In Her Underwear

I found this just plain old sad…

(Egypt) IN AN act of grotesque discipline, a primary school principal forced a female student who had flouted strictly-gendered uniform rules to remove her trousers in front of her schoolmates, compelling her to remain so exposed for the rest of the day, and confining the girl, bound hand-and-foot, to her office. She was later discovered unconscious there by her father when he came to pick her up.

For the young fifth-grader in question, the punishment proved highly traumatic and embarrassing, though she was not old enough to realize the full gravity of the disciplining measure.

Her parents have since stated they had no idea of the punishment for contravening the strict uniform regulations and the girl’s father has sued the school’s principal for causing his daughter severe psychological damage. He is demanding £E100,000 in compensation. (Al Garima via Middle East Times)


  • 100k? only … I swear, and I’m not kidding if this was my daughter I wouldn’t be satisfied until this principle is fired and the whole school is shut down! And make absolutely sure that she NEVER gets a job related to education EVER in her life
    Her act is despicable, disgusting and uncalled for. Especially for a 5th grader!

  • Salaams:

    Another example of why parents need to stick up for our kids in school. I think a lot of parents think that we can’t “fight the power,” and unfortunately, at least here, the system does make it hard. A lot of the times, the administration makes you (the parent) feel like an incompetent child, as if you are bothering them by asking questions about the education, and so forth. My experience is only with private schools, and I felt like I was paying them for the privilege of treating me like an idiot. Sigh.

    For example, here in Jordan, it is illegal for teachers to hit your children. But I have relatives and friends who have had their children hit (sometimes leaving bruises on the face or arms), and they’ve had school officials blow it off, or try to cover it up, threaten them to remain silent (so the abusive teacher doesn’t lose his / her job), and so forth. In addition to that, we (parents) often tolerate ridiculous behavior from our teachers. We shrug our shoulders and say “What can we do?” Meanwhile, the teacher is verbally abusing the children, throwing things around (like throwing books… one of my daughter’s teacher is partial to throwing tables and chairs)…. and you feel like you can’t do anything.

    Sorry I took up so much space.

  • Qwaider, my reaction might’ve been worse

    UmmZaid, salamz! take up as much space as you like! your opinions are always valued by me. I feel what you’re saying here and you are right that parents do not band together. there are no parent boards to combat this sort of thing and honestly if this story didnt take place in egypt but rather kerak or irbid, you’d have tribes rioting. so there is power in numbers and teachers need to be reminded that they are there to educated according to the law.

    for now everyone seems to rely on the policy of knowing someone who can do something about it

  • The punishment for the principle:
    Taking of her pants, and standing in the halls of the sohool like this all day long, then fired, then put into jail.

    My point is: How did a fifth grader accept to do that..Maybe something wrong with her parents!!

  • This is outrageous..I can’t think of a better punishment to this stupid human being than being treated the same way, exposed in front of the whole school and humilioated for ever..I would take pictures of her and hang them all around the school for further refernce, that stupid stupid creature..STUPID..

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