Kuwaitis $5 Billion Medical City In Jordan

Kuwaiti investors are seeking government approval to launch a medical city near Amman at a cost of $3-5 billion, according to a statement by the official news agency, Petra.

The project will include hospitals with the latest medical technology, hotels, entertainment centres, swimming pools and gardens, said the statement

…If the project goes ahead according to plan, the medical city would be ready to receive its first patient by 2012.

Exciting news indeed. This is a project I’d like to see implemented in Jordan, especially compared to the other stuff going on. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Jordan’s medical industry, went from 6.1 Million JDs in 2002 all the way up to 23 Million JDs in 2006. It is the fourth biggest industry investment wise.

I really think the country is going to become a hub for medical treatment and medical tourism over the next few decades.


  • i’ve read the news in Al-Ghad, it is realy good to have such investments in the country. they also said it wasn’t decided yet whether it will be in Zarqa or near Queen Alia airport, I hope it will end up in Zarqa we need to stop making every investment we get to end in Amman and to consider other cities in the north or south, or else soon every one will be living in Amman and the rest of Jordan will be deserted

  • MOA: well with half the country already living in amman…

    in any case while i do see your point as valid in principle we have to remember that these are investors who are also interested in profit. building it in zarqa may benefit the unemployed people there and encourage a drive of investment there, but in reality the customers are in amman.

    in all liklihood, it will probably be on the airport road.

  • How about public schools for a change? (With Jordanian money, on one’s else)

    Seriously,we are getting way behind,even compared to Arab countries (yes Gulf countries included)

    Mishan Allah do something about schools in Jordan, first teach kids to obey the law,rules, others, be neat and clean and to love Jordan and be loyal to Jordan and all its citizens and residence

    Bublic schools, bleez bleez do something about it!

    Dave: I do agree, even the Arabic term does not sound right.

  • Well with the recent growth in Amman the city services and the infrastructure are not capable of keeping up if not declining. So yeah we need investment in the south and the north. However we can force investors, it’s the government responsibility to create the environment for them.

  • Exciting news indeed. As author of “Patients Beyond Borders: Everybody’s Guide to Affordable, World-Class Medical Tourism,” I am interested in keeping up with developments, for future editions. Please add me to your mailing list.

  • I’m not sure where wil they get all the staff for these facilities. Big expensive hospitals do not necessarily mean patients will receive better medical care. I hopw some work will be done now so by 2012 we’ll have a huge number of medical staff including nurses, clinical pharamcists, medical technicians and nurse assitants for such huge project.
    MEdical tourism sucks. Being ill is no vacation.

  • great news for Jordan but this does make me smile somewhat as Kuwait is currently suffering an unprecedented health sector crisis. i sometimes wish we could spare some of that generosity for our own benefit, we certainly need it. otherwise, we’ll be paying you guys a visit for our care 😉


  • what scares e, is how everyone just jumps up in joy whenever a private investor decides to throw in some money our way, i say our way and not to us, this is money generation for Kuwait not for Jordan, whn will people stop and think about that? When will jordan start creating its own economy, and no before i hear its not true that we cant, its just that the ones who have the money dont care enough to invest it in the country, instead they buy tower in dubai, their justification is that its a more viable investment…..

  • Actually, the interesting part is that the center will have research facilities for stem cell research, which could potentially gain further recognition.

    Markus, that’s what FDI is all about. Taking money from deep pockets, and investing it in a country that has the brains and the human resources, but lacks financial funds. Sadly, our local investors don’t see this as viable, but did you stop to think about the jobs this project could generate? Not to mention all the small businesses that can spring up, thanks to this investment?

    However, if I were those Kuwaiti investors, I would also set up a health-fund for low-income patients. Almost every American corporation sets up a designated financial program, and sometimes, those programs end up being more profitable than the company’s core business.

  • Pheras Hilal, why dont you read the article in Al Rai for Sunady May 5th about this subject….its exactly what I mentioned here….this project will actually hurt the Jordanian Public Health sector my friend, money and FDI is not everything, its like building a bridge without tracks, it defies the purpose my friend….i wonder of a day will come when we wont just gleam at the site of a few $$ signs…..

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