There Are No Political Problems In Jordan

Ok. First of all. Take a breath. Because you’re gonna wish you had in a second.

The latest poll conducted by Jordan Centre for Social Research indicates that a large number of Jordanians must be high. Here are some highlights:

– 74.8% of Jordanians support holding elections this year.
– 72.8% of Jordanians are willing to vote in parliamentary elections.
– 9% of Jordanians were in favor of extending this Parliament’s mandate another year.
29.5% of Jordanians think that there are NO political problems in Jordan.

So how might elections turn out this year?

– 37% said they would vote for Jordanian Nationalist candidates
17% said they would vote for Islamist candidates
– 31% said they would NOT vote based on ideology
72.5% who said they would participate in parliamentary elections, said they would NOT vote for a party candidate
17.5% said they would vote for a candidate representing a political party
57.5% of those who said they’d vote based on a party (i.e. the above number), said they would vote for the Islamic Action Front; this represents 10% of those that said they would vote at all.

So basically: a third of Jordanians believe we have no political problems in Jordan while less than 20% said they would bother voting for a candidate based on their political party.

Mmm…democracy in Jordan.

Tastes just like shawerma these days.


  • First of all hamde by saing they are false you can’t make them false..
    Second of all,
    “29.5% of Jordanians think that there are NO political problems in Jordan. ”
    depends on how they defined political problems, but this can show the percentage of people happy with the status quo!!
    I didn’t see a percentage about the people who will vote based on relation(tribes) eventhough this is the biggest percentage..
    Politics and tribalism are mixed together in jordan, an islamist candidate will possible get high percentage from his tribe and from non-tribal voters.
    I think that the government use the IAF as a tool to keep the staus quo, but you also can’t ignore the fact that high percentage of the people in jordan are somehow affected by our surroundings(Palastine and Iraq).
    Another point, The army and the police are not allowed to vote, they count almost 200,000 but their possible effects on the election results in the big cities will be minimal..Maybe except for irbid..
    And also people tend to vote in their original city, for example my family will vote in salt eventhough we live in amman, this also will result inconsistency in the election results..

    BTW I think that 50% of the people surveyed didn’t know what the questions meant:D

  • Mohanned.
    First my name is hamede.
    Second if i want to talk to you i will do that in you,r blog.
    Third kindly spare me you,r speeches.

  • Hamede, sorry if I bothered you!!Take it easy man no need for you to get angry..I don’t see speeches up there I was just expressing my opinion or is that FALSE too!!Chill man, I don’t know maybe it is the weather that make people sensitive these days!

    And by the way I don’t know how people can judge that a poll is false if they don’t know how it was done!!There a science called stats that is used to analyse surveys, and there is something called a margin of error, and there is also some limitations..So for people just to come up and say that these numbers are false won’t change anything..Maybe the sample was biased but we don’t know and accept it unless some one else comes with new stats that prove this one to be wrong. I can’t accept the idea of rejecting something simply because you believe it is not true!!(In general)

  • I think that Mohanned’s last statistic that “50% of the people surveyed didn’t know what the questions meant” is the most true from all the stats you had Nas!

  • Mohanned, you mentioned some stuff used in stats like margin of error and some other stuff. what you didn’t mention, which is the most important factor affecting this survey, is biased and leading questions. Didn’t personally look at the questions themselves but just picture them in your mind. I don’t want to give you examples so that I don’t get in trouble but let your imagination free for a moment and you’ll know what i’m talking about..

  • Hanna,
    “Maybe the sample was biased” I said that(which iclude biased people, biases questions, etc..)
    And by the way I am not saying these stats are true or false, but I don’t like the fact that some people say it is false becasue it is against their own beliefs, if you want to attack any stat just show me what proves that it wrong without any proofs that it is really false then all of those acts are fallacies..
    BTW I think it is biased, but I thought that some people will get my point like you but as the stats suggested most of them are just high;)

  • so at least we know that 29.5% of Jordanians are happy with government handouts. and the others, who are paying for those handouts, are not. makes sense.

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