Khutba [On The Prophet’s Birthday]

I want to hear a sermon

I want to hear a sermon
That isn’t about boundaries
But about the limitless capacity
Of the human soul
A sermon not about women
Unless it’s a sermon about men
About being a good brother
A good father
A good husband
A good neighbor
I want to hear a sermon
I want to hear a sermon about hope
Instead of despair
About peace
Instead of war
About humanity
About humility
About love
A sermon not about the existance of Christians and Jews
Unless it’s about co-existance with Christians and Jews
A sermon that plucks the strings of my spirituality
A sermon where poetry permeates from a microphone
Where metaphors bleed scripture

A sermon worth sitting through
Worth listening to
Worth having my foot fall asleep to
A sermon saying something new
Where the words
Walk on the carpet of the universe
Embracing stardust and shadows
A sermon that turns darkness into light
Turns wrongs into rights
That shuts all the doors
And then invites

I want to hear a sermon
A sermon that’s spoken once
And never again
That deserves a timeless amen
A sermon about the future
Instead of the past
Not about who we were
But of who we could become
A sermon not about any other country
But about my country
My land
My city
My issues
A sermon that speaks to me
That sings to me
That calls on me
That waits for me
To breathe every syllable

On this day
Of all days
I want to hear a sermon


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