Queen Rania Asks A Question

Omar brought my attention to something pretty unique. A few months ago I pondered whether HM Queen Rania was becoming a blogger herself, based on the style of a few posts on her personal website. Lately Queen Rania has joined Yahoo! Answers to ask a single yet important question: “What are you doing to empower women in your community?”

Skimming through the some 3,000 comments left in response to her question I can say that some were articulate, some were honest, some were absurd, some were weird, some were disturbing, some were rude, some were offensive and some were enlightening while some came with a glimmer of hope. But that’s the wacky world of the Internet, much like real life. I just hope it won’t discourage her the same way it sometimes discourages me.

The Queen has a few entries on the IMOW site that might interest you.


  • I go on to think that it’s a luck 4 Jordan, even if it has many troubles, to have 2 leaders as Queen Rania and King Abdallah (as great is Queen Noor and King Hussein was).
    It’s important also for West to know that it has many stereotypes about Islamic and Arab World, but at the same time the queen and the king of Jordan don’t hide the social and political problems of the area.
    Queen Rania is right when she tells that we have to respect the decision of the women to wear the veil for faith and we don’ have to judge what a woman has on her head, but what she has in it… .
    By the way I think that can really happen that what a woman has on her head means what she has in her head…and then not just Westerns think about what Muslim women have on her head, but also extremist Muslims: they unluckly can say that a non-veiled Muslim woman isn’t a “true” Muslim. This can be so dangerous for a woman and again, the veil can be forced to be used (even if it’s difficult to be sure).
    Of course we must avoid the generalizations.
    Alessandra from Italy (I used Queen Rania’s fan” as nickname a long time ago)

  • Seeing that our Queen’s interacting in such manner in a virtual world that really means a lot to me charges me up with this big excitement.

    I believe Queen Rania’s doing amazing effort trying to make a significant change, especially within our society and its tiny little norms.

  • I think just that HM Queen Rania thought to share the virtual community is considered as a clever and open minded step to do.

    God Bless Jordan

  • well, i don’t know where to start, but in all ways i will endup proud of our Queen who really makes us feel that she’s there among us & thinking social even more than the boring politics.

    too bad there is only one Queen Rania in the world, otherwise, the world could’ve been a better place.

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