The Blue Screen Of Death Strikes Queen Alia Airport!

Many passengers were left stranded Thursday night as the dreadful Windows blue screen of death struck Queen Alia International Airport and no one could figure out when their planes were leaving. According to inside sources, cialis passengers were told to press CTRL+ALT+DEL and then re-enter the terminal in Safe Mode.

On another note…we all miss you very much Zaid!


  • I don’t know, it has became pretty much the normal case.

    What do you know! It is your 52% Tawjihi dude who got in uni bcz of wasta and last name at your service !

    Maybe it’s the Leera- 98 Windows from Wast El balad at your service?

    Ever wondered what people had to say about this?: Stop complaining , people come to the airport because they already know when their plane is dept/arri. so no big deal! Ya seedi ask the security guys or passengers coming out what flight was it!

    Queen Alia airport needs an urgent face lift (especially with the vote for Petra campaign) it’s just horrible (guys shouting jumping over baggage belts,no available carts- sec. dudes will tell you to be patient, and it’s only 10 min. and people will stop complaining, bathrooms are smelly, badly maintained (passport processing is actually very good and fast, and immigration officers are nice and polite, checks in sucks, big time) but it’s those minor things that ruin it and turn it into another Raghdan bus station

    So no Jordanian majored in Airport management? Anyone?

    PS: Last time I’ve been to the airport was 1 month ago, and this exact screen was dead (upper right corner) in terminal one!So could it be that it has been like that for a month 😮 ?

  • As others have said, this is happening on a more and more reoccurring basis. One or more of the screens have been borked nearly every time I’ve been to the airport lately. And as Qwaider mentioned, the fact that they’re still running Windows 95/98 is ridiculous! Although I wouldn’t be surprised to see Windows 3.1 on the screen… 🙂

  • So out of all the problems we ought to be thinking about.. a broke screen in the airport is the one bothering you??
    You guys should take a look at the bigger picture I think.

  • Hanna,

    I don’t think anyone is trying to nitpick. I think the point Nas and others are trying to make is that these small things are generally indicative of a larger problem.

  • LOL!!!! That’s funny.. I think they really should upgrade to Windows Vista.. Yishtiroo CD bi 5 JD’s LOL.. (I know they can’t do that)..

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