Verbatim | Palestinian Journalists Boycott Government

“If Alan Johnston is not returned after three days, then we will continue. This is a battle for me, my union and the Palestinian people. We must be successful.”

Palestinian Journalists’ Union, Naim Tubasi, to BBC News, after starting up an official three-day boycott of the government in an attempt to pressure officials into helping free abducted BBC Gaza reporter Alan Johnston. During the boycott, the union leader said no Palestinian media outlet would cover stories on the activities of the presidency or the new unity government.

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  • The Palestinians have done it again. This time they have kidnapped a BBC journalist. Now how does that help their case , I don’t know , what do they gain by doing this , again I don’t know. What I do know is that they (the Palestinians will never miss a chance to screw themselves.
    We have seen them over the years send suicide bombers onto buses while their elected leader (Arafat) was sitting negotiating. Kidnapping aid workers, journalists, setting fire to the British council office and planting a bomb in the Al arabiya office. Now they keep on saying they want the west to help them with their cause !!!! Why would anyone want to help them when they do stupid things like these . The government needs to get a grip on what is happening and the people have to wake up and smell the coffee.

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