they know that Israel is their enemy or not, they don’t care if it’s a Jew,Christian, Buddhist or Muslim, what they know is that they are being murdered and oppresed on a daily basis, the poor child that was shot by a sniper in jenin a couple of weeks ago while she was studying for her Grammer exam in her room is one of many witnesses to that.
    Finally what else do you expect from MEMRI? Do you people even know what MEMRI is? H?ave you done any research about MEMRI? MEMRI, in case you didnt know, was co-founded by an ex-Colonel in the Israeli Military intellignce named Yigal Camron. So bravo! I applaude all of you for using the fodder that our enemies are feeding the world. A job well done indeed!

  • “modest simple production with a genuine message”

    Genuine alright..

    “Now it’s not like Palestinian kids watch Hamas TV 24/7?”

    Just the idea that even one childe is watching that program is sad enough!

    “the clip is obvoisly edited to project a certain image”

    No matter what editing they put into that clip, the message is still obvious.

    “I really dont see anything wrong with this video .ABSOLUTELY nothing.”

    That’s why we’re a damned nation and tha’s also why we’ll always be..

    I leave those comments with you guys feeling the worst ever. For the first time ever, sadly enough, I wish I was not an Arab.. 🙁

  • when there is a conflict of interests, one side will accuse the other side of vile things. Just because the other side does not totally agree with yours, that doesnt necessarily make them an enemy, so if people hate Hamas for one reason or the other, fine, but as arabs dont forget the saying (loosly translated) ” Me and my brother against my cousin, and me and my cousin against the stranger” so this tendancy to condemn hamas and blame them for the ills of palestinain society in addition to other matters that cross the borderes literally and figurativly is ok in a certain arena but to condemn hamas even when it is confronting an enemy, now thats peculiar, to say the least, unless of course, I’v got the brother and cousin designations all mixed up.

  • Mr. Desktop Warriors ,

    Who would you rather your son or daughter be ?? A Mahmood Darwish , Sameeh AL Qasem , Amal Dunqol , Fadwa Toqan , Azmi Bshara , Ahmad El Teibe ….. Or one of the hundreds of Palastinians who they call Suicide Bombers and we call martyrs ???

    I remember hearing “Fighting and war is easy . It’s changing yourself and the people that is hard” … it has a similar one in Arabic about Jihad.

    and When did violence bring peace ?? and how many people know the good cause of the palestinian people through peaceful ways ? and how many knows it through the martyrs ?

    I rest my case.

  • While peace is a utopian right that all human beings dream of, but rarely ever achieve as proven throughout history, Peace is not the main objective for Palestinains, freedom, safety and justice at this stage are much higher priorities. think about this for a moment. No one is calling for Palestinians to go out in mass and fight, every society has its politicians, builders, criminals as well as its fighters.

  • I just can’t believe of the amount of brained washed people in Jordan and the Arab World and how they always blame Hammas for this human tragedy.
    Palestinians have all the rights to use anything and everything to get rid of this Zionist racist entity.

  • Most of you are worrying about how Hammas use it’s own TV to advance the Palestinians struggle,but you never cared about how many children killed and murdered in gold blood by the IDF,just today ,the Israeli Army shot a pregnant women and killed her baby in Nablus,and this has been a routine and daily practices of the IDF.

  • Just some breaking news! It was all over the networks here in the US and hamas issued a statment somehow apologizing and taking the show off the air, so cheer up hamas supporters, they didn’t stand to their ideals!!

  • alurdunialhurr,

    I’m sorry but I don’t know how old you are and if you are married or not, but I would like to see how you would change your mind when in 10 years or so, on of those children who were watching that show would come and bomb your wedding party.
    Last November, it was Sajida from Iraq and with this kind of dirty propaganda, it’s gonna be one of those children in your wedding (God forbid, that is :p)

    Try to look at it from that angle and tell me what you think..

  • i love how it’s only stories like these from palestine that get attention .. we’ve gotten so used to everything else that happens there that we don’t pay any attention to it .. wall, death, arrests, home destructions, al aqsa, incursions, all that .. who cares .. but mickey mouse .. WHOA HOLD THE PHONE STOP THE PRESSES.

    ok i am not defending the show here or hamas or anything .. but it really pisses me off how some people don’t care about palestine but when a book gets banned or mickey mouse comes on tv all of a sudden they are up in arms and they start lecturing the palestinians on what they should or shouldn’t do .. from the comfort of their seat behind their monitor.

    and yes we should be teaching our kids to hate israel .. nothing wrong with that .. doesn’t mean they will grow up and bomb weddings like some people suggested.

  • Sorry Hanna,good try ,you are mixing apple with oranges and trying to confuse the subject.
    We are discussing the show that was aired on Hammas TV.
    Mohanned,,What is the value of your comment??,zero zilch, nada.

  • Mo ,,”and yes we should be teaching our kids to hate israel .. nothing wrong with that .. doesn’t mean they will grow up and bomb weddings like some people suggested.” RIGHT ON MAn
    Who would avocate to love racist State such as Isrealhell??.

  • I know people in Jordan are afraid to speak up when it comes to Hamas, its ok I understand, Hamas is not well liked there, and thats why no one can get into a direct discussion about it, people are just blind when it comes to it. Look im not a Hamas supporter, heck im not even Muslim, so dont give me any flak about ok. But I have noticed none of you addressed the issue directly you are dancing around the subject very carefully trying to say the right things well thats fine and dandy. And back to Hamas, II dont like what they do and I dont agree with their polcicies outside Palestine, but the issue here is not about hamas, its about resistance, and the right to resist, do you people know that it is a human right protected by conventions to resist, it is pathetic the level of brainwashing that you see especially in Jordan these days, anyone agaisnt the so called damned peace process is considered a dangerous person, so you all fall in line and conform like good citizens, you want to build not destroy yada yada yada, pre fabricated scripts that you have been taught in school nd even in university, your living in a pink dream, enjoy it while it lasts. And before any of you jump up and acuse me of being a Hamas support id like to say im not a hamas supporter, and i dont liek them much, heck I repeat Im not even Muslim so save urslf this argument.

  • Hanna ,I gusse,you have believed their propaganda.
    To diagnose any problem,we have to look at root cause and not the symptoms ,if there was not occupation of Palestine, Hammas or PLO would not even exist ,don’t you agree??

  • Hate will never get us anywhere on both side of the equasion, and My nada, zilch(whatever that means), zero comment is just to show double standards and how long did they stick up to what is “right”..Jama3et el zet wal za3tar(Thats their new name) is nothing but cause traders..
    Good luck to palastine and alurdun!!

  • Ok this video is low quality and really nothing to write home about, I would rather not have it shown to kids, but nowhere does it teach kids to hate jews,unless of course your arabic is weak, and all you did was read the subtitled translation by an Israeli Colonel non the less.

  • That was quite disgusting. I can’t believe people would actually not see a problem with this.

  • can we stop being so melodramatic .. as if this show is what is going to cause palestinian kids to become violent .. aslan how many kids watch this show .. believe me palestinian kids don’t need this show to know the meaning of violence.

    and again i’ll repeat what i said earlier .. it hurts me when i see how some ARAB blogs never say a word about palestine .. but when hamas bans a book or mickey mouse comes on the air they jump all over it 2u biseeru yitshammatu .. it’s a shame really.

  • they won’t axe the show but the content will be revised .. that was what i read on CNN website .. anyway you can all go back to sleep now .. until the next “mickey mouse” story surfaces and then you can start pretending to care about palestine all over again.

  • someone always has to resort to the typical slogans jama3et zeit uw za3tar and jama3et izra3 igla3 beitenjan and jama3it il di77iyeh and jama3et el gallabat….i think we have our own hate issues to work on…….

  • ok alurdunialhurr,

    I need you to explain to me how I got apples mixed with oranges? I don’t really see what you mean by that. IF you meant that my Sajida example didn’t make any sense, then PLEASE go back and read the news..

    And with the propaganda portion of your comment, and although I might sound like some ignorant self-centered big sh!t, I hardly fall for any propaganda.. I analyze the news, I don’t swallow it!

    ok sorry I’m taking this a bit at a time but that’s the only way I say everything I want to say..

    The occupation part: dude, that’s history.. to make benefit of it, we need to learn our mistake and not lament it. History is history, the occupation happened, deal with it..

  • History is history, the occupation happened, deal with it.. Hanna,,,
    It seems to me you not only swallowed the propaganda but ate also.
    you see Hanna,, history to us is our lives,our reality and our struggle ,unfortunately ,people like you are so tranquilized you will never be able to distinguish what right whats wrong.

  • to make benefit of occupation???

    the occupation happened, deal with it???

    so tomorrow if jordan gets occupied .. i assume you will go around telling people to make benefit of the occupation and to just deal with it?
    so is this what it means to be an arab defeatist .. sorry i mean an arab moderate.

  • I don’t know if you can call this moderation or what but, you have to accept the truth that, after almost 60 years, it’s gonna be hard to get rid of Israel.
    I would imagine the Native Americans still hoping Whites are going to get out of America some time 😀

  • ok so based on your logic .. how much longer do you think we should wait before we “deal with it” and give iraq to the americans?

    btw ..
    1- 60 years is nothing .. several countries fought longer than that and gained their independence in the end .. some are still fighting for it

    2- some call it “moderation” .. others call it “selling out”

    3- glad to see you find this amusing

    p.s. you didn’t answer my question .. if jordan was occupied would you still be speaking this way?

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