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Wednesday April 24th. 8th honor crime victim. Amman-Zarqa highway. Brother kills 30-year-old sister because she had been missing from the family home for 1 week. 5 bullets.

Truck driver on his way to Aqaba sees a relative of his; a 14 year old boy. Stops and tells him he’ll drive him home. Takes him to a secluded area. Rapes him. Crushes his skull with a rock so he won’t tell anyone. Dumped the body on the side of the road; like road kill. Keeps driving to Aqaba. Delivers his shipment. Drives home and eats dinner.

30-year-old woman. Mother of 4. Stabs husband 3 times in the neck. Heard he was planning to take on a 2nd wife.

20-year-old student. Kills his gay friend. Victim shared his ‘feelings’ with him. Suggested they go to a secluded area. Made him undress. Stabbed him repeatedly. Slit his throat. Tried to gouge out his eyes. Victim’s last words: “I do not want to die”.


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