“Let it be impressed upon your minds, buy viagra let it be instilled into your children, that the liberty of the press is the palladium of all the civil, political, and religious rights.”Junius


  • This news makes me feel more confident that the conclusions I’ve been reaching lately regarding “going back” to Jordan are probably the right conclusions.

  • I will continue to say that you don’t necessarily have to be in your country physically to make a difference…in many cases, being away gives you more leverage to bring about change in your own home country.

  • Iman: this has nothing to do with anything about my post

    in any case, the biggest persons of change, and the biggest impact will always derive from the center; from within.

    but feel free to continue to say otherwise.

  • What is it that has nothing to do with anything about your post?

    I would love to address your ‘in any case’ comment, but I’d pass for that too may not have nothing to do with anything about your comment!

  • Iman: your comment is about making an impact from outside the country compared to being inside.

    this post is about government restriction of freedom of speech


  • Would you be able to draw a clear line between outlawing the Danish caricatures analogies, not necessarily in Jordan, and Junius’s palladia?

  • Sorry for being ambiguous, I quoted the following from your link:” Journalists could go to jail IF they “defame any religion protected under the constitution,” namely Islam, Christianity and Judaism, or if they “offend the prophets” in writing or through the publication of cartoons ”

    Don’t you agree with that there might be instants where journalists might cross others red line(s), like the Danish one? Or you are againist jail for a “journalist” in principle and there might be something more civilized?

    If I have to consider “liberty of the press” utterly, the Danish caricatures (for instance) would be just an acceptable “liberty of the press”. Hence, the problem would be me, I had to be more tolerant…

  • Hippo: thanks for the clarification, that helped

    i don’t want to be in this state where we as a society accept everything or deny everything i.e. allow for anything to be said or ban everything from being said.

    in other words…

    i don’t believe it’s wrong for a society to want to set certain limitations on every single freedom. that’s the kind of society i want to be a part of. one that recognizes these limitations and sets certain agreed upon boundaries.

    i recognize a person’s right and freedom to walk down the street dressed ridiculously, but not naked. or a person’s right to criticize one’s government openly, but not to publish hate speech.

    we can’t tolerate intolerance simply because it’s been institutionalized.

    that being said, in any case, jail should never be an option in response to journalism.

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