Lost Heroes For The Weekend

Last Thursday night ended unusually short after driving around with friends in search of something to do and ending up drinking orange juice in the lobby of the Sheraton hotel, where we played mind games and solved riddles. So at around 1am Friday morning, I decided to end the night by going down to the balad and buying some DVDs. There were no good new movies out so I succumbed to temptation and bought the latest episodes of LOST and Heroes. I stopped watching both of my favorite shows in December; this was when both had gone on hiatus until February and I was moving back to Jordan. I avoided so much as looking at the balad DVDs because in the back of my mind I figured they hadn’t caught up to where I was and/or they were of bad quality.

But I was surprised to find that they had episodes as recent as the last one that was originally aired in the US. Or in other words, 2 or 3 days after their original air date.

Thus I stayed up all night and much of Friday, catching up on all the episodes. When people say they “stayed up all night” they usually mean a few hours past their regular bedtime. I on the other hand went to sleep about 30 minutes after the Friday prayers (at 1:30 pm or so).

Just to briefly revisit LOST: when season 3 started back in October I had drawn a single conclusion: that the writers had obviously lost track of the original storyline and gone off on another tangent, leaving many loose ends to be desired.

I admit now that I was wrong and I have taken a personal vow never to underestimate the writers of LOST. Many of the episodes that I watched over the weekend have restored my faith in the show and its ability to have everything connected and laid out since day one.

As for Heroes…

That’s another show that’s improving. I was surprised about the Stan Lee cameo in the show which I didn’t hear about over the Internet, but then again it’s not like I was searching. Hiro is still the best character. George Takei from the original Star Trek plays his father. The actor Masi Oka was actually on the cover of Time in 1987, something else I didn’t know until recently.

I’ve been asked why I enjoy both shows that share the same capacity for a long entwining story where every now and then several pieces of the puzzle come together, and why I don’t like Prison Break which has that same quality going on. Prison Break is pretty huge in Jordan for some reason. Back in Canada it quickly became one of those shows that I turn on for background noise. Here’s the thing: if you’re going to invest something in a show of this nature it better be as far fetched and creative as possible. A brother breaking out another brother from prison by following his body-riddled tattoos is not my idea of creative. At least not compared to the aforementioned shows.

So to sum up my weekend, OJ at the Sheraton rocks, 1JD DVDs from the balad rock, LOST rocks and Heroes rocks.

And for reading all this crap, you rock as well.


  • Heroes is Kick ASS ! as for lost i lost faith in it by the middle of season three because it was creating too many ex machina plots ! and not resolving anything which was getting tedious.

    I can’t w8 till the 23rd of the month for heroes to resume 😀

  • Salaam ‘Alaikum

    Lost is getting back on track. Some of the episodes this season were “So what?” episodes (like the one where Hurley finds the car), but I’ve read that there will be a major reveal in every episode from last week until the end.

  • OK OK , I LOVE heroes and I cannot wait to watch it on April 23 (NEXTTT WEEEEEEK), it has lots of stories in it but you don’t get lost in them ,like the show lost which is why I don’t watch it, it gives me a headache, but it’s a cult thing here that it died down for this season and they have to revive it. Maybe I will rent all the seasons and maybe I will get into it because for a while they kept taking very long breaks between episodes…anywaaaaays.

    Now for prison break, it was great in the 1st season and then it became, bleh. They broke out of prison already…you know, so what next? Are they going to break in BACK to prison lol. It should not be called prison break anymore. Maybe call it “The hunt, the show formerly known as prison break”.

    House MD is a favorite too.

  • drinking orange juice in the lobby of the Sheraton hotel, where we played mind games and solved riddles.

    No offense, but…but….I dunno man,but why?!

  • “No offense, but…but….I dunno man,but why?!”

    boredom…and the desire to do something ra8i once in awhile…the oj was all we could afford

  • I love Heroes!!! Even my husband likes it. If you go to nbc.com website and look under heroes it will take you to their page and you can watch all the Heroes episodes.

  • Heroes, a must watch. For what reason I don’t watch LOST & PRISON BREAK, I have no idea. I love Hiro, the most, as I think he brings a lil humor into the show which also manages to make me jump out of my skin at times especially when the storyline has to do with Aly’s character or Spyker (did I get his name right?). It really grosses me out to see blood on the floor & at times I wonder if there any one like them among us!

  • I’m addicted to Lost, but here in Italy, we are on Season 2, so that means… everyone I know everywhere else in the world has seen it. How have I resisted the temptation to find out what happens over Internet?! This is a small miracle. It’s the ONLY thing I watch on TV, so that must be the reason. I wouldn’t want to ruin the one program I watch.

    But… now what’s this about Hurley finding a car….

    (don’t reveal anything, no matter what!)

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