Verbatim | Palestinian Human Shields

“You can’t use them as human shields, it is against the law.” – A foreign peace activist telling Israeli soldiers who forced two Palestinian youths to stand in front of their jeep in Ramallah to avoid stones being thrown at them. The activist recorded the incident on tape prompting the Israeli army to suspend the commander of the unit.



  • I urge all my brother and sister in Palestine and diaspora not to recognise that racist colonial state of Israel
    I also urge all the people of good well in Jordan and the Middle East to break diplomatic ,trade and cultural ties with that Zionist entity,There is no other way but to resist that state by all means necessary.

  • “There is no other way but to resist that state by all means necessary.”

    yeah, because that form of resistance has always worked so well in the past for us all.

  • Nas,,resistance does not only means arm struggle,it mean lots of things.
    Since the beginning of this conflict,Palestanian has practiced all kind of resistance including peaceful protest and non violent methods.
    And what do you suggest Nas, capitulations and submission?,we will never capitulate and that’s what they want from us is to submit to their rules.
    History is not static and changes evey momment,just look at the occupation of Iraq,The US with all it military might couldn’t make the people of Iraq submit to it’s hegomeny.
    And power become powerless.

  • alurdunialhurr: i was referring to your call for jordanians to break all ties with Israel. it has never worked before regardless of the people who insist it has or will.

    it’s like the US’s embargo on Cuba in hopes of overthrowing Castro.

    except this is more like the other way around.

  • this is just a glimpse of the nightmare that living in the west bank & gaza has become. it’s time we’ve used modern technolgy (like mobile phones) to record & uncover to the rest of the world the reality of occupation.

  • Hatred is a terrible thing. This type of hatred goes ’round and ’round. The Palestinians throw rocks because Israel uses young men as human shields because Palestinians throw rocks because…

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