It goes by many names. It serves various purposes. A less than discreet place for alcoholic consumption or perhaps a hot spot where police patrol for young lovers in cars with only Jordanian plates. But after 11:30pm or so, well past the curfew of many; for us it’s basically a roadside hill to park a car, drink cheap plastic cups of Turkish coffee brewed by a nearby dealer, listen to the car radio and discuss philosophical things like whether aliens built the pyramids, all the while enjoying a horizontal view of Amman’s night sky. Talk about work, talk about life, talk about the future. Tell jokes, solve riddles and reminisce about the past. And on the rare occasion, bringing along a laptop to pick up a local wifi connection and watch funny videos on YouTube.

Where would Friday nights be without gawhanation?

My 20-something years will pass darkly.


  • this is abdoun right ???

    that place is noisy … u should check Bag3a View … its better quiter and better coffee even ๐Ÿ™‚ but the problem is that is far unless u live in da7yet rasheed or tla3 el 3ali … but if you live in abdoun um uthaina or swefieh this place is closer …

    i remember we used to take our argeelas there ,,,, and one time we were argeeling and it rained all of a sudden ,,, it was light at first and was amazing but then it poured and put off all the coal and we spent the time laughing ๐Ÿ™‚

    Amman , I miss U

  • Isam: yes this is in abdoun. the bag3a spot is sooo far away. it would take at least 25 minutes to get there and that’s a lot of petrol.

    this place is being closed off bit by bit now as the construction for the saudi embassy starts in the adjacent land.

    time to find a new place

  • :D, this is funny because 3 days ago I was crazy enough to invite a friend over dinner , afterwards we had coffee, I think the coffee cost 4.0/cup , now we both didn’t like it (not because of the price alone, but it was horrible), so I told him no fear I know this Abaddi dude in Abdoun he makes the Best coffee in town, a 20 gersh coffee will set you straight. We told him the story, he laughed his ass off

    He is located near the Saudi embassy, do you know him?

    The 4 neerat coffee can go to hell!

    TIP: From 12pm-2am (or till the damn cops spoil the party) it’s “Bedouin and those wacky Syrian songs” night

    Excellent Bost! Ballah Katherlna min hal Boostat el tage3

  • Firas: ya zalameh weren’t you the one who was on me about drinking OJ at the sheraton?! now you know what i do with the other 95% of the my time ๐Ÿ˜€

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