Father charged with premeditated murder of his daughter By Rana Husseini

AMMAN — The criminal prosecutor on Monday charged a 68-year-old father with the premeditated murder of his daughter for reasons the suspect claimed were related to family honour, price decease official sources said.

The 26-year-old victim, cialis who was not identified by officials, was shot six times in the head and neck, reportedly by her father, at their family’s home on Monday morning, one official source said.

“When the police and criminal prosecutor arrived at the scene, the father fired several rounds in the air, saying he was celebrating the killing of his daughter,” the official source told The Jordan Times.

“I have cleared the family’s name and cleansed my honour. Let everyone in my town know that I killed my daughter for this reason,” the official source quoted the suspect as saying.

The victim was allegedly involved in an affair with a married man, who sought her hand in marriage six months prior to the incident, according to the source.

The victim’s family refused because the man was married, the source said, adding that almost two weeks ago, they discovered she was pregnant.

“The family took their daughter to a different city and arranged for her to undergo an abortion and an operation to restore her virginity,” the source said.

For the past two weeks, the victim’s family locked her up in the house and on Monday they decided to kill her, the source added.

Pathologist Awad Tarawneh, who performed an autopsy on the victim, removed four bullets from her skull and indicated that two other bullets penetrated and exited her lungs, the source said. “Tarawneh also established that the victim underwent an abortion and hymen- restoration surgery recently,” the source said.

Coroners extracted bullets from the floor and walls of the victim’s room, where the reported murder occurred.

“It seems the victim was run from one place to the other in an attempt to avoid the bullets, because coroners found several bullets on the floor and other locations in her room,” the source said.

There was evidence that some rounds were fired while she was lying injured on the floor, the source added.

The victim became the seventh person reportedly murdered in a so-called honour crime in the country since the beginning of the year, according to judicial and medical sources.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Question: Why would they do the surgery and then kill her 2 weeks later?


  • How about adding something on honor crimes to the cultural project?

    I think it’s very important that those who learn about Jordan’s culture also learn about the negative norms of it, and more importantly learn about the rising voices that speak against these negative norms. This way maybe we’ll end up with some external pressure on our government to abolish the laws regarding honor crimes.

    Coz so far, I think external pressure on Jordan has been one of the most successful (if not the most successful) instruments in changing laws and policies in our country.

  • This kind of barbarism is spreading. It happens more and more in western Europe. Although it doesn’t get much attention, as it might make people realise that multiculturalism also has a downside. Unfortunately our political elite still considers the myth of a multicultural utopia more important than the lives of some young immigrants.

  • I don’t know, it is all complex, the society don’t want to change this specific law, and in a poll I read somewhere that over 80% of women in jordan agree on men hitting their wives!!And hamzeh yes the pressure worked before but the regime can’t afford to loose the support of the tribes which who is commiting this kind of crimes, I remember when I was back in jordan that there was some kind of a protest infront of the parliment to chnage this law and members of the royal family were there and the king sent a hidden message that he wants this law to be chnaged but the parliment refused, even the so called “muslim brotherhood” who speaks about islam knowing that this kind of killing is forbidden in islam and that the prophet himself and in the quran the Hadd of zena requires 4 witnesses who saw the actual intercourse where the male genitles actually was seen inside of the woman, which is impossible!! unless the people who did the zena came up and admitted doing so and even when that happened the prophet tried to push them back!!I don’t know it is all mixed together, relegion is used as a tool by them but at the same time they don’t do what islam tells us to do!!

  • Celebrating? This is really outrageous!

    And I ask the same question, why would they do the surgey and then kill her? It all does not make sense to me.

    “I don’t know it is all mixed together, relegion is used as a tool by them but at the same time they don’t do what islam tells us to do!!”

    I agree with you Mohanned, they are trying to justify their actions using Islam. It is shameful!

  • There is no question that there was zinna and hattek 3ard which are excuses for honor cleansing. The law was applied correctly as the father wasn’t given a reduced sentence since the crime was not committed in a fit of fury. They did the surgery and the abortain and killed her 2 weeks later. If he had killed her when he found out, technically he walks in a few months, and it would have been the only correct (by law) case of honor cleansing and killing in a fit of fury.

    It is ALL wrong!! we have a problem with citizens taking matters and punishments into their own hands and being excused for it. Justice authorities have flawed laws, applying sharee3a laws is even more prone to abuse as in the case of the sudanese woman executed for adultry while he partner walks away alive. Everything needs to be restructured.

  • Adel,

    Both the father and the daughter are to be blamed. However, people have to understand that laws exist for a reason. They cannot just take matters into their own hands and decide what to do and how to do, and apparently in this case, when to do it. People are creating a huge mess.

  • Adel,

    How often are sons (when they have affairs, or get a girl pregnant, etc. etc. etc) murdered by their families for the cause of “honor”? I suppose these stories might only get major press coverage when a woman is murdered. Do you know any? Or is it only women who are responsible for maintaining a family’s honor?

    It seems to me that men can drink, screw around, watch TV programs of women in unIslamic clothing. But as soon as their female family members do those things (or even non-family members), these men feel they have been personally shamed.

    I’m all for people acting morally, but those with the most power (that is, fathers and husbands) should be held accountable first.

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