Seventy Five

I’m always interested in knowing how criminal courts calculate time based sentences, especially when there’s usually a year and month involved. Remember the man a few days back who molested his 2 daughters 1,085 times? The same man who received the 9 years and 8 months jail sentence? Well recently another man was sentenced for also molesting his two daughters, but only 75 times. He received, what the papers are calling, a reduced sentence of 3 years and four months. But before you agree with the media and say it’s too little time inside a jail cell we have to keep in mind that he only molested them 75 times. So if we break down the sentence of the first guy we get about 3.24 days for every one count of molestation. Hence, based on this formula, this second guy should only be getting 243 days in prison, hardly a year.

His daughters were 15 and 13 at the time.

He offered one of them money in exchange for sex.

The court originally sentenced him to 6 years, 8 months but halved it when the mother of the daughters dropped all charges.

[Jordan Times]


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