Review | Spiderman 3

So Spiderman came to Amman last night with the opening of the latest movie in the series. Which reminds me: Century cinema should really consider turning on the a/c. As for the flick…

What a way to start off the summer blockbuster season. The film plays on the special effects that made it famous years ago, and just when you thought they couldn’t do anything more with Spiderman that could surprise you, well, they find a way. Probably a lot of thanks goes to director Sam Raimi who puts it all on the table for this one. The story was pretty solid for a marvel comic book movie. Spiderman movies, and indeed the comics as well, are always digressing into philosophical rants about the self and one’s place in the world. In this one, Spidey is conducting an internal jihad; an inner battle between the best and worst of himself. The movie essentially, is about the choices we make that will in turn make us into who we are. Thus enter the villains, Sandman and Venom, the latter of whom I expect will come back for a “Spiderman vs. Venom” sequel amongst the likes of others such as Carnage.

The flick is also loaded with some great laughs and some very sappy scenes meant to pull at absent heart strings. The audience however is more interested in seeing Spidey kick butt than having a good cry. The majority of the audience also probably didn’t catch Spidey’s creator Stan Lee making a short appearance right there in Time’s square. His last line, appropriately, is of course: ’nuff said’.

It did feel a bit long although it ran for just over 2 hours.

Other than that, it was simply one helluva fun movie and worth the ticket price. Worth watching a second time just for visual stimulation.

5 outta 5

nuff said


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