Come To Us: A Poem

come to us
come to us in the cover of darkness
in cloaks and daggers
wrap your arms around us
sink the silver into our spines
so mesmerizing
so civilizing
render on to us
your bliss

speak to us
speak to us in forked tongues
and stale cliches
speak to us of new ways
discard of us our old ways
render on to us your throw aways;
your cast aways
teach us to wallow
in the madness of a skyline
that you alone have set ablaze

let us follow in your footsteps
let us stand on your shoulders
let us hide in your shadow
let us come to you
but instead you have
come for us

so come to us
like a swallow to Capistrano
your knocking grows frantic at our door
so hypnotizing; anesthetizing
render on to us your burdens
render on to us
your sympathy
your apathy
your social inequality
your cinematic philosophies
your manifest destinies
your tired
your weary
come to us
come to us
come to us
like water on concrete
the truth finds its way
through every crack and crevice
through every nook and cranny

come to us
and we will come for you shortly
come for us
and we will show you something worth fighting for

+ paper poetry


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