Verbatim | A National Obligation

“Taking part in the elections is a national obligation” – Government Spokesperson Nasser Judeh told reporters during a weekly press briefing yesterday.

The government on Monday urged citizens to register for the forthcoming municipal elections before the May 23 deadline. Minister of Municipal Affairs Nader Thuheirat last week said that 589, drugs ampoule 097 citizens have so far registered to vote, stomach with Judeh yesterday describing the rate as satisfactory.

60 registration centres across the capital are operating from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

The elections are scheduled to begin on July 17.


  • voting in the Jordanian elections is like voting in the Syrian elections. except in jordan, the joke is less obvious, with the rigging of the voting regions to drastically marginalize the urban areas (read Jordanian of Palestinian origin). SO please don’t offend us with this nonsense because we will have to open old wounds that we prefer not to open. So enjoy YOUR elections.

  • It is just sad that we look at origins!!We should look at profisionalism and honest instead of family names..Enjoy our democracy!

  • Daoud: i think you’re talking more about parliamentary elections and the disproportionate allocation of seats, which i agree with. Although i disagree on your reason why.

    municipal elections however are a different case, with Amman having an upper hand compared to other regions.

    in any case, these are not MY elections but EVERYONE’s elections, even those who think there is a vast conspiracy running amok.

  • ==even those who think there is a vast conspiracy running amok.==

    what a lame come back, which has become a favorite for the shallow amongs us. this is getting old, please be more original.

  • Daoud, if you’re looking for an exchange of disses and comebacks, then you’ve come to the wrong place. this isn’t junior high politics and the palestinian vs. jordanian thing is so cliche now that to bring it up in such a discussion as elections, is to take what is considered lame to new heights.

    but im sure there is unexplored potential.

    there always is when it comes to that issue.

    i was reiterating that anyone can believe what they want about elections, but they are nevertheless there and people can and should go out and vote.


  • Election in Jordan whether in parliamentary elections or municipal elections, are a wast of time,and will not bear any fruits for the people ,it is only directed to bring some publicity stunt for the outside observer and a move to trangulaize the masses to make belive that Jordan is democratic and to pretend to the outside world that Jordan has taken the road of democracy which is far from it.

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