PSA: To Directors Of Arab Music Videos

Whenever I run into an Arab music video they always have the director’s name in big letters right there on the screen at the beginning or end of the video; sometimes both. When the video ends and that name flashes up there on the screen I’m thinking to myself, really? Do you really want to put your name on that thing?

I mean, what if you decide at some point in your life that you’d like the world to take you seriously?


  • my friend was bitching about this the other day, the good thing is that much arabyeah and some other channels like music now cut/edit the credits.

  • haha funny post… but it is true, only a few arabic music videos are decent like jayee il hakeeka by star academy, check it out, but then again the music is stolen form an english song. Another good video is kol il assayed by marwan khoury. I’m just awaiting the day when Jordanian artists join in with the egyption and lebanese ones.

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