Frayed Ends: Jordan’s First 3D Animated Film

Frayed Ends is the first 3D short movie to be conceived in Jordan. It was the brainchild of eight people who wanted to do something different and challenging. It shows the darker side of animation, it conveys an abstract message that can touch people in a unique way.

It is a no budget film. The whole work from the story writing to final compositing and sound editing took three and a half months to finish. And it was completely locally made. Cutting edge techniques were used in the creation, and new tools and techniques were innovated as well.

Frayed Ends is a story about a typical young man, whose depression has pushed him to the edge, he represents the darker side of the new generation’s thinking, and it shows the psyche of a guy who’s still trying to accept what fate has brought him.

It was done by Wajdy Farhan, Mona Zalloum, Karam Al-Nazer, Sandra Dajani, Isam Uraiqat, Alaa Taleb, Maha Al-Shafi, Shirin Kamal.

I have to admit it’s pretty damn good. It’s very short and has a kind of Fight Club feeling to it (you’ll know it when you see it). The music used in the end credits didn’t fit in and the plot was a bit predictable. But while the film is deliberately dark and depressing (which I kind of wish it wasn’t), it’s makers give me hope for the future of the arts in Jordan.

Now they just need a budget.

Hat Tip: Tambi Jalouqa


  • Funny you blogged about this today because I just watched it like an hour ago. I feel the exact same way; the plot was very weak and predictable. The quality was not bad but the way the character walked was kind of funny.

    All in all not too bad for a first try. They need a better plot and you won’t notice the imperfections.

    Kudos to Shirin :), my buddy, I am so proud if her.

    By the way, this is great way Jordan can get into the world market. No? Maybe win the best short animated category Oscar? Go for it guys.

    Naseem, not to bust your balls, you have a typo � (Aninated). You most probably already fixed it

  • Hi you guys
    congratulations. i loved it .. thought you all did an amazing job. liked the making of.. and all the stages of the making.. i even liked the story line and all. was just curious why all that is produced by creative young people in the arab world has NOTHING… i mean nothing, that says anything arab.. not even a poster on the wall, not even a hint in the music, not even a tiny detail and definitely not the spirit.. have you all lived elsewhere all your lives?

    just a thought from someone living in new york and missing some that spirit! my only disappointment was to see that a film from Jordan was so empty of that.. and got me wondering where you get your inspiration from

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