Only Four More Months!

Have you voted for Petra in the 7 Wonders of the World competition yet? If not, get to it! Heck, dedicate a JD’s worth of SMS’s. Consider yourself taking part in something historical. Your contribution to the celebration of greatness.

I know a lot of criticism has been thrown on the campaign, from Jordanians no less. Reasons not to vote, about how voting for Petra is going to really destroy Petra and tear the social fabric of our existance, resulting in the universe imploding.

Don’t listen to the naysayers! They have nothing to say but “nay!”.

In fact: We should start some sort of grassroots campaign on the street level to encourage people to vote. A pay-it-forward-pyramid campaign: everyone reading this gets two other people to vote and so and so forth.

Send email forwards!

Go forth and graffiti the word “Petra” on public walls and bathroom stalls.

If you must, bellow into a bullhorn outside your office window to the people on the street below, preferably during your lunch break.

Write little messages on all your dinar bills.

Plaster A4 printouts to your car’s rear window.

Bumper stickers? T-shirts?


Do what you must do.

And if anyone needs a reason here are but a few:

1- Sense of National Pride*
2- Sense of National Unity*
3- Getting to bask in the international limelight*
4- Having an occasion in early July to sit on a car window as it cruises through Amman honking its horn, with you waving the flag wildly and shouting like crazy.*
5- Being able to continue to live with yourself on the 8th of July, in a Jordan where the people ended up voting for Petra more than Diana Karazon.**
6- Because you don’t want to be the most uncool person in all of Jordan who didn’t end up voting.**
7- Because if it gets inducted and your kids read about it years from now, you can tell them you were a part of a historical accomplishment.**

* momentary feeling
** permanent feeling


  • Im going to start a “Rock the Vote” campaign for Petra in the U.S. and if anyone asks where is Petra? i will explain that it’s in Jordan and if they still dont know then i’ll have to tell them Georgia and then they’ll vote for sure!

    Hey Nas maybe you should have your people talk to Harrison Ford’s people and get him to endorse Petra. 😀

  • i voted allot for petra and i believe it have to be from the 7 wonders…even though i spreded the word as much as i can..
    i will tell all my friends to vote again and again…
    these are some good point..and i love the 4th one..wish we have this…

  • honestly Nas , despite the fact that i have voted my self , i think it is useless and i am not fully convinced of it! lol this is weird i know.
    but come to think of it , what use will it be if Petra became again one of the 7 wonders of the world? an employee in a public sector , what would that benefit him? why would they connect patriotism to voting? what if i did not vote?

    too many questions i know…:d
    el 7amdella 3a salamtak btw , u r in jordan no??

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