Polling Black Iris Readers: Polls In Review

So I wanted to introduce a new question for the poll over there on the sidebar and it’s a somewhat important question to be asking in the local political climate that’s approaching this year. But I also wanted to take the chance to quickly review a few of the previous questions I posted in the last couple of months since I started polling Black Iris readers; starting from the most recent:

The Jordanian Government Is Bringing Back Military Service

* Good Idea 139
63% of all votes
* Bad Idea 62
28% of all votes
* Unsure 19
9% of all votes

Total Votes: 220 Started: March 8, 2007

Should Jordan Go Nuclear?

* Yes 156
68% of all votes
* No 74
32% of all votes

Total Votes: 230 Started: January 20, 2007

Should Parliamentary Elections in Jordan be Delayed?

* Yes 26
40% of all votes
* No 35
54% of all votes
* Maybe 4
6% of all votes

Total Votes: 65 Started: November 16, 2006

How Will The U.S. React To North Korea’s Nuclear Test?

* Invade Iran 47
43% of all votes
* Invade Michigan 47
43% of all votes
* Invade Syria 15
14% of all votes

Total Votes: 109 Started: October 9, 2006

So the basic conclusions I could draw is that Black Iris readers are in favor of a US invasion of Michigan and/or Iran; of parliamentary elections not being delayed, and are in favor of Jordan going nuclear as well as the government’s decision to reinstate conscription.

The current question I posted, which I felt was personally important, was whether or not YOU will be voting in parliamentary elections this year. It’s an attempt to unscientifically gauge the interest of Black Iris readers in political participation.

And feel free to drop a comment if you have anything to say about the old polls and their results.

The graphical results of the polls can be found in the Polls Archive page.


  • If I was Jordanian, I would. Since I’m not, I’ll do my part to nag people until they do. If you don’t vote, you don’t have to right to complain about what you get. So since we all love to complain, VOTE!!

  • Nehad, I’m a dyslexic product of the California public school system, and just can’t seem to learn English grammar even now! There are worse faults to have…like not voting! 🙂

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