Wishes Are Free Of Charge [AKA The Most Materialistic Post Ever]

Well, for a brief change of (post) pace this is probably the most materialistic post I’ve ever published on The Black Iris. With some spare time on my hands I decided to set up an Amazon Wish List as many, many people have. It’s filled with items I’d love to own someday. Some far fetched, stretching beyond the elastic limits of my meager $5 made-in-taiwan wallet. Some, a tad more realistic. It’s kind of an entertaining way to kill some time since wishes are still considered free these days.

  • Stephan King’s Dark Tower Series: which I stopped reading after the third one. I was actually 12 years old, had just moved to Jordan and of course in those days it was hard to get one’s hands on a specific book. So I waited. Then King decided to finish the series so I decided to wait some more until I could get the whole 7 book collection and read them one after another.
  • The Prodigy Electric Drum Set: nostalgia from the days when I was 16 and in a band. My relationship with the drums is a strange one. I can’t wait to wrap my hands around a pair of sticks and experience a rush of adrenaline that no other instrument can give you. But of course being what they are, its hard to get an opportunity to be in the same room as a drum set. Electric drums are of course perfect for a bedroom to avoid noise collusion with the neighbours and their constantly crying 6 year old.
  • TAO 1.4 Digital Picture Key chain: ok this is simply cool. And the 56 storage capacity ain’t bad at all. I love gadgets and this one comes with a nice wow-factor; always good for distracting people while you steal their wallets.
  • Canon Digital Rebel XTi 10.1MP Digital SLR Camera: simply put, it’s never gonna happen. But who knows. Some wishes do come true.
  • Dean EVO Noir Guitar: this one is just barely in the realms of possibility. I’ve never played a Dean but I’ve heard really great reviews from many of its users. Plus Trent Reznor uses it so who am I to complain eh?
  • Rant by Chuck Palahnuik: simply cannot wait for this book to come out in a few weeks. Something to definitely look forward to. Also, something I can actually afford.
  • Def Poetry Season 5: also another can’t-wait goodie. Slam poetry at it’s best. In the wise words of Mos Def: “Are you ready for some poetry muthaf*****!!!??”
  • Heavyweight Classic Canvas: regretting the forgetful abandonment of my precious canvas bag that got me through my undergraduate years, I think this one might be a suitable replacement. Minus the sentimentality obviously.

p.s. my birthday is coming up in May. I’m not saying nutin…just, you know…puttin it out there…


  • You’re a Taurus?!! 😉

    I set up a wish list last year and completely forgot about it, and then last month on my birthday, my friends got me three of the books listed there… I have no idea how they thought of the wish list but it was the best thing ever 🙂 I loved that present!

  • Hey!! Def Poetry rocks…I’m like the biggest fan ever since I discovered it through Suheir Hammad…I would like one of those tooo..actually Def Poetry probably epitomizes what I love most about the West…originality, passion for a cause, and straight up REALness..would love to watch one of those sessions live…*sigh* darn wishes, there’s too many of them….

  • I want the canon digital rebel XTi 🙁
    i just can’t get myself to cough up $900 for the camera, lenses, and 1+ GB SD card, and then i would need a case for it of course, and then i started thinking about hiking all over jordan this coming summer and how i must do wadi almujib which means i need a serious waterproof backpack so by the time my daydreaming and internet browsing episode ended my imaginary shopping balance was at 1000+. which is not that bad since my ticket to jordan will cost me more than that.
    the Digital picture key frame is cool…my boss has digital photo frames..i might buy some or steal his

    If by the summer your wish list has not been fullfilled ..i will get you a couple of items wala t-hoon ya nasnas..but they will be the cheapest on the list ..unless i win the lottery

  • p.s. my birthday is coming up in May. I’m not saying nutin…just, you know…puttin it out there…

    ahhh wishful thinking 😉

  • Right, I’ll make a deal with you. My birthday is in a week, and my Amazon wishlist is obscenely long. Pages and pages of it out there. Get me something off there, and in May, I’ll return the favour.

    Shake on it??? 😉

  • Happy Birthday in Advanced Nas!

    Since you are buying the book and since all of the other items are expensive …so you leave me no choice! How about a new item in that wish list “A Brand new 5$…I mean 10$ made-in-Italy wallet.” 🙂

  • alia: i hear ya!

    sillybahrainigirl: i hope i hope i hope i hope i hope i hope… (trailing off into the sunset)

    maha: lool no dont bother yourself, i was only (half) joking. but i do need a secret benefactor in my life right now…like pip in great expectations.

    verbal alchemy: that was my other title for the post but i thought i might need the cliche for future use 🙂

    hal: lol u know i would buy you a present just for being you and just because it’s your birthday. but you were born in a month that gave birth to half my social circle. so yeah…sadly my wallet is empty empty empty, and the month isnt half done.

    bashar, lol thanks man. (ill take the wallet too)

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