Recycling In Jordan

While fellow Jordanian blogger Roba is busy with her redesigning-Jordan’s-recycling-system project that’s part of her graduation requirement this year, I thought this was a funny take on how recycling actually works in our country. And if you haven’t seen at least two of the below examples then you’re just not looking hard enough at our own environment!

h/t: Fad


  • lol, my uncle used to have little nido and big nido can’s for weight lifting, ta7sheesh…by the way he never built any muscles

    And by the way, I think the Nescafe “martaban” is not because of “tafar” it’s a tradition ya zalameh, I put my spices in multi sized “martabanat” of many different products …LOL…it’s all because of my mom, when she visited me last she was collecting them …lol, and then I collected them for I don’t know why and then I didn’t have anything to put in them so I actually ended up recycling them…lol

    Amoot we a3raf min wain 7ajjaj gets these ideas!


  • 7aki Fadi: i agree it’s “tradition” but i think somewhere down the line it originated from tafar or being poor. it taught the older generation to reuse certain thing.

    hajjaj missed a few others ive seen though

    like every tree you buy for planting will always come in an old empty rusty olive oil canister!

  • Nas, it’s up there , look at the weight lifting one, it has both a tanaket samneh and zait….did you see it ..did you see it, it says”zait Soya” ha ha ha.

  • I just reread the first comment, I think I broke the record of how many times somebody can say lol in one comment, bas ana 3anjad kunet 3am bad7ak.

  • looolll… hilarious.. i came across all of the examples except the cartoon eggs. LOl it’s way too funny. I think this is the best of what i saw for Osama.

  • It’s funny how you keep this tradition when you move out of Jordan and start keeping every pickle jar that empties

    Bottled soda is the biggest form of recycling in jordan, the sanitation of the refilling process may be questionable but hey soda is acid it can kill it’s own germs. Also don’t forget about the kids who collect soda cans to help their families and sell aluminum.

    In my hometown in Fuhais they started a recycle program at schools, so many books and papers go to waste, locals started bringing in their piles of newspapers and paper waste.

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