A Guide To Summer Blockbusters

Ok, so you know summer’s here when the big movie blockbusters start coming out. And sure, last summer was somewhat of a disappointment but I guarantee this one will make up for it. I thought I’d put a little blockbuster guide of all the movies coming out. Here’s how the battle will play out at the box office…

In May: Spiderman 3 has a good 2 week head start but will have to fight it out with Shrek the Third on the 18th, before both face Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (on the 25th).

If all three manage to survive the month then a few days later they’ll be facing off with Ocean’s Thirteen (on the 8th) and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer only a week later (on the 15th). Other flicks like “Knocked Up”, “Nancy Drew”, and “Evan Almighty” will probably fall between the cracks after Bruce Willis comes back as John McLane in Live free or DIE HARD (on the 27th). Die Hard Baby!

Enter July…

Machines will be coming to destroy the Earth but Optimus Prime and his Autobots will be battling them out in Transformers (on the 4th). Comedies like Adam Sandler’s “I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry” (on the 20th) will probably be slaughtered by the waves of Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix, still high from the week before (on the 13th). And what better way to end the month with The Simpsons Movie (on the 27th)

Come August…

The cool down period. Matt Damon comes back as Jason Bourne in what will probably be one of the best adult action flicks: The Bourne Ultimatum (on the 3rd). Probably not a blockbuster but Eddie Murphy’s sequel “Daddy Day Camp” will probably do nicely at the box office (on the 8th); at least for about 24 hours before Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker make a comeback with Rush Hour 3.

And that’s our summer.

If you plan on watching the top blockbusters above in the cinema (if we’re lucky to get them all on time in Amman), then put aside the 50JD budget you’re going to need, excluding the popcorn.

I might come back with a guide of the sleeper flicks that you might want to watch. Not big screen worthy, but don’t deserve to fall between the cracks. You can check all the trailers on YouTube.


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