Just Like Tolkien

Everyone in Amman seems to look exactly the same these days. The same spiky hair, the same clothes. Everything is bland, everyone is monotone. And if I don’t do something about it then pretty soon I won’t be able to distinguish myself from the masses. I have to incorporate some type of accessory into my image. So I’ve boiled down the list to either a cowboy hat, a cane or smoking a pipe…just like Tolkien.

…and I wouldn’t mind having his writing talents too.

…just for the summer.


  • Pipe is bad for your health, so I suggest you get an earring and tattoo your blog URI on your forehead.. You’d be so original

    Just kidding … wallahi!
    I know what you’re saying, I’ve seen it way too many times. Everyone look as if they came off an assembly line of a stamp machine! Girls, and guys .. all look the same. Same skin type, same highlights in the hair, same fake smile …. and the list goes on and on!

  • I remember a guy I knew in jordan university who did exactly the two thing that you just mentioned, his name is yaseen al-abbadi..I don’t know if he graduated yet, he was in the sixth year science when I graduated..He wore boots with the cowboy hat and once he brought a rat with him as a pet:)
    Q, I think nas’s point was that how far you can go to beomce more noticeable..Which is the case with every jordanian youth out there..

  • I would imagine in Tolkien’s day, he looked just like every other gentleman in the pub.

    How about the Hobbit look? Long curly hair, a dapper vest/waistcoat, and furry bare feet? 🙂

  • Dave: the last time someone said that to me i spent the night in jail

    kinzi: the furry feet sounds like an intruiging idea

    hareega: its the plenty of men that like, that i worry about.

  • yeah had 3 of those before, its one-two years, just normal makeup ink in a needle 😀 bas when they start the fading process, u will have to be fully covered lol! not a pretty sight..

  • Nas,

    You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake

    Why fight it ? Roll with the punches nas … roll with the punches

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