Poetic Renderings [Words Of Resistance]

Top 3 reasons why I’m dying to get my hands on the latest Def Poetry DVDs…

1) Amir Sulaiman: “Danger”

2) Liza Garza: “My Everything”

3) Suheir Hammad: “What I Will”

Tip of the hat to Sunni Sister


  • so beautiful. Amir gave goosebumps and Liza moved me to tears. Suhair, as expected from a bourgeois Palestinian “resistance artist”, condemned everyone and every side of this conflict and declared herself alone the hero and the victim. must be a Fatah girl. cheap, self-serving “art.”

  • xxx (ezzi): i’m sorry i didn’t get your last comment on who the hypocrite is exactly.

    UmmZaid: wa 3aleikom al salam. yeah a lot of clips but they’ll eventually take them down

  • I said this before and I’m saying it again…you gotta love the spirit…I miss that so much in this part of the world..aargh..

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