Sticks & Stones Can Break A Jordanian Journalists’ Bones

…but words will always hurt their bank accounts…

Deputies yesterday approved recommendations presented by the National Guidance Committee on fines for violators, store four days after they endorsed articles that make it possible for journalists to be imprisoned for publishing material deemed offensive.

Fines for perceived press and publication offenses range between JD500 to JD10, unhealthy 000 depending on the type of violation, according to the committee’s recommendations,



  • Nas: where can I read the full text of the new law that could impression journalists? I am very curious to see it. Is it against criticizing Islam, the royal family or the government? all of them?

    Another question, who is the majority in parliament now? Because the majority makes passing laws on their agenda easier.

    Who proposed the law?

  • 7aki Fadi: it’s not a new law, it’s an attempt to amend the 1998 draft press and publication law (originally the 93 law) that does allow the imprisonment of journalists. it’s usually the king, by way of the government, that attempts to amend the law to abolish the articles on imprisonment. i think the fayez government introduced the draft law back in 04.

    technically speaking there are no actual parliamentary parties other than the IAF which has the most seats at 17 (i think minus two since this year). everyone else is tribal with non-parliamentary ties to political parties but having run as independents.

    sorry i dont have the full text on me

  • JD500/page or /word?

    I mean if you gonna right that damn article, then better make it 500 pages if the price is the same for writing a column…

    I mean as the proverb goes: Ma7boos Ma7boos, tale3 fargeyet el floos…

    7aki Fadi to make things shorter: You are allowed to talk for now about shoes, your new cellphone, BF/GF , Taxi drivers, Mr. Chips vs. Halawni chips and such…

    When the IAF takes over, I’m not sure what stuff you can talk about, most probably to keep quiet.

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